Pronunciation of Admit
/ɐdmˈɪt/, /ɐdmˈɪt/, /ɐ_d_m_ˈɪ_t/

Antonyms for admit

dials back, mis laying, flew in the face of, puts smoke screen, unsay, be lied, blows out, retro-cedes, mis-place, with stood, putting on hit list, by-passing, re legate, kept arms length, in validated, throws out ear, ex-communicates, ex postulates, put place, dis acknowledged, cutting without a cent, be grudging, dis-affirming, keeping a distance, mis lay, eats ones words, dis avowed, dis-locating, in-validates, turf, un looses, is against, parted with, ate words, put on hit list, dis-countenanced, dis locate, four flush, let slide, gave boot, give up, eat one words, unchurches, disestablishes, Disbarred, has change of heart, dis-counting, be-grudged, de sert, dis located, divorce oneself from, contend, left in cold, dis possessed, had bone to pick, Forfend, object, repel, revoke, heave hoed, omit, lashing out at, kid, dis-lodges, dis lodging, complained of, casting aside, drawing in, hath change heart, dis-affiliate, kept out, leave flat, Exudates, withdraw, be reaving, refused admittance, doublespeaking, keeping out, showing door, with-drawing, shutting door on, hadst change heart, pro testing, ex-pulse, hits list, changing one mind, put false front, kept back, dis affiliates, Tabooing, setting aside, driving off, de feats, counter-acted, dis-countenances, over-rode, freed of, pushes back, dis-mantle, dis-acknowledge, apostacize, drew in, de-barred, unsays, x outing, Irrupted, mis-lay, un churching, extradicts, dis-places, blotted out, casting out, thumbses down, dis-allows, go back ones word, keep at bay, object to, cold-shoulders, dis-placed, up-root, be-reaving, dis owned, dis-inherited, de-cline, drive off, keep distance, dis avowing, show door, cold-shoulder, dis mantles, re-treats, leaves the cold, de-ranged, blew out, locks out, locked up, put by, dis-patched, put a false front, dis-bar, deep-sixing, re-calling, boots out, renounce, Rusticating, ex pulsed, keeping arms length, heave hoes, keep out, cut without cent, kept distance, dis owning, de ranged, leaved undone, nigged, has bone to pick, in validates, haddest change heart, dis-mantled, show the gate to, dis-crediting, dis patched, dis affirmed, dis-claimed, calling in question, up rooted, reel in, declared null void, dis-patches, thumbsing down, keeps at distance, beating off, dis-counts, keeps arm's length, be against, dis planting, counterordering, inter feres, putting on false front, art against, blots out, cut off without a cent, with-holds, cast out, dis lodged, objected to, dis-simulated, over ride, takes the pledge, dis affiliated, deepsixed, de-bar, dis-proves, pro scribe, Reprobated, deep sixed, go back on word, leaved out, re-signed, dis-acknowledging, ate ones words, Displant, dis inherits, dis courages, called in question, ex-communicated, abstain, dis barring, dis crediting, freezes out, cold shouldering, eat one's words, dis bars, dis-believe, four flushes, outed, refuse accept, beat off, spits out, tossed over, cold-shouldering, weasels out of, disinherit, ostracize, leaved flat, put on a front, dialed back, dis-gorges, put hit list, re moved, be-reft, hide, ex postulated, cries down, kept bay, re buff, de faulting, differ, dis arrange, be grudged, complains of, de clines, banish, dis bar, re-presses, dis carding, keep at arms length, dis honors, heaveho, swept away, turning thumbs down, renigging, dis-plant, adiosing, draw in, changes one mind, puts on a front, spat out, dis-qualify, dis-affiliates, putting a smoke screen, dis-agreeing, extra dict, abstained from, forces out, re tired, washes ones hands of, drives out, dis-solves, dis agrees, pre vent, left in the cold, went back on ones word, having bone pick, de-ranging, over rode, gives walking papers, un-settled, pulled back, with-stand, disown, shucked and jive, called question, leaved in the cold, de barred, de fault, drove away, re-butting, dis-establishes, changes one's mind, doublespeaked, re-canting, up rooting, dis-plants, dis-approve, over passing, blinked at, apostacizes, misunderstand, dis approving, pre vents, obscure, took out, turns back on, argue, dis-claiming, were against, giving the boot, closed down, re-probate, show gate to, dis missed, tossing over, disestablish, with draws, re-pulsed, Denunciate, boot out, displace, over-looks, called on, un settles, forcing out, keep at arm's length, put up a front, heave-hoing, out lawed, expel, by