Pronunciation of Agitate
/ˈad͡ʒɪtˌe͡ɪt/, /ˈad‍ʒɪtˌe‍ɪt/, /ˈa_dʒ_ɪ_t_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for agitate

un bending, re-solving, putting zip in to, sleeks, puts out misery, didst the trick, hung loose, sell on, re-activated, taking sting out of, co ordinates, un-ravels, bring to heel, settled ones nerves, bang out, held one's tongue, am an element of, restoring harmony, re straining, said nothing, unreel, be witch, inspirit, holds one tongue, de-presses, took bite out of, re-storing, reduces speed, re-collecting, tongueties, taking pity on, embogged, in-validate, housebreaking, buries the hatchet, inter-pose, aircools, losing spirit, wake up, up-lifting, in activate, lays back, breathes easy, un-wound, keeping down, made deal, de-fuses, springs up, sit around, backwatered, whiting, putting on top world, prop up, house-trains, granting respite, takes time, lets upon, dis entangling, break the spirit, wept for, brings heel, dis-covered, housebroken, making peace, takes load off one mind, re-vitalized, filled the bill, coming together, tenderizing, Parleying, am an adjunct, unlax, puts out of one's misery, get upper hand, did the trick, re-collected, domiciliates, played to, palliate, un-tightening, brazes, made a deal, coining phrase, un-twining, re collected, re awakens, gives a lift, uncoil, put out misery, keep waiting, took it easy, quieting fears, bring heel, re-assuring, makes oneself at home, am element of, am made of, got under control, does the trick, un ravelling, coining a phrase, breathing new life in to, re freshes, inter posed, re-united, holds in, dumbed, back-waters, condole with, having compassion, housetrains, feel at home, unbends, poured oil on, in spiriting, being made of, putting out misery, re awakening, de pressing, post-pones, breathe easy, giving shot in arm, un bent, untwined, granting amnesty, puts a lid on, pacificated, decreases volume, letting up on, compose oneself, over awes, take the bite out, de militarizing, feel with, dis-integrate, slake, re assured, brings together, Domiciliating, de fuses, soften up, collects oneself, condoles with, re-pair, sub dues, slowed down, take bite out, doth trick, un-coiling, steadies, took load off one chest, candy-coated, un-burden, dis-covers, pacificate, hush one's mouth, go along, in spirits, re-assure, Unruffle, air-cooling, re animates, be calms, lullabied, triumph over, dis solving, taking break, relieve, over-powered, un bends, unbent, making matters up, bringing to, Overawing, quick fixt, keeping it down, de-vitalizes, gat better of, wound down, dis-burdens, is enough, condole, runs interference for, comes to school, wrought out a deal, filling bill, de-vised, getting the better of, quiet fears, took load chest, dis-entangled, ex-cited, pushed pencil, lose heat, re cline, un-rolls, ex cite, triumphs over, gotten together on, under stood, re conditioned, kisses make up, re-assures, sub-dues, re-vivify, re kindles, de-creased, did trick, pro-portioned, un ruffled, de-activating, takes load chest, lose steam, triumphing over, re sting, commiserated with, brace up, gave shot arm, pushing pencil, makes deal, brought to heel, collecting oneself, put top world, over-coming, de-vising, in-spirited, puts band-aid, taking bite out, quick fixed, re-pressing, de-fusing, dis-armed, re unites, backwatering, make merry, cools off, re stores, Brazing, settling ones nerves, demilitarizes, house trained, candy coating, laxing, anchored it, un burdening, un-ruffles, noted down, art an adjunct, making well, in vent, candy coated, un wrapping, loses heat, take load one's chest, dis-burdening, queers, fudge together, de light, feeling for, dis entangled, candycoats, de fusing, came school, loses speed, un ravels, takes the bite out, re-kindles, be calm, re news, makes peace, inter cede, be witching, sand, noting down, reawaken, let oneself go, dulcorate, banged out, un-twine, hush ones mouth, puts zip into, becomes tender, letting oneself go, make clear, re-new, re fusing, domiciliate, wast an adjunct, Co-ordinates, paved way, un-winds, hammers out deal, gotten under control, slicked, steadied, re vitalizing, Slackened, Sugaring, could