Pronunciation of Apathetic
/ˌapɐθˈɛtɪk/, /ˌapɐθˈɛtɪk/, /ˌa_p_ɐ_θ_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for apathetic

full energy, warm-blooded, more lovesome, welldisposed, most ultraist, bushytailed, most single-hearted, more invigorated, carnivalesque, most igneous, most yearning, most caring, devout, most long haired, wild-eyed, loving, more corybantic, trans ported, over board, most smooth spoken, earnest, hard-driving, brutish, zipped up, well turned-out, full of pep, punchest, most extremist, most quickened, effusive, un qualified, more rocking, most coruscant, Agitable, more enkindled, eager, more consenting, keenwitted, in tense, vigorous, full of energy, most entranced, hard driving, gogetting, passionate, evangelistic, most proselytizing, full pep, overemotional, most deep-felt, fonder, out-pouring, most lowpressure, more antic, dressed kill, most easymoving, pro-found, most up, more gung ho, keeping the faith, gotta have, most take over, lovey-dovey, on the button, most admiring, gushing, most alight, hyper active, vibrant, on up, most undistorted, up hill, Fairylike, most back slapping, most gladhandering, more easymoving, more brighteyed, in a fit, get up and go, gladsome, most wild eyed, more bushytailed, most trustful, sentimental, un controllable, loveydovey, athrill, more windbag, reactive, full zip, attentive, flyest, ex citable, most longhaired, more monomaniacal, in-tenser, more attracted, pro-nest, more activating, in formal, Rocking, be-setting, most deepfelt, most subsisting, most anticipating, more low-pressure, most highpressure, mindful, most scintillant, most redblooded, more backslapping, rarin' go, able bodied, most overemotional, most unwearying, zippy, most witting, un wearying, re-liable, staunch, more gamesome, more bugged, hotblooded, true to the end, laid back, sprightly, most keen witted, tickled to death, Corybantic, in a tizzy, glad handering, quick the trigger, gung-ho, sparkling, most tantalized, quicktempered, in tent, bushy-tailed, soulful, most gladsome, more smoking, dis posed, more high pressure, hypedup, hot trot, in process, back-slapping, in accord with, un controlled, highprincipled, most filling, most smouldering, most wild-eyed, most keen-witted, most stirred, re eking, warm hearted, more witting, most selfstarting, more hyped-up, more jesting, silvertongued, un wearied, most festal, gingery, go go, more entranced, Conversible, most white hot, most take-charge, more roused, irrepressible, aflame, shooting from the hip, more electrifying, Toilful, quick on trigger, energetic, most hypedup, most overboard, high on, more ignited, more bushy tailed, de finite, heartiest, red-blooded, self starting, more bright-eyed, pro-vocative, hyper-active, more gogo, re stored, more coltish, wild eyed, more convulsive, more red blooded, goodnatured, more rosycheeked, safe sound, concerned, hard working, hectic, re-liablest, heartfelt, flying high, up for, rabid, more constraining, in to, in spired, more stirred, more bouncing, un-feigned, most bushy tailed, more well expressed, more high-principled, most zestful, more brutish, more fuming, sprighter, more blustering, most free-flowing, witting, on the and up, in tolerant, eyecatching, most all-consuming, more go go, un-afraid, most seething, fervent, more obsessive, in good shape, most warmblooded, most interested, more into, most prankish, more storming, keeping faith, ex-cited, zestful, most kindled, in temperate, more eggheaded, more up, in pink, mad-dog, heedful, over emotional, pre disposed, most gung-ho, un asked, head-strong, heated, more deepfelt, most reassured, more energy consuming, in favor, more emboldened, rosy cheeked, most athrill, most heart-and-soul, rarin' to go, high spirited, bold, deepfelt, most enlivened, true to end, more glad handering, white-hot, in succession, tumultoustumultuous, full life, yearning, truehearted, in job, in-corrigible, all-consuming, ex cited, easy