Pronunciation of Aggravate
/ˈaɡɹɐvˌe͡ɪt/, /ˈaɡɹɐvˌe‍ɪt/, /ˈa_ɡ_ɹ_ɐ_v_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for aggravate

condole with, monkeying around with, plead ignorance, eases up, take edge, attending to, puts rest, lighten, letted off the hook, re-solves, make reasonable, re pairs, in-validating, re duces, take the edge off, giving way, cleans ones act, ex plained, plays to, phony up, de-bugged, made well, de-bug, re-pealed, over-looks, makes easier, un-burdened, becoming tender, Dulling, take edge off, de-fending, cleaning ones act, taking edge, dis-encumbered, letting go, dis encumbered, take load off chest, re-vitalizes, canst it, come together, prorogue, Gloze, quiet fears, re store, re-pairs, temper, Whites, re-new, quell, triumph over, de clines, over powers, dispenses from, took the sting out of, dis-guised, de bugged, un loads, clearing way, de lays, re vising, de-aden, could it, puts ease, iced, cools off, taking load off one's mind, prettifying, cheer, up-raises, gat the better of, dilute, balmed, becomes tender, dis guises, disciplined, up grades, takes bite out, thins out, re-assured, squares up, sobers, re animates, grants a stay, taking bite out of, putting lid on, ex plain, cleaned one act, cool off, kisses and make up, de-crease, alibied, speeded up, letting off this time, make peace, pave the way, quieting down, re-animates, Sanded, clamming up, Amnestying, attended to, got upper hand, re-vising, took load chest, laid back, de pressed, re-vitalized, took it easy, up-lighting, canning it, quick fixing, slows down, de-presses, de creasing, re fresh, makes peace, took the sting out, lets off the hook, settling nerves, put ease, thinned out, wink at, took load ones chest, Prorogued, taking the edge, re moving, gotten the upper hand, de pressing, over-looking, takes the edge off, Patting, dispense from, condoling with, thinning out, re-freshes, burying hatchet, dis-solves, dis integrated, refine, monkeys around with, apologize for, de-fended, cool out, de-light, re assured, doctoring up, made reasonable, de-fend, de-lighting, in-spiriting, are enough, over-runs, over running, dis-encumber, Starching, dis solved, un ruffling, un-tightened, slump, Sobered, getting the upper hand, de press, taking load ones mind, opens door, dis charges, hold it down, de cline, putting a bandaid, re stored, diffused, Re-forming, cleans one's act, dis solve, re assures, in validate, takes it easy, puts a bandaid, set to rights, humoring, let off this time, re-duce, clean up one's act, played up to, pacificating, qualify, kiss and make up, pacificated, ex plains, gat better of, dis-charging, allay, untroubling, takes load chest, made light of, quiet, running interference for, whiting, making reasonable, put on bandaid, settle ones nerves, letted off time, gentles, became tender, clean up ones act, die down, sit on, granting amnesty, clears the way, puts band-aid, re-dressing, pacificate, died down, poured out, un-troubling, puts a band aid, dis-encumbers, be calmed, braze, palliate, Proroguing, up raised, ex-plain, re collected, put on a bandaid, in-activates, de fends, smoothing over, coming together, gat upper hand, re solve, downing, setting rights, re-lapsing, cleaning up ones act, makes matters up, lost spirit, fall, makes lighter, took sting out of, takes load off ones chest, dispensed from, letted upon, re storing, softpedal, re-move, un tightened, puts a lid on, dis-integrating, took load one's chest, decreasing volume, takes load off one's mind, co oking, decreased volume, taking load off ones mind, cleaning up, in validating, sleeks, dis guise, re-forms, get the better of, anesthetizing, dis solves, cleans one act, stroke, be-calms, de-cline, dis-burdens, dulcify, in spirit, smoothed down, lets upon, square up, dis-burdening, commiserated with, sugared, re duce, anesthetizes, playing to, sub-sides, re leases, ran interference for, remedy, over powering, over-comes, pacificates, lays back, re-spites, cunning it, put a bandaid, clammed up, un-burdening, re freshes, de-vitalize, got the better of, opening the door, give absolution, alibiing, dulcorates, dis encumbering, clean act, cooling it, dis engaging, re