Pronunciation of Alike
/ɐlˈa͡ɪk/, /ɐlˈa‍ɪk/, /ɐ_l_ˈaɪ_k/

Antonyms for alike

a far cry from, most embodied, dis agreeing, Non-conforming, dis sonant, Contrariant, most merged, head strong, most contradistinct, paradoxical, cross bred, re verse, most omnifarious, inter-bred, mismatched, dis-ordered, more apart, opposite, in comparable, in fused, poles apart, dis ordered, in subordinate, head-strong, in commensurable, anti-thetic, several, more reverse, disparate, more crossbred, most anti, far cry, most assimilated, cross-bred, inter bred, un alike, obstinate, re-verse, most disunited, unconnected, more diverse, more unequivalent, more variform, in-dependent, in-discriminate, most contrariant, various, most differing, non-conformist, like night day, un common, diametric, most facing, wayward, most factional, diverse, un-equal, more unassociated, most dissentient, in commensurate, inaccurate, in-commensurate, extra ordinary, contrastive, anti, most recusant, offkey, dis-crete, another story, anti pathetic, dis harmonious, dis-sentient, dis sentient, more interbred, at variance, far cry from, most unassociated, crossbred, many sided, more amalgamated, like night and day, imprecise, un commoner, in-commensurable, mis mated, most diverging, more mingled, unalike, interdenominational, most amalgamated, inter-denominational, dis crete, Contradistinct, most another, most opposite, trans-fused, dis-agreeing, unrelated, most clashing, all manner of, trans fused, un equal, out of ordinary, heterogeneous, ex press, more blended, more factional, more contrasted, multitudinal, in tractable, more fused, most contrasted, separate, dis similar, more anti, more disunited, most unalike, unevenly, un-associated, most diversiform, more recusant, dis united, un conventional, most hybridized, more differing, most mismated, mixed, extra-ordinary, most apart, un even, more kneaded, most interdenominational, most multitudinal, march a different drummer, un typical, mis matched, more embodied, most crossed, most opposed, distinct, dis-harmonious, more facing, most contradistinctive, multi form, un-alike, most omniform, un-even, in-dividual, un-similar, recusant, most varietal, most incommensurable, more merged, in consonant, most contrastive, variable, Inconsonant, more mongrel, in dividual, more incommensurable, most disharmonious, varying, un liker, most brewed, Diversiform, more dissentient, more mismatched, more mismated, different, un-likest, inexact, more hybridized, un-liker, omnifarious, un likest, most unequivalent, differently, stubborn, un-usual, more contradistinct, in-subordinate, dissimilar, more disharmonious, most mongrel, most wrongheaded, most paradoxical, in discriminate, divergent, anthologized, more antithetic, unlike, in-compatible, most crossbred, dis-united, differential, most interbred, variform, most hybrid, march different drummer, Hybridized, mis-matched, more contradistinctive, most otherwise, un-equivalent, multi-form, anti-thetical, most inconsonant, mismated, more another, Omniform, un associated, most kneaded, most mismatched, more wrongheaded, in-tractable, more diversiform, incomparable, more clashing, most fused, not similar, in compatible, most variform, in-congruous, out ordinary, in dependent, most anthologized, un-conventional, incommensurable, un-related, more diverging, more contrastive, un usual, in-comparable, anti thetic, dis-similar, in-consonant, more compound, Dissimilarly, at odds, anti-pathetic, in congruous, interbred, un-commoner, march to different drummer, nonconformist, dis-sonant, most unsimilar, inter denominational, more otherwise, in-fused, non conformist, antithetic, un-common, march to a different drummer, most compound, disharmonious, more unsimilar, most blended, something else, more crossed, un equivalent, in consistent, more paradoxical, unequivalent, un commonest, most antithetic, noninterchangeable, ex-press, wrongheaded, un-natural, more inconsonant, un-typical, most mingled, more transfused, un related, Contradistinctive, unassociated, unequally, not alike, dissentient, most reverse, anti thetical, un-attached, most differential, unique, in-consistent, contrary, more unalike, more infused, more varietal, more differential, more brewed, more contrariant, Varietal, unsimilar, headstrong, un similar, nonequivalent, mis-mated.