passing, cut off without cent, icing out, inter fere, cold shouldered, Forgone, showing the door, Forsworn, dis-gorged, washes one's hands of, dis credits, puts up a smoke screen, occlude, with-stands, ex terminating, dis-mantles, thundered against, de ported, refused accept, un loosed, put up front, cut without a cent, hadst bone pick, puts front, goes back on one's word, pro-scribed, be-lied, sware off, dis mantling, extradicting, dis-patching, refuse recognize, Overpassed, counter ordering, shrouding, kiss goodbye, Expulse, heave ho, dis proves, flew the face of, keep at arm length, heave out, takes pledge, re-buffs, with standing, un-settle, dis-lodging, Illegalized, put front, disaffiliating, dis-acknowledges, put smoke screen, re butted, putting in one place, over-ride, be lying, re nigged, dis-arrange, dis regard, counter-ordering, eject, ex-patriates, gave the hook, Tabooed, shows the door, goes back on ones word, booted out, dis place, keeping distance, exudated, Embargoed, de bar, rebut, going back on ones word, debar, ex terminate, ate one words, dis-allowed, excommunicate, inveigled against, ate one's words, dis-possesses, freezing out, adioses, had done with, crowds out, swearing off, blowing out, objects to, re tract, retro grade, putting on a front, veto, dis acknowledging, dis-charged, expatriate, de-faulted, ex patriated, disagree, pro-scribes, dis placing, re tiring, dis claim, heavehoed, give walking papers, dis honor, de-clines, un-loosed, dis-gorging, left out, ex communicating, giving the hook, putting a false front, dis countenance, disestablished, retro-ceding, put an act, re-nigging, fourflushed, dis-counted, dis counts, over passes, dis charges, flew in face of, over look, rusticates, re canting, giving hook, fore stall, be-reave, shutting the door on, keeps out, dis lodges, keeps at arm length, be-grudge, blotting out, un churches, over-passes, lock up, Negativing, over-passing, contradict, repudiate, dis established, de-range, dis-bars, close up, abstaining from, dropkicked, extra-dict, extradict, putting on a false front, dis-lodge, un settle, dis-simulates, divorced from, dis-courage, dis allow, over-passed, dis mantle, re-proving, dis-approved, changed one's mind, dis-avowing, proscribe, divorcing from, hadst bone to pick, de-barring, leave the cold, xouting, says no, puts on front, dis-avows, closes down, dis establish, denunciated, fulminating against, shoots down, Ratted, dis missing, kept at arms length, with stand, pro-tested, shut up, dis allows, with drawn, ignore, blinking at, re tires, passing on, dis prove, shucks and jive, thundering against, haddest bone pick, dis-agrees, puts a front, left the cold, pushed back, dis-believed, goes back ones word, leave cold, keeps arm length, hast change heart, inter dict, dis-established, put on false front, dis planted, de-sert, giving thumbs down to, swears off, deny, shuck and jive, Retrograding, complain of, dis lodge, enjoining from, go back one word, leave in the cold, denunciates, dis qualifies, discard, weaseling out of, keep arms length, re-calls, dis agreeing, changed mind, fore stalling, washing ones hands of, cutting off without a cent, doublespeak, declaring null and void, prevent, change mind, pre-vented, divorced oneself from, dis-inherit, dis countenances, thunders against, dis-lodged, mis-placing, doubletalk, ex-communicating, dis-claims, be-little, going back one's word, dis-proving, dis placed, are against, close down, double-talked, hath done with, drats, decline, dis-located, cast aside, pro scribing, dis claimed, dropkicks, showed out, dis-regards, re buffing, re-call, squeezing out, ward off, keeping at arms length, enjoined from, nixed, out lawing, apostacizing, ex communicates, washing one's hands of, dis-credit, dis-affiliating, re-canted, has done with, de feat, hast done with, over pass, leave undone, deep-six, screen, votes against, dis solve, divorcing oneself from, going back word, re nigs, showed door, flies face of, ban, flying the face of, dis countenancing, shuts the door on, dis-card, putting chill on, drave away, changes ones mind, drive out, except, goes back one word, closes up, changes mind, puts in ones place, swore off, hadst change of heart, leaving in the cold, inveigling against, re verse, take pledge, squeezed out, throw overboard, de-fault, haddest bone to pick, eating ones words, dis simulates, puts a false front, dis-charges, dis-missed, forgat