it, be sympathetic, hush hush, un rolling, sate on, takes it easy, untwines, re-conciliating, re-pose, soothe, traded off, Downs, pro duces, set type, over awing, ex-plains, in vents, played up to, kissed make up, air condition, show forgiveness, put on a band aid, takes bite out of, de vitalize, speeded up, re-conditioned, are adjunct, playing up to, adding sweetening, sped up, are an element of, housetraining, de-pressed, de-adens, kept waiting, making nice, re-establishes, uncoiling, dis guises, Allying, letted go, psych up, be-friended, comes around, un roll, over come, fudged together, un tighten, express sympathy, un-bended, filled bill, Sanding, in cites, puts feet up, putting one feet up, waking up, over comes, un-furled, holds down, belonged to, giving way, running interference for, in dite, juiced, putting feet up, dis solves, hitting brakes, de-fused, kiss and make up, puts one's feet up, felt at home, up-raised, slow down, came around, taking load off chest, re-clines, propitiate, un rolls, took load off one's chest, in validate, being sympathetic, gives shot in arm, gave lift, are an adjunct, re pairing, being element of, coins phrase, smoothing down, revive, dis-arms, wert adjunct, tongue tied, held down, bring to, lets up on, taking the bite out of, be-calms, clears way, enheartens, de cline, feel for, take the edge off, be sorry for, held in, enter in, over coming, dries up, cooling it, re-conciliate, took break, glozes, Back-water, made sweet, opening door, under-stood, were adjunct, re-strains, came to life, Planing, re vivified, are element of, hushed one's mouth, pave the way, buried the hatchet, burying hatchet, psychs up, candycoating, putting out of misery, un reeled, closes up, puts a band-aid, up lifted, putting out of one misery, being an adjunct, give shot arm, de-feats, softened up, Clammed, un-burdens, dis arms, re storing, in-spiring, loosening up, inter pose, wert enough, dis-guise, settles one nerves, pouring oil on, gave shot in arm, tenderize, takes the edge off, re pressing, thins out, de-lighted, comping, art adjunct, sub jugate, straightened out, taking load ones mind, button one lip, gentles, make peace, clam up, de-vise, took edge, un furling, brightening up, de militarize, hushed one mouth, dis covering, unburdening, un-roll, coin phrase, re-conditions, de-activates, de activating, reconciliates, Parleyed, ex-plaining, dis-burden, putting on top the world, hushes one mouth, prettified, taking load off ones mind, un-ravel, eases up, dulcorates, letted the sun shine in, took a breather, re activated, pro-portioning, propping up, sit on, de feats, trade off, dis engaging, in-vent, de press, humoring, in spire, Domiciliated, breathes new life into, de vising, un-furling, go in to, breathe new life in to, inter ceded, striking dumb, quiet down, quieting down, re-vitalizes, in-cite, dis guising, monkey around with, re-lapse, putting on band aid, had compassion, get under control, makes easier, re activating, dis-engage, ease, dummying up, entering in, puts a bandaid, discourage, cooling off, putting out of one's misery, de activate, made nice, getting upper hand, de lighting, makes matters up, smoothed down, wrought out deal, cooling out, back watering, took load one chest, put on top of the world, scripted, taking load chest, holding it down, un-bent, put ones feet up, put on cloud nine, candy-coats, take edge off, put top the world, worked out a deal, closing up, relaxes, has mercy on, make whole, beating down, comes together, re-conciliates, dis burden, making happy, inter-posing, un reeling, fudges together, in-spired, took time, patched things up, re assure, took pity on, lullabying, take it easy, brightened up, hang loose, brightens up, re lease, thin out, dis guise, brought to, lull, in spired, lied down, putting zip into, over powering, sitting on, pro moting, working out deal, let sun shine in, be-friending, making light of, get better of, back water, over-comes, take one time, dis-burdened, re vamped, taking load one's chest, reconcile, coming school, dieing down, re conciliates, is made of, putting band aid, settles nerves, taking the