Pronunciation of Additional
/ɐdˈɪʃənə͡l/, /ɐdˈɪʃənə‍l/, /ɐ_d_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n_əl/

Antonyms for additional

fewer, most foundational, more name of the game, more underived, un-developed, life or death, most beginning, underived, component, more abecedarian, life-or-death, more grass-roots, most grass roots, coal-and-ice, coal and ice, most headmost, most substratal, most nitty-gritty, out standing, fore-most, more constituting, meat-and-potatoes, Headmost, middle most, more bottom-line, part of, most nittygritty, most constituting, centroidal, most coal and ice, all important, most middlemost, more necessary, more uncompleted, in augural, over-riding, most larval, most inaugural, name game, most meat-and-potatoes, mid most, right front, more axial, most readying, most ingredient, meat potatoes, more forming, mid-way, more pilot, most primogenial, pre dominant, un-complicated, centric, more bottomline, more abcs, capital, childs play, un complex, pre ceding, central, more ahead, most portion, testest, more omphalic, pre eminent, head-most, primo, sub-stratal, most umbilical, more life-or-death, most allimportant, axiological, more coal-and-ice, most nuclear, fore most, more all important, more nitty gritty, most axiological, most abcs, pre-eminent, most bottomline, key, umbilical, more nuclear, more inaugural, un complicated, most coal-and-ice, more middlemost, most name of the game, more exploratory, more opening, more midmost, most factor, tester, under-lined, less, most nitty gritty, more uncomplex, most grass-roots, most division, part parcel of, most uncomplex, bottomline, inter mediate, more foundational, vital, indispensable, foundational, head most, more larval, re-quired, under-lying, un-completed, out-standing, pre cursory, more vestigial, simplex, more factor, more sustaining, name-of-the-game, more beginning, more meat-and-potatoes, grassroots, more axiological, incumbent on, under lying, most primary, most axial, most nuts-and-bolts, child play, more inductive, most underived, middle-most, most bottom-line, in-dispensable, more substrative, un avoidable, be-ginning, pre-paring, most bottom line, more ingredient, most grassroots, para-mount, most abecedarian, more composing, over ruling, in the beginning, un-avoidable, in-augural, constituent, more nittygritty, most preparing, exploratory, most composing, more grassroots, precursory, most nuts and bolts, most fundamental, nuclear, fundamental, basic, more bottom line, axial, subtractive, larval, most fraction, pre-requisite, more substratal, uncomplex, pre-dominant, more readying, bottom-line, pre-ceding, most midmost, be ginning, lead off, substrative, more name-of-the-game, mid way, in dispensable, midmost, nitty gritty, under lined, more life or death, more nuts-and-bolts, necessary, all-important, more headmost, most centroidal, more preparing, Omphalic, more nuts and bolts, re quired, most overruling, most all-important, para mount, more centroidal, over-ruling, over riding, more qualifying, most primo, cardinal, pre paring, most inductive, most uncompleted, inductive, first, in beginning, most life-or-death, in most, right up front, nittygritty, most exploratory, more precursory, namer, most opening, un-complex, more primogenial, most substrative, more division, more overruling, most underlined, most life or death, most pilot, Primogenial, more primo, name of game, vestigial, un completed, most vestigial, more meat and potatoes, rudimentary, middlemost, most ahead, more centric, nuts-and-bolts, most meat and potatoes, un derived, substratal, un-derived, most precursory, most all important, elementary, more underlined, numero uno, most simplex, uncompleted, more portion, allimportant, sub stratal, more fraction, more grass roots.