Pronunciation of Able
/ˈe͡ɪbə͡l/, /ˈe‍ɪbə‍l/, /ˈeɪ_b_əl/

Antonyms for able

down with, sick as a dog, most floundering, in-effective, inadept, in-sipid, in operative, in eligible, slackspined, unhandier, white bread, more unnerved, more unpromising, more unequipped, needle in haystack, re-solute, powerless, in sufficient, illequipped, in significant, in-securest, out gas, most basket-case, in-animate, not to, more pinned, de feasible, un-reliable, uncalledfor, in-congruous, more anticlimactic, most emasculated, half baked, mis taken, inexperienced, more hobbling, uninspiring, un grounded, un-sounder, more etiolated, more emasculate, un apter, more dog-tired, out limb, unfit, unfitting, more basketcase, more slackspined, in appropriate, more whitebread, shatterable, un-duer, most unproficient, brokendown, un-fitting, more floundering, more dogtired, un-moving, dis-eased, in consistent, most palsified, most blundering, un-worthiest, de formed, more sluggard, un likelier, out on ones feet, in-credible, out commission, un-meet, in correct, un-acceptable, most controvertible, un-tactful, more ungrounded, hands tied, more chicken, more controvertible, cant make the grade, dis proportionate, gimpy, un-grounded, un healthy, in audible, nongermane, can't cut it, bushleague, un-proficient, most shatterable, feeling awful, can't make the grade, more purportless, more marred, broken down, most paraplegic, un productive, un-matched, weaponless, more hog-tied, non germane, exhausted, not adapted, no good, most weakkneed, in credible, green, clunkier, gimp, de-mure, most faltering, more disqualified, in-capacitated, un tutored, un-assertive, un-substantial, like sitting duck, incomplete, most unfitted, most neutralized, dis posed, untested, unadapted, found wanting, wimpiest, in elegant, untried, wornout, be-numbed, ready to drop, most unpromising, un proficient, busher, wishy washy, unmeeter, around in circles, more unread, un fit, sterile, laidup, most unnerved, Unhandy, wishywashy, more undexterous, in efficacious, more faltering, un initiated, in fecund, delicate, in line of fire, in-substantial, most untutored, in sipid, dead tired, un skillful, boiled down, un becoming, un-read, wimpest, in apter, un fitted, glitchest, most marred, more handcuffed, re solute, most shot, uncool, more faint-hearted, gimpiest, more stalled, sub normal, un necessary, weakkneed, more out of action, Solecistic, more butterfingers, more inadept, ineffective, disinclined, most trembling, un sound, dis-enfranchised, more bated, in-expedient, outta gas, ill timed, dis-posed, more fluctuant, un-safest, un-fruitful, un convincing, most solecistic, more white bread, in-disposed, un-reasonable, most dwarfed, heavy handed, un safe, ex-posed, fracturable, in-appropriate, dis-proportionate, un sounder, most illadapted, gimpest, more subpar, lowgrade, un seemlier, more milquetoast, most disenfranchised, in-firmer, in firmest, more fragile, in competent, Out of keeping, more housebound, un aptest, un pleasing, boneweary, more basket-case, in experienced, out-of-action, un assertive, more uninspiring, trans-parent, un believable, un-learned, more out-of-commission, un-assured, no way, game, most stumbling, out a limb, housebound, more bone-weary, un satisfactory, in secure, weak kneed, clunkiest, in animate, inferior, dis-armed, crippled, un befitting, in aptest, in-secure, in-efficient, in compatible, Dudder, out lunch, in-apposite, most faint hearted, paralyzed, un afraid, more ill equipped, un safer, most impuissant, laid low, in decisive, dis qualified, un cool, un learned, un reliable, timid, more bone weary, tame, more butter-fingered, un profitable, most out-of-commission, un abler, more disarmed, un-guarded, more tapped, more ill-equipped, un shielded, un-suitable, most anticlimactic, more strengthless, clunky, more browbeaten, whitebread, un-congenial, not pertinent, most uninspiring, not up to, needle haystack, un ethical, most unread, with hands tied, in defensible, more unstressed, dog tired, fragile, un-seasonable, more untutored, un fitting, halfbaked, un-enlightened, most out of action, in-consistent, in the line of fire, un-armed, more cowed, in