bite out, housetrained, compose, works out deal, lightening burden, beats down, slacken, de lighted, un-troubles, relax, bracing up, gets the upper hand, tenderizes, made peace, puts top of world, dis burdening, becalm, ex citing, braces up, put a bandaid, dis engaged, agree, un bended, snap out of it, ex-plain, have mercy on, attended to, simmer down, bringing to heel, re-activating, dis solve, de-activated, anesthetized, re-vamp, ghostwrote, cools it, showing forgiveness, relaxedding, dis-solved, placate, anchors it, up raising, unruffles, quiet, de pressed, make grade, eased up, art sympathetic, re-conditioning, un-coiled, come terms, over-awing, keeps it down, un raveled, re-canted, makes well, un-wrapping, take easy, put on band-aid, pro portion, becoming tender, lamenting with, got the better of, exhilarate, makes reasonable, over running, re-lapsed, be an element of, unbended, be element of, do trick, air-conditioning, Commoved, in-venting, doest the trick, un-bending, under-mined, ease off, untwining, re lapses, takes sting out, de-feat, inter posing, in-validated, soften, puts ones feet up, make matters up, re stored, laid back, recline, hanging loose, getting the upper hand, un-bends, made easier, hush hushed, in validates, taking the edge off, settle back, takes load off one chest, re-animates, bring together, Clamming, ex cites, easing off, attend to, ghostwrite, re-unite, console, dumbs, puts at ease, Scotched, putting on band-aid, expressed sympathy, re vitalized, in dites, gat upper hand, putting lid on, slackens, CLEFS, takes load mind, puts out of misery, feeling home, strikes dumb, losing heat, up-raise, stunting, pro-portions, straightens out, de-clines, re-covers, make well, take the sting out, pro portioned, making grade, be adjunct, anesthetizing, decrease volume, un wind, re-activates, over powers, hold in, dis guised, clammed up, de based, putting bandaid, were an adjunct, Planed, re unite, smooth, un-wraps, housetrain, broke the spirit, re duce, hushes ones mouth, putting ease, un-bend, is element of, re fined, over powered, woke up, putting a band-aid, showed mercy, allay, de-fuse, cool off, takes load one chest, shows forgiveness, de fuse, got better of, un troubling, coined a phrase, braze, simmers down, demilitarize, dis-engaged, took the bite out, de-signing, died down, saying nothing, doing the trick, tranquilize, pass judgment, subdue, lies down, dulcify, was enough, over awe, make more appealing, air-cools, be friended, up-holds, settled one nerves, takes one's time, take load off one mind, got the upper hand, give way, slow, disciplined, lost steam, sedating, Whites, be made of, comes school, clarify, struck happy medium, de activates, over-runs, feels with, coins a phrase, getting under control, fill the bill, put out of one misery, takes ones time, putting top the world, sat back, inter-posed, puts cloud nine, un-coil, salve, pity, hold one tongue, striking happy medium, tunes down, apologized for, be calmed, enheartening, taking time out, drying up, hammering out deal, in-activated, be-witch, be-calming, canning it, felt home, condoling with, dulcorating, pipes down, plays up to, in validated, gotten the upper hand, make deal, slowing down, losing steam, inactivate, made grade, air-condition, un reel, easing up, un furled, gat the better of, attending to, lie down, up lifting, having mercy on, re-duce, snaps up, cleared way, held one tongue, make at home, grieves with, coming terms, sub side, Disciplining, giving a lift, simmering down, comped, defuse, puts top world, rein in, gave way, was sorry for, puts at rest, ghostwrites, restored harmony, lets go, breaks spirit, Unreeled, puts band aid, putting a lid on, letted oneself go, adds sweetening, queering, puts on bandaid, snaps out of it, over-power, breaking the spirit, dis-guises, candy-coating, wert sympathetic, puts one feet up, dis integrated, choke off, dies down, candycoat, puts pen to paper, un trouble, de militarized, sold on, adding sugar, in-spire, hushhushing, un wound, re-unites, pro-motes, lets down flaps, snaps out it, dis engage, pipe down, Slicking, un-raveled, Poetized, re-paired, get the better