Pronunciation of Antiquated
/ˈantɪkwˌe͡ɪtɪd/, /ˈantɪkwˌe‍ɪtɪd/, /ˈa_n_t_ɪ_k_w_ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for antiquated

more contempo, un skilled, dewy, all rage, remodeled, employed, pre-sent, on front burner, up to the minute, newfangled, un-skilled, operational, pre-vailing, functional, renewed, swank, modish, stylish, in circulation, common knowledge, well-liked, presentday, up-to-date, Newfashioned, operating, young, dewier, most trendsetting, most leading-edge, brand new, un spoiled, most cutting-edge, present-day, all the rage, faddest, un tried, in the mainstream, in thing, untrodden, a gogo, new-fashioned, more neoteric, more new fashioned, un trained, trendsetting, most newfashioned, most in thing, un-trieder, un likest, in news, more in thing, un contaminated, in the news, uncontaminated, un touched, most cutting edge, alive, un seasoned, most wellliked, modern, Latterday, wellliked, with-it, un-likest, most with it, pre vailing, twenty-first century, most today, busy, more in-thing, current, in progress, nowest, brandnew, latter day, upscale, fadder, un-accustomed, un-trodden, most novel, a go-go, un usual, doinger, dis-similar, un liker, workable, un-familiar, more well-liked, more with it, instant, recent, in-experienced, twentyfirst century, most upscale, un-tried, most new-fashioned, most leading edge, modernized, most inthing, more uncontaminated, more well liked, more today, faddiest, more cuttingedge, most withit, most neoteric, re cent, more leadingedge, more withit, un familiar, doingest, faddy, most untrodden, un-usual, more cutting-edge, faddier, today, leadingedge, dewiest, forward-looking, more prevalent, trig, un-trained, up to date, withit, un-seasoned, most well liked, red hot, spick and span, refurbished, re-cent, more leading-edge, most uncontaminated, most with-it, co incident, up-to-the-minute, up to minute, in-thing, flyest, un known, ultra modern, co-incident, more with-it, nower, pre sent, more modernized, in experienced, more trendsetting, in, un-touched, up minute, up the minute, more leading edge, un-contaminated, un triedest, avant garde, in use, new fashioned, inthing, more newfashioned, cuttingedge, well liked, un-spoiled, un-known, twenty first century, operable, most cuttingedge, un-triedest, operative, cutting-edge, un-used, in mainstream, present day, contempo, most contempo, more untrodden, immature, ultra-modern, fashionable, leading-edge, Neoteric, dis similar, more inthing, most in-thing, more cutting edge, functioning, going around, most leadingedge, un trieder, a go go, active, in style, un accustomed, fresh, most modernized, new, un trodden, avantgarde, just out, prevailing, more new-fashioned, most new fashioned, up-scale.