A Bit

Pronunciation of A Bit
/ɐ bˈɪt/, /ɐ bˈɪt/, /ɐ b_ˈɪ_t/

Antonyms for a bit:

a lot, extremely, insignificantly, little, violently.

Synonyms for a bit:

some (adjective)

a few, any.

rather (adverb)

comparatively, enough, fairly, kind of, more or less, passably, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively, slightly, so-so, some, something, somewhat, sort of, tolerably, averagely, to some extent, to some degree, in a certain degree, ratherish.

Sense 1

flake, fleck, fuzz, glob, globule, gobbet, granule, hint, iota, jag, lint, marginally, moderately, moment, morsel, mote, partially, partly, paucity, pellet, scintilla, scraping, shard, slightly, sliver, smattering, smidgen, snippet, somewhat, splinter, split second, taster, Fractionally, critical mass, ISH.

Sense 2

atom, crumb, dalliance, drip, dust, faintly, fraction, fragment, heartbeat, instant, mildly, minutely, reasonably, remotely, sec, short-term, sprinkle, tolerably.

Sense 3

bout, chip, fairly, finger, flirtation, inch, knob, narrowly, particle, pinch, pinpoint, pretty, rather, shade, shred, slick, some, vaguely.

Sense 4

bit, dab, daub, fluff, halfway, modestly, occasion, quite, sample, squeeze.

Sense 5

burst, grain, half, minute, thread, tick, trace, twist.

Sense 6

matter, piece, plug, second.

Sense 10


Sense 13


Sense 16

place, point.


a little, all, each, either, in general, several, whatever, part of, each and every.

Rhymes for a bit:

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