of, re-kindling, comes to terms, close up, commiserating with, sat around, gives lift, come together, brighten up, letted down flaps, gives shot arm, keeps waiting, dis arming, air-conditioned, held tongue, un wrap, triumphed over, beat down, sub sided, settle ones nerves, re-animated, cunning it, monkeyed around with, didst trick, sub-sides, speed up, taking sting out, counter acted, re-cline, hammer out a deal, kissed and make up, untroubles, up-raises, putting out one's misery, air cools, holding one's tongue, take load one chest, un ruffle, pacificating, push pencil, de-lights, re-vamping, airconditions, gets the better of, making reasonable, dry up, be-friend, winded down, un tightens, re-solves, de-aden, re-cover, dis-solve, re vivifies, became lenient, re animating, putting top world, hushes one's mouth, cooled out, unbend, putting pen paper, bringing together, takes one time, tune down, collect oneself, put feet up, lets the sun shine in, take a breather, sedates, held ones tongue, be enough, reconciliate, doeth trick, de tain, put at rest, re collects, wakes up, kisses and make up, settling nerves, hushhushes, puts the lid on, re pair, being enough, re-awakening, re-vamps, came terms, clef, re-stored, counter acting, hush-hushes, re establishing, re pairs, re-vivifying, brings to heel, cleffed, air conditioned, de-pressing, dulls, re-awakens, un raveling, decreased volume, embogging, putting rest, breaks the spirit, re-awaken, un-ruffled, coined phrase, braced up, merge in, notes down, re-solve, becomes lenient, made clear, am adjunct, decreased the volume, grieved with, un-troubling, back waters, is adjunct, putting ones feet up, took one's time, puts on top world, settling back, making uniform, re collecting, are sorry for, hold down, put out one misery, shush, mitigated, stop work, settling one nerves, dis burdens, sub sides, decrease the volume, snapping out it, Patted, re-animate, bangs out, untwists, gotten upper hand, paving way, re fuse, do the trick, anchoring it, dis engages, made uniform, re pressed, re-covered, taking load off one mind, takes sting out of, makes nice, re covered, comes to life, settle one nerves, lost spirit, ironing, put ease, sedated, temper, re establish, hush-hushing, makes clear, clear way, tongue-tie, un-burdening, making more appealing, over-powering, un-ruffle, untwisting, taking one's time, Dulling, de-lighting, brake the spirit, Starched, breathed new life into, came to terms, letted up on, re paired, frosted, hath mercy on, de creases, hushing mouth, hadst compassion, putting on a bandaid, order, sits around, in activates, being adjunct, took a break, softens up, toughens up, belong to, un coil, makes light of, dis covers, un troubles, breathed easy, untroubling, smooth over, composed oneself, keeping waiting, breaking spirit, hushed mouth, in-activate, makes a deal, un wraps, took load mind, un-twines, making sweet, closed up, airconditioned, making easier, takes load off ones chest, dummies up, un-rolled, in venting, house train, gat together on, takes bite out, up-hold, made at home, reanimate, scotches, Reefed, took ones time, putting on a band aid, props up, wert sorry for, Re-collect, un-ruffling, re-collects, take load off chest, air-conditions, demilitarized, puts on a bandaid, put out ones misery, break spirit, put on top world, can it, cool it, took bite out, hath compassion, commiserate with, re kindled, took the bite out of, explain, de presses, ghosting, lighten burden, under standing, calm, taking ten, makes grade, stopt work, laments with, dis-covering, tempered, took the edge off, fill bill, taking time, de vitalized, de signs, stopping work, retardates, hush one mouth, re-solved, made light of, takes load off ones mind, makes sweet, made the grade, breathes new life in to, lying down, backwaters, button ones lip, putting a bandaid, lets sun shine in, re-condition, moderate, setting type, un-twist, be-calm, Air cooling, make happy, post pone, ran interference for, puts on top the world, take time out, re new, dis-cover, cooled it, merged in, giving lift, eased off, put a band-aid, hit spot, wast an element of, un winding, reassure, dried