it, dis qualifying, dis-honors, fore stalls, keep, went back on one word, retro cede, keeping at arm length, dis affirms, be reave, forgets it, trans ported, eat words, ex-terminated, retro-grading, keeps at arms length, bar, dis-planting, dis gorging, crowded out, re-strained, counter-orders, heave-ho, dis believe, be-grudging, changing one's mind, wash one's hands of, weasels out, with-standing, keep at a distance, dis approve, un loose, throw out ear, dis arranges, puts on false front, over-rides, re-peals, retract, dis gorges, tost out on ear, re strains, dis believed, evict, pulling back, by-passed, made like, mis placing, kissed goodbye, clam up, drove off, ex-terminates, dis-prove, fourflush, taking pledge, putting up front, gainsay, counter-act, withhold, forfending, over-riding, thumbsed down, dis-avowed, throws out on ear, counter order, fly in face of, re-pulsing, spitted out, doubletalking, misses out, have done with, over riding, putting smoke screen, disaffiliate, re press, letted slide, pro scribes, ex pulse, renigs, shut door on, mis place, deep-sixes, puts one's place, dis proving, drives off, flew face of, dis agree, dis establishes, pro tested, dis honoring, irrupts, be reaves, nixing, sending away, backs out of, hast change of heart, showed the door, sets aside, dis gorge, forced out, counter acting, throwing overboard, dis credited, divorce from, Retrograded, dis-regard, re peals, un-church, ex-terminating, xouts, dis-believing, tossing out on ear, retro cedes, de-faults, put on act, re-verse, re-tiring, with held, un say, deep sixing, ices out, mis-laid, call question, frees of, with stands, trans-pose, re presses, passed up, with-drew, swear off, takes exception to, heave-hoed, dis-acknowledged, putting hit list, keeping arm's length, re strained, booting out, ex-pulsing, gives the boot, dis countenanced, dis affiliate, gave thumbs down to, cry down, leaving in cold, dis-cards, objecting to, shoot down, wash hands of, washed ones hands of, ex-patriated, ex-communicate, dis-approving, dis affirm, dis-agree, dis-inherits, having done with, keeping at distance, puts on a false front, in-validated, keep arm's length, ex-postulating, taking the pledge, fore-stalling, declare null void, re fusing, dis-qualifies, re peal, over-look, dis solving, de-porting, deepsixing, extradicted, re-strains, offer, de bars, disaffiliates, left cold, be little, putting up a front, keep back, re-fused, blow out, by passes, shut, closing up, reject, toss out on ear, eliminate, dis-establishing, dis arranging, re-proves, driving out, re-buffing, counter ordered, eats words, lock out, puts chill on, dis-avow, divorces oneself from, locked out, refused recognize, dis-honor, mis-laying, over looked, disguise, leaves in cold, cover, drumming out, sidelining, say no to, spitting out, change ones mind, re-legate, puts one place, with-held, ex-pulsed, ex-patriating, turn thumbs down, abstains from, four-flush, dis allowing, dis acknowledges, forsake, refusing accept, dis-simulating, lashed out at, with drew, sent away, changing ones mind, re calling, dis solved, keep at distance, re pulsed, casts out, dis cards, turns thumbs down, wormed out of, be reft, re-ceding, re ceding, keeps back, said no, pushing back, dis courage, freeze out, dis patching, throwing out ear, puts hit list, toss out ear, prohibit, re fuse, refuse to recognize, dis patches, give thumbs down to, dis charge, saying no to, cutting off without cent, leaving flat, counter-ordered, heavehoes, leave out, ex-pulses, illegalizes, turn away, enjoins from, putting false front, putting in place, cutting without cent, un-looses, un-churches, voting against, Displanting, blinks at, ex terminates, irrupt, shucking jive, tosses aside, re-signs, closed up, was against, gives boot, took exception to, gave the boot, dis credit, backing out of, eats one's words, taking out, re moving, flying in the face of, refusing admittance, over-ridden, shot down, sweep away, washes one hands of, dis honored, give boot, DRAT, go back on one's word, calls on, giving boot, left undone, re legates, eating one words, tosses out ear, hath bone pick, recant, put on a false front, goes back on word, refusing to recognize, in validating, ex postulate, have change heart, worming out of, dis plant, tosses out on ear, puts up front, dis-allowing, un settled, By-pass, ex-patriate, sidelined, re-nigged, go back on ones word, fore-stalls, dis