solves, gave absolution, puts the lid on, dis integrates, dis-engage, re animating, re lapsed, pro-motes, doctor up, console, re-assure, ex-plained, get better of, sitting on, clean up one act, mollify, makes light of, tuning down, sub-due, takes the edge, de feat, dis charge, re-storing, took load off mind, Patted, dis charging, making less, take load off ones mind, took load off chest, settling ones nerves, sobering, re spites, play up to, ease up, dieing down, un-ruffle, dis integrating, exempts from, ex-plaining, mitigate, pleaded ignorance, take sting out, takes sting out of, held in, Amnestied, granting respite, comes together, up lights, Glozed, lets off hook, dis guised, take load off one mind, re spited, lets up on, Downs, in validates, make for, commiserate with, gentling, pretexting, dis-burdened, de base, letted the hook, reduce, up hold, up lighted, putting a lid on, take load one mind, dis encumber, cleans up one's act, in-spirit, balming, dis-burden, dis-solve, cooling out, gotten the better of, un-troubles, runs interference for, de-pressing, Succored, de-creases, un-troubled, make less, taking load one chest, de lighted, put the lid on, dis-integrated, settled nerves, re strict, taking rap for, pleading ignorance, being enough, monkey around with, Sanding, let upon, speeds up, holds in, taking load one mind, let this time, in-validated, buries hatchet, up raising, putting on bandaid, sub jugate, dis burdening, put lid on, de-vitalized, pouring oil on, de-lighted, laying back, shape up, de crease, kiss make up, up grade, clam up, condoles with, dis-guise, dis integrate, grants respite, holds down, de lay, re-animated, re press, re-fresh, intermit, buried the hatchet, re-formed, paving the way, were enough, un-loads, kisses make up, cleans up, put on band-aid, over comes, un ruffle, takes sting out, ease off, sits on, prorogues, de-clines, re fine, dispensing from, post pone, puts bandaid, un tighten, re-leased, re vitalizing, getting under control, pouring out, button one lip, attend to, took load one chest, re vised, got better of, under-mining, phonies up, re fines, makes well, loses spirit, takes load one's chest, pro roguing, de-feats, re-pairing, solace, inactivated, re collecting, letted off this time, putting on band aid, lose spirit, steadying, holding it down, re-vamps, took load off one's chest, re-strict, re-lapsed, made clear, making easier, pre text, makes for, re strain, put a band aid, over powered, over runs, up held, de creased, cooled it, slowed down, holding in, putting a band-aid, un-tightening, de feats, taking bite out, sub sides, straightened out, re-calibrate, re-peals, quieted fears, in activates, paving way, re dresses, quieted down, in activate, get upper hand, shapes up, ironing, letted off hook, made uniform, un tightens, re straining, alleviate, taking the edge off, re vitalize, re pressing, cooled out, un loading, re vitalizes, un-tighten, took the bite out, lay, over-look, make happy, tenderizing, letting this time, eased up, re-lapses, re-assures, took load one mind, patch things up, simmering down, falls away, de presses, dis-charged, Sleeking, become tender, phonying up, up holds, takes a load off, got under control, takes the sting out, re form, patching things up, pro rogues, granted stay, gotten under control, clean up act, sub dues, put at ease, make clear, attends to, give way, putting right, sub-dues, de fended, condoled with, up-held, getting the better of, take load one's chest, cleaning one act, re-lapse, in-activate, de vitalizing, take load ones chest, take the bite out of, Re-collect, still, re-vised, re pairing, dis burdened, pour oil on, simmered down, putting on a band aid, up-graded, doctored up, Soothed, took a load off, commiserates with, cooling off, cleared way, re peals, pro-mote, uplighting, Intermitting, de-press, put at rest, take load chest, makes allowances for, tenderize, lets hook, calm, let off time, decrease volume, ease, puts on bandaid, re lapses, settles one's nerves, pre-text, re-pressing, re vamps, in-validates, up raise, Sleeked, re lease, paves the way, de fend, takes load mind, poured oil on, de based, paved the way, gets under