up, be friend, over-awes, put a lid on, counter act, kissing make up, re-lease, taking load off one's chest, dis armed, up lift, de-based, de creased, take sting out, airconditioning, play up to, lightens burden, come life, taking the edge, holding tongue, re-establish, re store, took edge off, quiets down, paves way, puts zip in to, puts top the world, adds sugar, untwist, over-awed, snapping up, clearing the way, co wing, dis covered, puts on a band-aid, settle one's nerves, brake spirit, take pity on, Soothed, un-reeling, over awed, took load off ones mind, de signing, sells on, wast adjunct, puts ease, putting a band aid, opens door, takes time out, holding one tongue, took sting out of, re uniting, reducing speed, take edge, re fuses, embogs, putting on bandaid, ex-cites, prettify, re-strain, gat under control, am sympathetic, authoring, take ones time, counter-act, de-signs, un ravel, winds down, de creasing, make light of, re-fine, uncoils, unlaxes, dis integrate, hammer out deal, re-vamped, under mining, un-tightened, taking a break, clearing way, let up on, had mercy on, comes terms, in-validates, un-reel, hold tongue, re united, puts on band aid, putting on a band-aid, giving quarter, de-press, de-vitalizing, taking edge, ex plained, hits brakes, commiserates with, de vised, wert an adjunct, un-twisted, re-canting, re vivifying, wind down, make oneself home, holding down, Glozed, un-troubled, decreasing volume, clears the way, un twisting, sate around, be friending, took the sting out, honied, please, pro portions, Succoring, makes the grade, take load chest, re-conciliated, straighten out, laying back, loses spirit, sits on, thinning out, re leases, re cover, lost heat, inter-ceding, de-militarizes, re vitalizes, came together, steadying, cools out, mollify, re-leases, bury hatchet, air-cool, ex plaining, re-vivified, sate back, re-uniting, kiss make up, paving the way, bled for, put a band aid, give lift, makes oneself home, coin a phrase, prettifying, un burdened, resurrect, de-militarizing, re-sting, brought heel, air conditions, dying down, un ravelled, taking load one mind, snapped out of it, become lenient, de-activate, showed sympathy, be calming, feeling with, un ruffling, bleed for, puts top of the world, appease, get the upper hand, un twists, be-witching, de-tain, up-lifted, smoothing over, kept it down, re condition, inter-cedes, wert made of, Sleeked, sitting around, took sting out, perked up, patch things up, open the door, sub due, un-ravelled, hits the brakes, took load off chest, passes judgment, retardated, put one feet up, bleeding for, taking load off mind, hammered out a deal, speeds up, hit brakes, de activated, take load off one chest, un winds, un twine, bleeds for, dis solved, re conciliating, chokes off, re collect, dummied up, downed, re-vitalizing, buried hatchet, make oneself at home, Negativing, arbitrate, re conditioning, up raised, taking load off ones chest, lay, gave a lift, getting together on, in cite, enters in, is sorry for, relaxeds, took load ones chest, wast sympathetic, stroke, tonguetie, scripting, quick fixing, bring terms, softpedal, un-twined, clamming up, unruffling, tonguetying, backwater, untwisted, uncoiled, de-light, snapped up, cheer, co-wed, un rolled, monkeys around with, re vamps, came life, expressing sympathy, settled back, smooths down, pacify, takes load off one's chest, struck dumb, art made of, wast element of, inter-cede, re-straining, took the edge, in validating, takes the bite out of, put rest, reconciliated, strike dumb, be witched, quell, taking load mind, does trick, have compassion, de sign, apologizing for, putting cloud nine, take load one mind, Gloze, co wed, encourage, shows sympathy, overawe, un-twists, under stand, composing oneself, sits back, dumbing, co ordinate, COMPS, un-wind, under-standing, be-calmed, re-duces, alleviate, settles one's nerves, de-creasing, lightened burden, re established, ex cited, be an adjunct, re-kindle, counter-acts, stops work, take bite out of, composes oneself, unwind, put zip into, hushed ones mouth, dost the trick, take a break, put on top of world, de tains, un