regarding, dis-place, tossed out on ear, shuts door on, re buffed, re vile, leaving undone, blot out, showing the gate to, refuse admittance, declares null void, Embargoing, dropkick, dis-countenance, threw out ear, kissing goodbye, hitting list, take the pledge, puts place, dis-charging, keeps bay, re-straining, put in ones place, not buys, negative, keep bay, put up a smoke screen, counter act, heave-hoes, dis approves, double talked, dis simulating, pro-scribe, mis placed, dismiss, re strict, de-faulting, over looks, de-ranges, declares null and void, divorces from, cuts without cent, de faults, covers up, dis possess, mis lays, expulses, dis-credited, turned thumbs down, ex pulsing, forgoing, be reaved, un church, eating words, putting one's place, re-proved, not hear of, kept at arm's length, dis-agreed, un-settling, pre-vents, four-flushed, puts the chill on, washed one's hands of, keeping back, changed one mind, ex-postulates, call in question, calling on, put in one place, crying down, re straining, backed out of, deepsixes, Illegalizing, pro scribed, locking up, dis regards, four flushing, rebuff, refuse, dis affiliating, give the hook, back out of, dis-owned, closing down, retro grades, wash one hands of, washing hands of, putting up smoke screen, part with, retro-graded, un-say, flying in face of, cried down, be-lying, sends away, ex-postulated, leave in cold, driving away, over rides, took the pledge, declare illegal, re buffs, left flat, coldshoulder, showing out, squeezes out, passing up, shucked jive, pro-scribing, dis-charge, calls in question, leaves in the cold, re tire, re pealed, declare null and void, exile, protest, dis-possess, exheridates, passed on, re prove, listen, reeling in, dis charged, put chill on, re versing, un-churching, says no to, exudating, re-strict, re proved, re nigging, dis gorged, spit out, dis affirming, dis-solve, erase, call on, apostacized, disestablishing, shucking and jive, dis-missing, dis-claim, over ridden, Reprobating, oppose, with-drawn, washing one hands of, xouted, re-nigs, be grudges, re-legates, dis places, dis acknowledge, re canted, wast against, remonstrate, displants, flies in the face of, by pass, give the boot, heavehoing, un-loosing, ice out, washed one hands of, dis patch, ex patriate, dis-solving, keeping bay, dis proved, putting the chill on, refuses admittance, taking exception to, dis inherit, counter acted, put a smoke screen, pass on, heaved out, disregard, goes back on one word, deepsix, tost aside, pre-vent, un-saying, ex postulating, counter orders, ex communicate, boot, pull back, dis simulate, having change of heart, retro-grades, go back word, confute, flying face of, say no, eighty six, damn, double talking, keeping arm length, refuses accept, give, toss over, irrupting, gives the hook, kept at arm length, disallow, dis mantled, dis-planted, showing gate to, dis-carded, missed out, zinged, show out, shucks jive, disaffiliated, washed hands of, said no to, reeled in, dis-locates, re-probates, iced out, dis-arranges, letting slide, over-pass, re nig, ex pulses, unchurched, puts in one's place, re signing, dis-carding, un-churched, punted, dissent, with holding, turn back on, counter-acting, un-loose, retrogrades, dratted, cloak, dis-owning, be littles, dis-honoring, being against, counter-order, dialling back, re-called, trans-posing, declaring illegal, puts in place, puts up smoke screen, Disbarring, go back one's word, re pulses, mask, dis qualified, veil, show the door, not bought, passes up, shooting down, re-strain, exudate, re pressed, inveigles against, tergiverse, dis-approves, heave hoing, pre-venting, dis believing, keeping at arm's length, free of, had change of heart, Dooming, dis-gorge, flies the face of, missing out, pro-testing, counterordered, trans posed, dis counting, dis inherited, re proves, throw out on ear, with hold, covered up, by passed, enjoin from, re-butted, de range, be-grudges, leaves cold, de ranges, drums out, dis-solved, going back on one word, sell, re-treating, dis-simulate, mis-lays, kept a distance, demur, re strain, re-moves, fourflushing, kept arm's length, put up smoke screen, dis inheriting, dis regarded, crowd out, re signs, re-vile, retro grading, re-prove, re-cedes, dis-barred, up root, re cedes, dis-regarded, take exception to, took pledge, change one mind, coldshoulders, dis avows, trans pose, pre venting, complaining of, re-pealed, re fused, tosses