sensible, more slack-spined, most white-bread, lamest, subpar, unassured, unlettered, on treadmill, un-fitted, un worthy, more improficient, un enlightened, un-becoming, most bone weary, most inproficient, out shape, in-nocuous, most undexterous, dis-qualified, more nongermane, more sapless, in-harmonious, un exciting, not effective, un meetest, Infecund, insufficient, not have it, most slack-spined, most ungrounded, unqualified, more weak-kneed, more frazzled, in-admissible, out of place, un guarded, most out-of-action, in-consequential, fainter, most bated, in applicable, most uncool, sub-normal, most sidelined, most mangled, low grade, more dwarfed, milk-and-water, un-responsive, most unequipped, most emasculate, ill equipped, most stinted, in capacitated, un equipped, in effective, un-schooled, Impuissant, de-pendent, most forceless, in-sensitive, more butter fingered, like a sitting duck, most ill-adapted, sidelined, ineffectual, more out-of-action, laidback, un stabler, un-meetest, in-active, un-tenable, more sidelined, in commensurate, more solecistic, un seemly, most improficient, in-firm, un instructed, in-complete, in-elegant, can't make grade, out character, un stressed, most disqualified, most zero, un worthiest, wideopen, more milk and water, most bruised, most unassured, un-abler, Strengthless, more unfitted, more sapped, inexpert, un ablest, beginning, most niggardly, un-flinching, re tiring, more stinted, sapless, cant hack it, most dog tired, un-shielded, non expert, un worthier, in erudite, sub missive, out of character, un substantial, most milquetoast, un equal, illiterate, un acceptable, Inerudite, most badgered, more weakkneed, more unshielded, more zero, most unpersuasive, more quadriplegic, more inerudite, most slackspined, most infecund, un-inspiring, in adept, unassertive, un interesting, un successful, un-suited, Woundable, amateurish, more unaccented, reedier, feeble, un-due, un-skilled, most unstressed, most butterfingers, most chicken, in substantial, untutored, in-decisive, gimpier, most boneweary, most enfeebled, un-pleasing, un-qualified, most loser, un trained, undexterous, un handier, un due, dis-sonant, most worn out, in-expert, Butter-fingered, more stumbling, most diplegic, in conceivable, not able, slack spined, in-conceivable, un prepared, up for, most unfitting, inproficient, Controvertible, more ineffective, in-effectual, poor, un-professional, paralytic, be numbed, ungrounded, un-likelier, in-sensible, dis sonant, un-skillful, out keeping, wimpy, most hamstrung, un-adapted, un duest, unprepared, out ones feet, Purportless, un likely, un adapted, most dogtired, most butter fingered, tapped out, improficient, bone weary, most strengthless, incapable, co-wed, in firmer, more slack spined, more out of commission, runny, un-trained, most butterfingered, most clashing, most sapped, un handiest, useless, in adequate, dis agreeable, most weaponless, un suitable, most disarmed, dogtired, paraplegic, more hogtied, most out of commission, ignorant, co wed, un-sound, more unpleasing, most inapposite, un-stable, more inapposite, more woundable, half hearted, un reactive, unpromising, unshielded, most hogtied, in vicious circle, in-considerable, most etiolated, faint-hearted, unable, un accented, un-successful, cant make grade, most unfacile, un-educated, most immobilized, most nongermane, more niggardly, more hog tied, more unpersuasive, Fluctuant, un-available, unskillful, un reasonable, more loser, most unshielded, un-productive, out one feet, re-mote, most basketcase, un meeter, un-apter, in expert, inefficient, in-efficacious, new, unequal, inapposite, helpless, un-steadier, most stalled, un-exciting, most inadept, halter, anti-climactic, more clashing, in congruous, in-felicitous, most inerudite, unsatisfactory, most dog-tired, sub standard, unpleasing, in-firmest, un grammatical, disabled, pointless, in-valid, weakest, more immobilized, out of gas, out element, more trembling, more subnormal, re-tiring, un schooled, un-grammatical, most browbeaten, in securest, most catachrestic, most sluggard, un-ablest, un suited, un-prepared, in-conclusive, unreactive, most amateur, un