Pronunciation of Antagonist
/antˈaɡənˌɪst/, /antˈaɡənˌɪst/, /a_n_t_ˈa_ɡ_ə_n_ˌɪ_s_t/

Antonyms for antagonist

godparents, right-hand person, Co-operator, Pard, joiner, synergist, subscriber, pro-poser, giver, confederate, partner, ex pounders, counter-parts, friend, cobber, Expositor, ex-pounder, connection, de-fenders, collaborator, card-carrying member, succorer, pal, medalist, right hand manwomen, consociate, expositors, Co-ordinates, co worker, one the folks, co operators, wellwishers, seconders, friendly, inter-preter, co-conspirator, presenter, auxiliary, co mates, endorser, backer, one of the folk, henchman, de fender, cardcarrying members, re-serve, the greatest, help, right hand manwoman, endorsers, pards, standard-bearer, co ordinate, roomie, Bestower, up-holder, vanquishers, subordinate, myrmidon, Temps, hatchet manwoman, subsidizers, helper, conferrers, co-worker, compeer, protector, campaigners, co-conspirators, para sites, cardcarrying member, colleague, co-adjutants, bootlickers, co-ordinate, bosom buddy, benefactor, upholder, comates, partners, ancillas, coadjutor, hatchet man-women, right hand person, another adherent, coconspirators, coconspirator, protagonists, right-hand manwomen, bosom buddies, one folk, re-presentative, ex-pounders, co workers, lover, right hand man woman, standardbearer, running dogs, underwriter, hail-fellow, righthand manwoman, another adherents, the greatests, stakers, under writers, righthand persons, lieutenant, reliever, advertiser, advocate, vindicators, comate, top dog, supporter, card-carrying members, fellow workers, seconder, greatests, partisan, go between, mate, co conspirators, protagonist, cheerleader, crony, votarients, associate, co-mates, co-workers, advertisers, pro-posers, fairy godparents, counter part, financer, numero uno, standard bearers, top dogs, well-wishers, in sider, bedmates, lead character, co ordinates, grubstaker, classmates, pleaders, lead characters, patron, hatchet man-woman, fellow worker, well-wisher, medalists, card carrying member, right-hand persons, joiners, running dog, co adjutants, sympathizer, coworkers, counter parts, almsgiver, upholders, exponent, co adjutant, attendant, fellow travellers, amigo, good buddy, bestowers, Bedmate, consort, in-sider, titleholders, adherent, insider, inter preter, familiars, co-operators, co mate, votarient, para-sites, re-serves, up holder, sub ordinates, para site, co-adjutant, yes person, cohort, standard bearer, sub scriber, sub-ordinate, up-holders, sub scribers, cooperators, vanquisher, hatchet man woman, Clubber, paraprofessionals, concomitants, re presentative, Wellwisher, ex pounder, confrere, titleholder, confreres, follower, proposer, sub-scriber, one the folk, sustainer, kissing cousin, hanger on, assistant, encouragers, ally, altruist, one of the folks, sponsor, insiders, para-professional, right hand people, proponent, under-writers, classmate, de-fender, ancilla, right hand persons, standardbearers, well wishers, domestics, disciple, fairy godparent, pleader, rooters, co conspirator, team players, sub ordinate, Rooter, good buddies, proposers, Encourager, consociates, para-site, para professionals, hail-fellow-well-met, almsgivers, pro poser, standard-bearers, subsidizer, Conferrer, staker, hatchet man women, card carrying members, pro posers, Coworker, kissing cousins, presenters, clubbers, sub-ordinates, right-hand manwoman, yesperson, hatchet manwomen, paraprofessional, altruists, devotee, shills, Co-mate, roomies, under writer, cobbers, co operator, campaigner, Expounder, one folks, cooperator, myrmidons, well wisher, workmate, champion, central character, abettor, workmates, companion, righthand people, cuzzes, right-hand people, one of folks, temporary workers, CUZ, sustainers, hearty, under-writer, donor, bootlicker, de fenders, financers, up holders, one of folk, accessory, temporary worker, numero unos, grantor, righthand manwomen, right-hand man-woman, grubstakers, central characters, mercenary, counter-part, Subsidiaries, expounders, re serve.