Pronunciation of After
/ˈaftə/, /ˈaftə/, /ˈa_f_t_ə/

Antonyms for after:

most forerunning, more longago, early, most aforementioned, most above named, more cutting edge, liberal, ahead, pre-ceding, in days yore, Precursive, precendently, in lead, leading, more ex, in forefront, more abovenamed, more above named, more cuttingedge, antecedent, cuttingedge, more breakthrough, long-ago, most cutting-edge, be-forehand, most elapsed, more aforeknown, by-gone, pre cursory, in old days, more aforementioned, when, long ago, avant garde, fore-going, pre existent, of yore, most ex, in advance of, more precedent, most ex-, advance, more before, most prodromal, back when, prodromal, down memory lane, as soon as, avantgarde, in the forefront, more cutting-edge, Precedently, more long-ago, more above mentioned, formerly, most precursory, most aforestated, foregoing, most aforeknown, aforeknown, preexistent, most gone-by, de-parted, more pioneering, re tired, be forehand, already, most ago, previously, re cent, most above mentioned, more previously, more above-named, long gone, before, longago, more precursive, more preexisting, pre-existing, more precursory, more leading edge, antecedently, fore running, anterior, leading-edge, latter day, in front, Whilst, Whilom, preliminary, more above-mentioned, fore-most, behind one, most heretofore, precursory, more goneby, most leadingedge, ex, more elapsed, cutting-edge, previous to, more supra, fore-running, earlier, in the lead, prior, most previously, over done, more sometime, most abovenamed, leadingedge, most goneby, pre-cursive, most preexistent, in advance, in days of yore, un-conventional, in the past, by gone, anterior to, ages ago, fore going, more whilom, in front of, goneby, while, past, fore most, up to now, pre ceding, more prodromal, pre cursive, most abovementioned, Ere, leadest, so long as, pre-existent, most bypast, pre-cursory, forerunning, most pioneering, more preexistent, more prevenient, most supra, anteriorly, most long ago, in past, extreme, more leadingedge, more abovementioned, most preexisting, preceding, most gone by, most leading edge, more gone-by, most ahead, more leading-edge, way back, most precedent, most above, advanced, ahead of, pre existing, Aforetime, gone by, more ahead, de parted, preexisting, most whilom, more above, more ex-, antecedent to, more gone by, most above-named, before present, ventral, prevenient, former, most cutting edge, most before, ex-, most sometime, most cuttingedge, most breakthrough, aforestated, Afore, more aforestated, more heretofore, Latterday, beforehand, most prevenient, more forerunning, most leading-edge, supra, aforementioned, most precursive, more ago, un conventional, gone-by, prior to, most above-mentioned.

Usage examples for after:

  • After a time he heard that he was dead." - "Cord and Creese", James de Mille.
  • What did they do after that? - "Laramie Holds the Range", Frank H. Spearman.
  • No; after all, no! - "Marcella", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

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