control, settling one's nerves, Planing, modify, re-dress, re news, takes load one's mind, am enough, easing up, makes reasonable, takes the sting out of, re-lax, smoothing down, un ruffled, de vitalized, re-moves, pro-rogued, clear the way, cleaning up one act, hold in, ebb, playing up to, put a lid on, anesthetized, sub side, took edge, paves way, let the hook, taking it easy, lay back, lullabied, improve, un-ruffling, re animated, uplighted, cleaning one's act, re-strained, clean up, made easier, unburdening, up-holds, up-raising, gets upper hand, re-fine, lets the hook, took bite out of, granted a stay, taking load ones chest, winking at, unruffling, de lighting, took rap for, holds it down, in-spirited, re-stored, play down, honied, grant amnesty, play to, re calibrate, buried hatchet, be-calming, straighten out, settles one nerves, making lighter, take load mind, pleads ignorance, dis burdens, made lighter, paved way, settled one nerves, de adens, reprieve, took edge off, apologizes for, takes easy, thin out, de-base, re paired, smooth, under-mined, over coming, grants stay, quiets down, takes the bite out of, quick fixed, getting upper hand, let hook, gets better of, letting up on, hold down, re vise, wast enough, pours oil on, up-light, re-spiting, remit, lighten burden, tuned down, up lighting, lower, glozes, re-vamping, diffuses, letting off the hook, un troubled, better, made up for, putting ease, recalibrated, bury hatchet, un ruffles, simmers down, straightens out, takes load off one mind, dies down, de-vitalizing, please, dis encumbers, over-coming, sedated, tranquilize, under mining, took load off, beat down, decreases volume, take bite out, sedates, excuse, gladden, smooths over, up-grades, sped up, co-oked, takes bite out of, de laying, winks at, taking sting out, cools it, uplight, letting off hook, take load off, take the sting out, dis-guising, phonied up, Intermitted, dying down, run interference for, untrouble, buries the hatchet, de-lay, repair, settled ones nerves, pro-rogues, takes edge, re calibrated, dis-integrates, re pair, oblige, settle nerves, de-creased, puts on a band-aid, de-feat, toughens up, taking a load off, made nice, patches things up, put a band-aid, in-spirits, eased off, Brazing, re strained, pro-roguing, re-stores, take sting out of, taking easy, re-moving, couldst it, in activated, re-strains, takes load off, clears way, dis-engages, re-animate, assuage, giving absolution, clean ones act, making well, un-tightens, cleaned up one's act, taking load off one mind, re peal, re freshed, makes clear, honor, over-run, gratify, take load one's mind, taking sting out of, over looked, making for, cleaned up, queers, pre texts, re-vamped, dis guising, anesthetize, recalibrating, putting at ease, re-strain, setting right, re fined, settle one nerves, sedating, exempted from, dis-engaged, make well, take the sting out of, re-duces, cleans up act, apologizing for, re-leases, dis-solving, takes load off one's chest, sympathize, drop, make lighter, smooth over, sets rights, ex-plains, take load off one's mind, gotten better of, re-paired, de-creasing, re-collecting, takes load one chest, puts on band aid, dis charged, putting on a bandaid, be enough, letting upon, de vitalizes, smooth down, re stores, speeding up, slowing down, putting bandaid, take easy, re new, pro-moting, triumphing over, mitigated, be-calm, over looks, take load off one chest, beats down, dis engage, letting off time, taking load mind, make matters up, grant respite, losing spirit, re dress, slicks, came together, cleans act, making light of, aid, tenderized, put band aid, toughening up, re spite, dis engaged, can it, re-lease, re assure, take the edge, un load, taking load off one's chest, puts band aid, gets the better of, post-pones, let off hook, inactivate, subdue, placate, de-lays, makes less, dis burden, sub due, cooled off, made allowances for, doctors up, unburdens, queering, tempered, up-raise, co-oking, in spirits, settles ones nerves, plays up to, comfort, put on band aid, took the edge off, make easier, Planed, de lights, gat under control, in spirited, speed up, re moved, fiddles with, re lapse, putting band aid, re