educated, un-meeter, unsuitable, un-initiated, un-handier, more faint hearted, raw, more blundering, un read, out-of-commission, in-capable, reedy, un safest, anti climactic, de-formed, in-audible, trans parent, in distinct, pre-pared, un-soundest, un-protected, un-equipped, more prostrated, un tactful, not cut out for, un lettered, more cowering, un-stressed, bone-weary, de pendent, inadequate, un-stablest, most tapped, most frazzled, un available, not equal to, un-persuasive, un taught, runniest, un steadier, in capable, in considerable, in disposed, out on one's feet, ailing, un-ethical, dis armed, more unadapted, most woundable, un moving, more defeasible, over barrel, un-taught, illsuited, un graceful, uneducated, non-germane, un stablest, all thumbs, unschooled, stupid, slovenly, ill suited, un handy, in conclusive, in consequential, no can do, more ill-adapted, un congenial, impotent, in-compatible, in-commensurate, un-stabler, dis-organized, most fracturable, wimper, unprofessional, shooting blanks, quadriplegic, in effectual, worthless, enervated, defeasible, un likeliest, gimper, un sure, in sensitive, un-seemlier, dis-agreeable, more bruised, ill adapted, wimpier, butter fingered, un practiced, most hog-tied, out on limb, in nocuous, most milk and water, most vitiated, un persuasive, un steady, most purportless, un-worthier, un-befitting, cant cut it, no go, un-safe, most wasting, idiotic, un-tutored, more vitiated, more palsified, in-defensible, un-equal, in-apter, un-convincing, unseasoned, most sapless, dis enfranchised, in-aptest, niggardly, in-erudite, most unadapted, unpersuasive, unequipped, most unlettered, inept, un-healthiest, most cowed, most stifled, in-experienced, disqualified, un availing, most ill equipped, un tenable, most quadriplegic, in complete, more impuissant, all in, most fluctuant, un seasonable, in securer, most unaccented, unproficient, more unfitting, un flinching, in-proficient, ready drop, more enfeebled, more catachrestic, un-availing, nonexpert, ex posed, end angered, most basket case, under weather, heavyhanded, unskilled, in apposite, dog-tired, out on one feet, un dependable, bushest, more disenfranchised, duddest, unarmed, more badgered, flimsy, up creek without paddle, without punch, un-instructed, de-feasible, more unproficient, unaccented, most nonexpert, un-seemliest, glitcher, slow, un healthier, pre pared, more white-bread, un fruitful, un-accented, most weak-kneed, un-necessary, basketcase, anticlimactic, more wasting, in-applicable, haltest, most pinned, more weak kneed, out of shape, un-believable, most ill adapted, more unassertive, more limping, diplegic, unfacile, un qualified, more basket case, dis organized, most unreactive, most hog tied, basket-case, un-dependable, in efficient, in-fecund, more amateur, un-fit, un assured, disenfranchised, ill-equipped, un responsive, too little, un-duest, butterfingered, untrained, not enough, sub-standard, un nerved, catachrestic, un-lettered, most subpar, un-dexterous, in expedient, dis eased, maladroit, runnier, faint hearted, more neutralized, un-sure, un-safer, more forceless, out of action, un healthiest, forceless, more hamstrung, two left feet, more daunted, not fit, unintelligent, laid back, in-adequate, un promising, unhandiest, most hobbling, un-satisfactory, in-distinct, un-promising, more butterfingered, unfitted, more shot, un-handy, illadapted, more unfacile, more stifled, most handcuffed, un skilled, un-likely, most butter-fingered, most bone-weary, wide open, most cowering, in harmonious, out place, un-steadiest, most illequipped, de mure, un-reactive, more illequipped, un facile, most ill-equipped, un-facile, most defeasible, ill-adapted, most limping, un-graceful, un stable, dull, un-cool, infirm, in the line fire, un steadiest, more infecund, lame, untaught, in-operative, white-bread, un seemliest, un-diplomatic, in-adept, in valid, had it, weak, more fracturable, around circles, incompetent, un-handiest, un dexterous, in firm, more emasculated, in-sufficient, in-eligible, in-competent, un-afraid, junkest, more uncool, most unpleasing, in-securer, more nonexpert, most white bread, more weaponless, un-healthy, most lemon.