Pronunciation of Adept
/ɐdˈɛpt/, /ɐdˈɛpt/, /ɐ_d_ˈɛ_p_t/

Antonyms for adept

lazy, un fitted, out lunch, ineffectual, unfitted, quack, untutored, un handiest, rude, ineffective, unadapted, un-proficient, in experienced, not have it, mountebank, blunderbuss, ignorant, in-competent, inefficient, in-experienced, dis-qualified, un skilled, un-fitted, unskilled, more unfitted, screwup, unhandier, weak, raw, fumbler, un proficient, un-initiated, un handy, ham-handed, in-effectual, not equal to, awkward, incapable, unequipped, unproficient, blunderer, in-expert, untrained, beginning, unable, rough, not cut out for, more floundering, inept, bushleague, shiftless, in-adequate, more unadapted, untried, most floundering, un-handiest, un-skilled, incompetent, in expert, inexperienced, un adapted, bumbler, dis qualified, un-fit, slow, in-sufficient, fakir, most unfitted, unskillful, more unequipped, in eligible, Unhandy, untested, in efficient, unhandiest, more unproficient, most amateur, clumsy, more disqualified, heavy-handed, untalented, un-qualified, in-efficient, un equipped, botcher, butcher, helpless, unschooled, un-equipped, in capable, in-capable, un-trained, un-adapted, most unadapted, new, Quacksalver, unintelligent, trifler, coarse, most unequipped, unseasoned, maladroit, green, more amateur, Ungifted, in effectual, most disqualified, un-handy, un-handier, most unproficient, un trained, ham-fisted, bungling, un initiated, in-eligible, un qualified, indefinite, unpolished, stupid, would-be, jackleg, ringer, un handier, hacker, untaught, in adequate, in competent, primitive.