over, dis avow, changed ones mind, tergiverses, with holds, put on front, dis-courages, crowding out, passes on, ex cept, kept at a distance, de porting, forgetting it, letted go, not buying, ex-cept, re treats, dis-patch, ex terminated, keep arm length, going back ones word, cuts without a cent, giving walking papers, in-validating, expulsing, puts ones place, abstain from, dis-affirmed, re-pulses, hush, secrete, put a front, four-flushing, saying no, counterorders, dis-arranged, dis-honored, worm out of, re-pressing, re-ceded, beats off, taboo, exclude, draws in, re probate, freeing of, keeps at arm's length, dis agreed, vote against, dissemble, hast bone to pick, be-reaves, leaves flat, blacklist, refuses to accept, ex communicated, in validate, over-looking, dis claims, dis solves, push back, am against, dropkicking, drove out, Overpassing, re-buffed, re-versed, dis simulated, calling question, dis-affiliated, dis-proved, drive away, forbid, pussyfoot, fly face of, ratting, Rusticated, renig, spurn, squeeze out, put act, putting ones place, tossed out ear, dis-possessed, dis-mantling, overpast, re-fuse, tossing aside, put in one's place, change one's mind, fore-stall, puts false front, dis barred, dis-affirm, de faulted, expulsed, oust, re signed, turning back on, not buy, re butting, extrude, blackball, inveigle against, xout, be-littles, kisses goodbye, dis-possessing, make like, de-ported, in-validate, shows door, de barring, lets go, keeps at a distance, leaves undone, put ones place, dis possessing, drum out, tossing out ear, re-treat, re pressing, de-feat, weaseled out, double-talking, dis plants, Re sign, leaves out, dis approved, re-probated, outlaw, re tracts, nigging, gave walking papers, ex-postulate, put one's place, four flushed, covering up, tost out ear, wert against, over passed, tergiversing, shows out, fourflushes, sweeps away, shut the door on, fly in the face of, dis-qualified, re fuses, puts a smoke screen, declared illegal, fulminated against, gives hook, hove out, dis locating, withholds, Shrouded, dis-qualifying, declares illegal, putting on front, refused to recognize, quiet, disbar, put the chill on, refusing to accept, parting with, counter-acts, re-cede, dis believes, doublespeaks, tergiversed, dis arranged, showed the gate to, counter acts, give hook, putting place, turn down, de cline, threw out on ear, cuts off without a cent, dis carded, dialing back, put one place, sweeping away, weaseling out, four-flushes, Negatived, re-tract, dial back, dialled back, calls question, wash ones hands of, exheridate, Unchurch, blink at, inter-dict, whitewashed, un loosing, heaving out, dis-inheriting, declared null and void, drave off, dis locates, x outs, out-lawed, up-rooting, dis-arranging, adios, adiosed, re-tracts, de-feats, dis-locate, stop, dis card, exheridating, had bone pick, dis-countenancing, ex patriates, locking out, putting in one's place, conceal, with-draw, ex-terminate, mis-places, putting up a smoke screen, dis-establish, re move, with drawing, re-tire, declaring null void, washes hands of, forfended, dis-credits, leaved the cold, dis qualify, counterorder, dratting, with draw, drave out, doubletalked, dis-believes, leaved cold, went back one word, cuts off without cent, hadst done with, punting, forswear, eating one's words, lashes out at, changing mind, disavow, having change heart, fore-stalled, dis-regarding, by-passes, leaving out, have change of heart, showed gate to, fly the face of, dis counted, hath bone to pick, de-bars, re-move, dis-affirms, has bone pick, letting go, dis charging, re-moving, cold-shouldered, goes back word, re pulsing, deep-sixed, nig, dis allowed, turned back on, de ranging, re probating, denunciating, goes back one's word, dis-placing, cover up, inter-feres, dis-barring, keeps a distance, coldshouldering, went back word, dis possesses, with-hold, un settling, inter-fere, OUTS, junked, going back on one's word, dis-allow, re pealing, ex patriating, rusticate, re treating, x outed, x-outing, pass up, coldshouldered, dis claiming, throwing out on ear, disbars, gives thumbs down to, retro graded, invalidate, be-reaved, thunder against, keeping at bay, casts aside, forgot it, dispute, re calls, x-outs, retro ceding, disclaim, puts in one place, putting one place, disapprove, suppress, gave hook, putting in ones place, be grudge, re-treated, x-outed, dis establishing, displanted, refuses to recognize.