Pronunciation of And
/ˈand/, /ˈand/, /ˈa_n_d/

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Synonyms for And:

Sense 1

although, assuming, billionth, causal, common fraction, coordinating conjunction, correlative, eighth, eleventh, fifteenth, fiftieth, fortieth, fourteenth, fourth, fraction, fractional, hundredth, improper fraction, lcd, less, lest, nineteenth, ninetieth, ninth, proper fraction, seventeenth, seventh, seventieth, sixteenth, sixth, sixtieth, subordinating conjunction, tenth, thirteenth, thirtieth, thousandth, twelfth, twentieth, whence, whereat, wherefore, wherein, whereof, whereon, wheresoever, whereupon, Albeit, If, Nor, Unless, Whensoever, Whether, Whilst, Provided, Providing, IFF, CUZ, inasmuch as, insofar as, least common denominator, lowest common denominator, three-quarters.

Sense 2

common denominator, conjunction, fifth, let, or, third, Whereas.

Sense 3

half, like, minus, now, while.

Sense 5

oh, peak, power.

Sense 6


Sense 7

quarter, well.

Sense 10


eastern poison oak

part of speech.

Other synonyms and related words:

abstract, accord, accordingly, addition, agreement, alike, although, and so forth, annex, annexe, anyway, appropriate, ardent, area, as well, assuming, at the same time, attain, bag, band, bare, begin, billionth, boost, boot, borrow, brawny, bring, bring in, build, burly, but, causal, ceaseless, chaste, coincident, collect, come up to, command, completely, concord, concurrently, confines, conformity, congenial, congruous, conjunction, connect, connection, consonance, consonant, constitute, continual, continue, continuous, contract, cop, correlative, correspondence, country, crib, defraud, denominator, district, domain, draw, eighth, either, eleventh, else, embezzle, entirely, equally, excessively, extend, extort, extra, field, fifteenth, fifth, fiftieth, filch, fit, fix, follow, form, fourth, fraction, gentle, get, give, go, half, hand in hand, harmonic, harmonious, harmonise, harmony, hefty, herewith, hold, hook, however, hundredth, impart, into the bargain, item, join, just as, land, lcd, less, lest, let, lift, like, meet, merely, minus, more, muscular, musical, neither, nevertheless, nineteenth, ninetieth, nip, now, oh, overtake, palm, part, peace, peaceful, peak, perpetual, pilfer, pinch, place, placid, plus, poach, power, powerful, proceed, purloin, quiet, receive, region, ribbon, rustle, sash, scrounge, seventh, seventieth, shoplift, side by side, silent, simultaneous, simultaneously, sixteenth, size, snare, snitch, so, staid, steal, strapping, swindle, swipe, take, tenth, then, thereupon, therewith, thieve, thousandth, thusly, twentieth, twice, unite, unoriginal, well, whence, wherefore, wherein, wheresoever, while, win, withal, year, yet, zona, zone, Albeit, From, If, Nor, Of, Unless, Upon, Whereas, Whilst, With, Provided, Ande, over and above, in addition to, IFF, HIT, walk off with, snatch, cum, supposing that, participate in, added to, in company with, as a consequence, increased by, ok, for, on top of, on that account, above that, and also, attended by, au reste, inclusive conjunction, reach to.

additional (adjective)


also (adverb)

additionally, also, besides, further, furthermore, in addition, likewise, moreover, not to mention, too, Including, along with, as well as, together with, further-more.

also (adverb)

additionally, also, as well, besides, conjointly, further, furthermore, in addition, likewise, moreover, not to mention, to boot, too, withal, Including, over and above, along with, as well as, together with, in like manner, in conjunction with, more than that, on top of.

in addition to; plus (conjunction)

also, furthermore, moreover, Including, along with, as well as, together with, as a consequence.

Sense 1 (noun)

although, assuming, causal, conjunction, coordinating conjunction, correlative, plus, Albeit, Andor.

Sense 2 (noun)

less, let, minus, peak, power, IFF, divide/multiply by.

Sense 3 (noun)

like, now, oh, well, O.K., I'm sorry, you know.

Sense 4 (noun)

billionth, common denominator, common fraction, denominator, eighth, eleventh, fifteenth, fifth, fiftieth.

Usage examples for And:

  • And is this all? - "The Shadow of the Cathedral", Vicente Blasco Ibañez.
  • And what would you do then? - "The Worlds Greatest Books Vol. II: Fiction", Arthur Mee, J. A. Hammerton, Eds..
  • And you- you love the Count? - "Captain Dieppe", Anthony Hope.
  • How could you and me be kind? - "A Country Gentleman and his Family", Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant.
  • And what about him? - "The Settling of the Sage", Hal G. Evarts.

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