A 1

Pronunciation of A 1
/ɐ wˈɒn/, /ɐ wˈɒn/, /ɐ w_ˈɒ_n/

Synonyms for A 1:

admirable (adjective)

a-ok, ace, attractive, choice, commendable, cool, copacetic, crackerjack, deserving, dream, estimable, excellent, exquisite, fine, good, great, greatest, keen, laudable, meritable, meritorious, neat, out of sight, peachy, praiseworthy, rare, solid, super, superior, unreal, valuable, wicked, wonderful, worthy, super-duper, out of this world, best ever, cat's pajamas, hunky dory, zero cool.

best (adjective)

boss, capital, champion, chief, finest, first, first-rate, foremost, highest, incomparable, inimitable, leading, matchless, nonpareil, number 1, optimum, outstanding, paramount, peerless, perfect, preeminent, premium, prime, primo, principal, superlative, supreme, terrific, tops, tough, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled, unsurpassed, 10, Culminating, choicest, beyond compare, second to none, first-class, out-of-sight, sans pareil.

choice (adjective)

elect, elite, exceptional, exclusive, hand-picked, nice, popular, precious, preferential, preferred, prize, select, special, uncommon, unusual, winner, top-drawer, solid gold.

excellent (adjective)

accomplished, ace, admirable, certified, choice, classic, desirable, distinctive, distinguished, excellent, exemplary, exquisite, fine, high, invaluable, magnificent, notable, noted, priceless, prime, select, skillful, splendid, sterling, striking, superb, superior, superlative, tiptop, Piked, world-class, A plus, above par, all-star, top-notch.

fabulous (adjective)

astonishing, astounding, awesome, best, breathtaking, extravagant, fab, fantastic, fictitious, groovy, immense, inconceivable, incredible, legendary, marvelous, mind-blowing, outrageous, phenomenal, prodigious, rad, remarkable, spectacular, stupendous, unbelievable, Aces, doozie, out-of-this-world, top drawer, turn-on.

fantastic (adjective)

delicious, sensational, cat's meow, far out, like wow.

first-rate (adjective)

top of the line, unmatched, bang-up, best-quality, highest-quality.

foremost (adjective)

arch, front, head, heavy, heavyweight, hot stuff, hotdog, hotshot, inaugural, initial, number one, original, premier, primary, Headmost, at the cutting edge, at the leading edge.

memorable (adjective)

bodacious, catchy, celebrated, critical, crucial, decisive, enduring, eventful, extraordinary, famous, historic, hot, illustrious, important, impressive, indelible, interesting, lasting, meaningful, momentous, monumental, observable, rubric, serious, signal, something, surpassing, terrible, unforgettable, Red-letter, Rememberable, STANDOUT.

outstanding (adjective)

dominant, eminent, far-out, main, major, predominant, star, steller, well-known, crack, hundred-proof, mostest.

superior (adjective)

above, ascendant, best, better, champion, chief, chosen, commanding, consummate, controlling, crowning, dominant, elite, eminent, foremost, furthermost, furthest, king, leading, master, maximum, most, paramount, predominant, quintessential, ruling, senior, signal, sovereign, supreme, uppermost, zenith, Headmost.

superlative (adjective)

all-time, consummate, effusive, exaggerated, excessive, extreme, finished, inflated, unexcelled, winning, Gilt-edge, of highest order.

top-notch (adjective)

first-string, sound, top-level, uppermost, blue-chip, five-star, very good, highest quality, very best.

topflight (adjective)

banner, blue-ribbon, brag, quality, splendid, top.

worthy (adjective)

blameless, creditable, decent, dependable, divine, ethical, honest, incorrupt, model, moral, noble, pleasing, pure, reliable, reputable, right-minded, righteous, satisfying, true, trustworthy, upright, virtuous, worthwhile, salt of the earth.



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