Pronunciation of Allay
/ɐlˈe͡ɪ/, /ɐlˈe‍ɪ/, /ɐ_l_ˈeɪ/

Usage examples for allay

  1. Edward knew, kneeling there with his eyes shut, how Hazel's hair would flow sweetly over the pillow; how her warm arm would feel about his neck; how wildly sweet it would be, in some dark hour, to allay dream- fears and hush her to sleep. – Gone to Earth by Mary Webb
  2. One of the most important of these, if not, as we have suggested, absolutely the most important, the one that in all the many variations of therapeusis has maintained itself, is the personal influence of the physician by which he is able to soothe the patient's fears, allay his anxieties, make him face the situation calmly so that he may not use up any of his vital force in useless worry, but on the contrary employ all his available psychic energy in helping nature to overcome whatever disturbance there is within the organism. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh

Rhymes for allay

  • hay, shay, drey, lait, nay, fey, yay, weigh, wey, hey, brae, prey, hwe, pay, yea, wei, cray, graye, fay, fray, sta, klay, dey, nej, paye, gaye, k, ae, frey, de, j, bey, spray, ley, tae, mei, maye, gway, ney, mae, sleigh, saye, grey, che, jae, jay, way, tray, quay, faye, jaye, lay, tay, stray, kay, they, pei, ne, mey, stay, lei, shea, raye, whey, blay, bay, day, play, bray, vey, neigh, wy, flay, rae, ca, haye, gray, kaye, re, daye, wray, trey, cay, ay, sway, quai, brey, fe, may, ray, rey, khe, dae, sze, say, pray, waye, se, clay, slay, dray;
  • cathay, okay, replay, mccrea, oj, b-j, decay, beauvais, display, abbe, asay, renee, cliche, carre, millay, mckay, puree, crochet, filet, sergei, ole, astray, essay, macrae, mackay, ha, dossier, toupee, sorbet, convey, mcveigh, portray, today, delray, monet, cafe, repay, bombay, croquet, belay, moray, defray, fillet, chalet, delay, obey, beret, da, calais, buffet, prepay, away, orsay, array, dk, hervey, hooray, survey, dismay, souffle, gervais, rene, risque, ga, valet, ballet, jose, hurray, saute, parquet, olay, levey, betray, cache, ek, halfway, manet, bouquet, o'shea, purvey, nisei, soiree, nikkei, passe;
  • disobey, overplay, underplay, lyonnais, intraday, monterrey, faberge, chevrolet, cea, dak, cabernet, monterey, overstay, bua, underway, bouvier, fiance, perrier, piaget, ekk, uva, ita, bta, ira, attache, disarray, jna, aaa, cabaret;
  • noaa, foia, ceta, hiaa, asea, naivete, cabriolet, communique;
  • waga;