Pronunciation of Any
/ˈɛnɪ/, /ˈɛnɪ/, /ˈɛ_n_ɪ/

Antonyms for any:

all, neither, no..

Usage examples for any:

  • Any one would understand that, he was sure. - "The White Sister", F. Marion Crawford.
  • I do not want any help from you! - "Innocent Her Fancy and His Fact", Marie Corelli.

Idioms for any:

Quotes for any:

Rhymes for any:

  • kenny, glenny, gwennie, leonie, rennie, glennie, jennie, jenni, yevgeny, jenny, lennie, plenty, twenty, many, veney, jenney, lenny, penny, henie, penney, tenny, renny, kenney, pennie;
  • benny, bennie, dennie, denney, denny, beni;
  • antennae;

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