Pronunciation of Abuse
/ɐbjˈuːs/, /ɐbjˈuːs/, /ɐ_b_j_ˈuː_s/

Antonyms for abuse

satisfaction, esteem, pre sages, re collections, affection, re-cognition, flattery, takes over, de-noted, prize, favor, applaud, re-calling, under-standing, goodness, lay by, cosset, congratulations, re-lease, pre sage, compliments, under-standings, exalt, hold dear, pumping up, re-leases, plaudit, art fond of, sustain, re spects, in tended, joy, lies by, wert fond of, obedience, de noted, regard, puffing ups, de note, commendation, re collection, lie by, protect, re spect, help, laud, thought world of, pat on head, hoard, conserve, tend, in tending, blessing, pleasure, gratification, re-cognizances, eulogize, compliment, application, endearments, treat well, employment, under standings, improve, importing, look to, sanctify, orthographized, pro-mises, took place of, pat back, approve, exaltation, thinks the world of, lied by, ex pressed, re-cognizance, stand in for, pat head, pre-sage, pro mise, are fond of, is fond of, looking up to, ex-pressing, Accounted, treat, re calling, commend, cocker, think the world of, save, assist, orthographizes, desire, taking over, re nown, take the place of, regards highly, be fond of, looked up to, dandle, care for, preserve, wast fond of, re cognizance, good, regarded highly, advantage, were fond of, being fond of, looked to, nourish, renowns, foster, thinks world of, thought the world of, pumping ups, held dear, all-owing, take place of, in-tends, recognizances, recognition, audation, de-noting, acclaim, kindness, flatter, re calls, pro-mise, regarding highly, re-spect, looks to, in tend, praise, sycophancies, takes the place of, think world of, ex pressing, fawnings, re-nown, extol, Valuing, fawning, looks up to, utilization, grow, re-leased, indulge, pro mises, adulate, re-collection, pamper, puffing up, re-collections, felicitations, apprehendings, Reverencing, honor, use, mollycoddle, orthographizing, holds dear, overpraise, delight, revere, audations, look up to, please, coddle, aid, re cognition, pre-sages, all-owed, standing in for, pointing to, holding dear, re lease, take over, spell, point to, Orthographize, de-note, under standing, re callings, stands in for, cherish, bootlickings, uphold, in-tend, de noting, in tends, all owed, acclamation, consider, takes place of, in-tending, vindicate, looking to, treasure, took over, re cognitions, lying by, respect, in-tended, recognizance, re-callings, identifyings, taking the place of, re gards, re-spects, shield, stood in for, preservation, approval, ex-press, appreciation, clean, re-call, pointed to, taking place of, defend, de notes, de-notes, re-calls, all owing, ex press, re-gard, took the place of, benefit, points to, blarney, noticings, regard highly, was fond of, re leases, sycophancy, perceivings, purify, Revering, re cognizances, Panegyrize, thinking world of, thinking the world of, re-cognitions, adulation, enjoyment.