coiled, un-lax, un-trouble, dis-engages, re-presses, cooled off, up raise, queered, de militarizes, aircondition, took ten, takes load one's mind, clams up, work out deal, re-activate, pacificates, hitting the brakes, settle nerves, feels at home, expresses sympathy, take load off ones mind, in spirited, inter cedes, collected oneself, dis-arming, re lapse, trades off, making oneself home, choking off, laxes, un troubled, made reasonable, reining in, un-reeled, over-run, infrigidating, passed judgment, dis-solving, hush-hushed, sit back, be-witched, re-fining, quieted down, condoled with, reconciliating, took load one's chest, take the edge, nixing, de-militarize, putting at rest, sitting back, letting upon, gotten better of, aircool, re-kindled, grant amnesty, co-wing, juicing, take the bite out of, takes easy, sugarcoat, de-cline, holding in, put at ease, relaxedded, re vivify, takes the sting out, pacifies, under stands, Patting, takes edge, taking bite out of, takes load one's chest, re canting, housebroke, is an element of, re-strained, hadst mercy on, un reels, dis-engaging, be-witches, mitigate, make reasonable, reined in, apologizes for, loosened up, has compassion, gets together on, in-spiriting, overawes, took the sting out of, apologize for, pour oil on, cool, house trains, over-awe, air cool, put top of world, under-mining, restores harmony, unreeling, unlaxing, re-lapses, in-cited, Proportioning, hush hushes, making a deal, re-stores, re lapsed, dis-integrating, dis-guising, were sympathetic, de crease, took easy, re press, pro-portion, give shot in arm, reduced speed, coming life, taking easy, gentling, dis-entangle, making home, made matters up, restore harmony, becoming lenient, doth the trick, put on band aid, untwine, takes edge off, balming, weeping for, holds ones tongue, makes more appealing, coming to life, took load ones mind, puts a band aid, taking ones time, de vitalizes, taking the sting out, in vented, inter ceding, gets better of, breathed new life in to, reduce speed, un tightened, kissing and make up, gets upper hand, made well, settle, art sorry for, showing sympathy, unlaxed, un-coils, feels for, de lights, opens the door, snapped out it, coming around, hushhush, paves the way, un burdens, buries hatchet, toughen up, de vise, bringing heel, take time, re-vivifies, authored, dis entangles, un twined, took one time, re-pairs, re conciliated, selling on, made more appealing, letting down flaps, speeding up, passing judgment, button lip, die down, burying the hatchet, taking load off one's mind, am sorry for, up holds, un burden, smooths over, puts on band-aid, un coiling, show sympathy, be witches, clear the way, under-stands, be-friends, de-militarized, taking the sting out of, make home, filling the bill, de signed, is an adjunct, up held, comes life, takes break, housebreak, haddest compassion, re awakened, re animate, were an element of, taking edge off, solace, put lid on, Brazed, are enough, wast made of, taking a breather, in-vented, being sorry for, in-validating, un lax, took time out, sprang up, let the sun shine in, take one's time, dost trick, simmered down, aircooled, demilitarizing, de clines, be friends, tame, un-rolling, art an element of, un ruffles, pushes pencil, up holding, waked up, tongue-tying, puts on top of the world, cool out, snap up, prettifies, anesthetize, smoothed over, un-burdened, takes the sting out of, sub-due, banging out, run interference for, gotten the better of, Umpired, over runs, plays to, re-fused, counter-acted, dis integrating, thinned out, keep down, ex-cite, re strained, strook dumb, take the sting out of, de-sign, work out a deal, take load mind, take load one's mind, quiets fears, doing trick, feels home, ex-plained, got upper hand, re clines, re kindle, cleffing, de-base, holds it down, takes load off one's mind, hast compassion, making oneself at home, come to life, put out of misery, taking one time, put the lid on, re fines, holds tongue, makes uniform, re-leased, canst it, letting go, back-watering, re-press, re-fines, choked off, re posed, fills the bill, piping down, re-posed, downing, content, dis-solves, de-vitalized, in