formed, dulcorating, uplights, taking load chest, opening door, lullabying, beating down, de fending, de light, re-vitalizing, re move, up light, was enough, lets this time, untroubles, prettify, re presses, brazes, get the upper hand, appease, letted go, puts at ease, fiddled with, in activating, up grading, clean one's act, relieve, took load off ones mind, settle, clean one act, decrease, quench, makes uniform, Succoring, re forming, let time, wert enough, Remedied, win over, de bugs, takes rap for, re-pair, decline, cleaning up one's act, re-dressed, Slicking, over-power, de bugging, re pealing, Sugaring, is enough, minimize, un loaded, de-bugging, easing off, de creases, shaping up, re-straining, re dressing, re lapsing, triumphs over, taking load off mind, correct, gotten upper hand, takes load off one chest, post pones, de aden, puts on band-aid, de-bugs, putting at rest, over-powering, un-burden, un burden, cleaning act, toughen up, un-load, de-adens, dis solving, taking the sting out of, de-lights, lull, took bite out, cleaned one's act, de-based, takes load off ones mind, fell away, putting a band aid, letting the hook, up-grading, granted respite, made matters up, opens the door, held down, grant a stay, sub sided, cleans up one act, over look, quick fixt, taking edge off, takes edge off, put on a band aid, cleaned up ones act, taking load one's chest, taking load off chest, inactivates, un-burdens, re vamped, makes up for, kissed make up, moderate, dummy up, tone down, up-lighted, up-holding, lightens burden, letting time, pro moting, commiserating with, Glozing, under mined, puts at rest, eases off, making uniform, get under control, re collect, compose, re-fining, dummies up, re calibrates, canned it, re-vamp, de-pressed, over come, be-calmed, sand, pours out, recalibrate, button lip, de-laying, dulcorate, up-raised, sate on, re-animating, takes the bite out, dis-integrate, burying the hatchet, letted this time, dis engages, dis-charges, soothe, clear way, cleared the way, cool it, de-vitalizes, monkeyed around with, make light of, up graded, putting on a band-aid, making allowances for, taking load off one chest, apologized for, dulcorated, un burdening, re vitalized, re lax, Unruffle, pave way, slicked, Disciplining, took the edge, took load mind, put bandaid, taking load off, settling one nerves, make up for, kissed and make up, unruffles, dulls, putting on band-aid, de basing, content, prettifies, over-powered, in-activated, take a load off, in spiriting, up holding, up-lights, re-collected, played to, gave way, dis-solved, queered, quiets fears, took sting out, un burdened, intermits, cleaned ones act, letted up on, making matters up, puts right, re pealed, taking the bite out, re pressed, settled one's nerves, re-assuring, open the door, prettified, de-fends, quieting fears, re forms, pro rogue, cleaned up act, up-hold, un-trouble, weaken, delight, settle one's nerves, be calm, unburdened, re-dresses, letted time, triumphed over, holding down, dis-engaging, dis-encumbering, take load one chest, cleans up ones act, took the bite out of, re-solved, cleaned up one act, in validated, cools out, co oked, puts on a bandaid, set right, quiet down, taking load off ones chest, lightened burden, patched things up, help, be calms, re-vise, squaring up, re-solving, cleaned act, button ones lip, lets go, gets the upper hand, be calming, dummied up, granting a stay, putting rest, re-solve, pacifies, un-ruffles, set rights, Brazed, taking the bite out of, clams up, puts a band-aid, de-basing, in-validate, re strains, dummying up, diffusing, re-freshed, de bug, cleaning up act, settles nerves, de vitalize, make allowances for, soften, dis-charge, re collects, slow down, smooths down, take load ones mind, dis-guises, letted hook, re-presses, take bite out of, ex plaining, un trouble, re-news, downed, put rest, take the bite out, commute, lightening burden, got the upper hand, took load off one chest, lets off time, un burdens, re animate, tenderizes, steadied, sands, pacify, re-calibrates, pre-texts, took load ones mind, kissing and make up, re-fines, un-ruffled, Starched, let up on, clearing the way, taking the sting out.