Pronunciation of Antipathy
/antˈɪpəθˌɪ/, /antˈɪpəθˌɪ/, /a_n_t_ˈɪ_p_ə_θ_ˌɪ/

Antonyms for antipathy:

headset, appreciation, hearts flowerses, over emotionalisms, be-longing, taste, in constancies, dotings, pre-conception, Propensities, understanding, headsets, knowing way around, liablenesses, big eyes, favorite, faculty, cordiality, hearts flowers, felicity, predilection, esteem, friendliness, relish, one sidedness, emotings, honey, pre conception, sweetheart, amity, kindness, fondness, regard, weakness, neighborliness, agreement, be longing, cup tea, rapport, over emotionalism, preference, enjoyment, prurience, frame mind, inconstancy, like, overemotionalisms, be-longings, be longings, liking, softheartedness, Palates, overemotionalism, amores, predisposition, admiration, in-stabilities, sentiment, illiberality, in-tolerances, good will, illiberalities, darling, pre conceptions, invalidity, sapidities, joy, treasure, mind trips, low spirit, chink armor, tendency, bent, romanticism, re-gard, zeal, inconstancies, lovings, dis-positions, Gluttonies, in decision, affinity, tendentiousness, respect, chink in armor, high spirits, meeting, delight, belonging, pre dispositions, what take, partisanship, sore point, way of thinking, desire, over-emotionalism, proclivity, in-stability, friendship, in-constancies, Amore, in-decision, affection, in stability, kindliness, pre disposition, dear, faintness, bias, dis position, in constancy, narrowmindednesses, knowing way arounds, softheartednesses, propensity, de-sires, approval, de sire, honor, big eye, head-set, enjoyings, pre-possessions, in-tolerance, mind set, invalidities, aptitude, in validity, pre possessions, in decisions, narrowmindedness, hospitality, velleity, un connected, beloved, pleasure, what it takes, pre-disposition, de-sire, pruriency, amicability, comity, under-standing, proneness, vitiation, in-decisions, druthers, what takes, under standing, warmth, in-choate, high spiritses, lustfulness, inclination, mood, low spirits, head sets, sympathy, under standings, un-fairnesses, hearts and flowers, passion, re gards, de sires, empathy, drutherses, sapidity, in coherent, un-fairness, weakness fors, attraction, tender feelings, gluttony, thing for, un fairnesses, romanticisms, loving, Liableness, hearts and flowerses, under-standings, salacity, in-validities, dis positions, dis-position, emotionalisms, vitiations, penchant, love, civility, prepossession, amiability, in-constancy, what it take, congeniality, faintnesses, thing fors, weakness for, head-sets.

Usage examples for antipathy:

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