Pronunciation of Advanced
/ɐdvˈanst/, /ɐdvˈanst/, /ɐ_d_v_ˈa_n_s_t/

Antonyms for advanced

green, more underived, uncivilized, more negotiated, conventional, grassroots, low-tech, back, undersized, Remanded, more renegotiated, under lying, antediluvian, antiquated, axiological, uncompleted, more adjourned, elementary, meat and potatoes, low, noncivilized, retarded, most bottom line, more abcs, obsolete, germinal, in waiting, most simplex, most axiological, most meat and potatoes, dated, most bottom-line, more substrative, underdeveloped, uncomplex, simplex, un-completed, be ginning, most nuts-and-bolts, unripened, more meat and potatoes, more temporized, renegotiated, antique, larval, more abecedarian, orthodox, substrative, deferred, embryonic, unripe, bottom-line, old-time, traditional, funded, most remanded, on hold, primordial, rudimentary, most scrubbed, savage, foundational, more bottom-line, preliminary, fusty, most uncompleted, more bottom line, uneducated, more larval, undeveloped, more scrubbed, more nuts-and-bolts, in-dispensable, on shelf, customary, underived, in dispensable, vestigial, pro longed, more vestigial, most assessed, musty, meat potatoes, re negotiated, established, more pigeonholed, more bottomline, lower, para mount, most abcs, most substrative, more grass-roots, more beginning, backward, most temporized, bottomline, most abecedarian, most grass-roots, more stalled, more meat-and-potatoes, more primo, un complex, more nuts and bolts, most substratal, more uncomplex, most primo, most stalled, middle, most grassroots, most pigeonholed, most funded, childs play, past, fundamental, under-lying, more grass roots, most beginning, more remanded, most bottomline, more assessed, on the shelf, regressive, meat-and-potatoes, most renegotiated, hoary, passe, most grass roots, idiopathic, more funded, most idiopathic, nonprogressive, old, most fundamental, more substratal, nuts-and-bolts, para-mount, noncivilised, most meat-and-potatoes, be-ginning, most adjourned, early, most negotiated, un completed, initial, rude, immature, un-derived, child play, un-complicated, substratal, sub-stratal, primary, more sustaining, oldfangled, after, most vestigial, un complicated, more simplex, outworn, primeval, most uncomplex, underweight, most larval, sub stratal, more axiological, out-of-date, un-complex, un derived, more uncompleted, old fashioned, most underived, pro-longed, most nuts and bolts, re-negotiated, more foundational, un-developed, behind, most foundational, primo, more grassroots.