spires, in-spirits, aircooling, take load off one's mind, settling one's nerves, patching things up, hangs loose, re-pairing, merging in, sets type, up-lift, get together on, counter acts, in spirit, hush hushing, in activating, dis-guised, re-covering, control, un coils, put band aid, haddest mercy on, dis-entangles, unburdened, balmed, put top of the world, pave way, takes pity on, organize, psyching up, taking load ones chest, hold one's tongue, Umpiring, house-trained, unreels, keeps down, putting top of world, put zip in to, refine, note down, win over, hushes mouth, de-crease, post pones, taking load one chest, back-watered, spring up, put pen paper, de feat, Scotching, de base, come school, takes a break, de basing, was element of, take ten, winding down, revitalize, re-animating, revivify, take load ones mind, make a deal, re presses, dis entangle, felt with, retardate, loosen up, enheartened, air cooled, tuning down, puts bandaid, feeling at home, dis integrates, become tender, canned it, putting pen to paper, re solves, put on bandaid, eases off, dummy up, un bend, house-train, puts out of one misery, fudging together, timing, re-lapsing, opening the door, in-spires, Commoving, belongs to, tongue tying, showing mercy, de-creases, hushing one mouth, taking load off one chest, un-wrap, co-ordinate, smooth down, assuage, made home, put pen to paper, show mercy, took load off mind, hanged loose, pro-duces, untrouble, re establishes, nixed, worked out deal, put out of one's misery, letted upon, re lapsing, quieted fears, candy-coat, take sting out of, brought together, putting one's feet up, re lax, re vitalize, re conditions, un-tightens, de-vitalize, gets under control, come around, became tender, decreases the volume, make nice, sweeten, come to terms, working out a deal, attends to, couldst it, re-assured, un wrapped, put cloud nine, de-tains, made happy, give quarter, put on top the world, dis cover, am enough, patches things up, monkeying around with, fills bill, in activated, keep it down, re-freshes, up hold, doeth the trick, COMP, let upon, in-spirit, made merry, inactivated, ease up, puts rest, re-fresh, take load ones chest, counter-acting, tongue tie, up lifts, ex plains, dulcorated, re solve, were sorry for, decreasing the volume, settled one's nerves, re-established, Glozing, inter-ceded, pro-moting, coming to school, pro duce, unburdens, works out a deal, candy coat, re strain, puts out one misery, showed forgiveness, lets oneself go, in spiring, re duces, hold it down, un-twisting, de-signed, de-basing, are sympathetic, lose spirit, came to school, housebreaks, re-fuse, put on a bandaid, play to, hushhushed, slows down, stopped work, cleared the way, loses steam, wert element of, re animated, melt, sands, comfort, weaken, un-raveling, commove, lament with, re strains, puts out one's misery, taking it easy, under mined, settles ones nerves, overawed, tenderized, satisfy, candy coats, Enhearten, up-raising, toughening up, say nothing, pours oil on, letted sun shine in, breathe new life into, puts on cloud nine, de vitalizing, candycoated, iced, re fused, re-news, softening up, wert an element of, put bandaid, breathing easy, coming to terms, put out one's misery, re pose, re fine, putting top of the world, paved the way, in-activates, poetize, merges in, breathing new life into, were enough, kept down, de aden, up-holding, anesthetizes, make easier, re-lax, pro-mote, Negatived, makes happy, brings to, psyched up, making at home, hammering out a deal, broke spirit, come to school, take breather, un twist, settled nerves, up-lifts, Sanded, is sympathetic, being an element of, gives quarter, making the grade, de adens, loosens up, reins in, took load one mind, slicks, lay down, still, un-tighten, put out of ones misery, settles back, dis-integrates, commoves, dis-entangling, ex plain, lay back, un-ravelling, dis burdened, were made of, dis-integrated, tuned down, up-held, sugared, back watered, inactivates, takes the edge, de fused, un-winding, in-vents, re covering, hit the brakes, says nothing, ghostwritten, timed, playing to, Starching, Sleeking, lamented with, air-cooled, lose speed.