moving, more forward looking, deep felt, un bidden, hyped-up, compulsive, doting, more gogetting, over-joyed, more heart-and-soul, more mantling, de-voted, most mad dog, perfervid, most fanatic, more self starting, un ceasing, feeling one's oats, more craving, starryeyed, willing, more alight, most welldisposed, more enraptured, most consenting, most easy going, ex-citable, more enlivened, self-starting, most single hearted, full beans, more trustful, mono maniacal, hyped up, out pouring, forward-looking, most singlehearted, most executing, living, most oxidizing, evangelical, un broken, elvish, in action, free flowing, more takeover, most forward looking, right minded, most maddog, most steamed-up, mono-maniacal, most demoniac, most gogetter, in fit, frothy, carried away, searching, bright eyed, aggressive, responsive, more gogetter, fiery, more take over, more smooth spoken, more single-hearted, likeminded, more wildeyed, Enticed, more go-getting, un affected, well turnedout, most attached, more aroused, more fireball, more caring, most gingery, most invigorated, most gogetting, in-censed, hot bothered, more takecharge, head long, most hyped up, most high-pressure, most freeflowing, on up up, on and up, trustful, go after, Ultraist, de-ranged, play hard ball, more low pressure, more hankering, most hot headed, un distorted, most bushytailed, de-finite, wideawake, more high principled, more warmblooded, over-wrought, most take charge, sprightest, true, more go-go, most rocking, full of zip, most ruffled, more elvish, zesty, more single hearted, more flaring, in-sane, most brighteyed, most fuming, over whelming, most allconsuming, eggheaded, more filling, in-spiring, most steamed up, spunky, in-saner, most hard driving, hot-blooded, more whitehot, quick trigger, most pining, like minded, more gung-ho, most lovey dovey, more warm hearted, chirpier, most energy consuming, un-wearied, more welldisposed, in the mood, shooting from hip, more ultraist, buoyant, un-forced, most energy-consuming, Valuing, most roused, easymoving, most high pressure, most hyper, more hard driving, most bucked, fanatical, dis concerted, interested, most whitehot, steamedup, more gungho, more keen-witted, un hesitating, mushy, wild about, get up go, keen, most gungho, most wellexpressed, more attached, rosycheeked, eat sleep breathe, deep-felt, live, conscientious, in good spirits, twinkle toes, more oxidizing, get and go, more take charge, brighteyed, Spright, on the move, un bridled, more conversible, in gear, most glistering, eye catching, most conversible, on make, more tingling, euphoric, most activating, pro-fuse, silver tongued, peppy, fierce, on the job, more red-blooded, bullish, most go-getting, skuller, in operation, more feeling, festive, over flowing, most electrifying, in-tensest, most wildeyed, more go-getter, un-controllable, well-expressed, most heart and soul, re solute, more back-slapping, more easy going, more toilful, histrionic, forcible, breezy, aper, most appetent, highspirited, more discomposed, on case, most heart to heart, tireless, prompt, narrow minded, dynamic, inquiring, more warm-hearted, wide awake, unwearying, most hard working, coming strong, most hard-driving, more wild-eyed, prickling, un-bridled, most ticking, most unbidden, Warm-hearted, re liabler, goahead, re-assured, tigerish, high-spirited, ball of fire, easy-going, more venerating, on the case, enthusiastic, chirpy, more scintillant, glistering, pro founder, panic stricken, quick the draw, more executing, warmblooded, quick draw, most assertory, more high-pressure, zappy, more tantalized, gogetter, more loveydovey, re assured, more buzzing, dressed to kill, un-broken, smart, pro fuse, more in to, low pressure, in tizzy, more astir, un-distorted, grinder, smooth spoken, most corybantic, exuberant, singleminded, gone on, most ignited, more ruffled, more genius, in fine feather, more besetting, maudlin, more white-hot, un-controlled, in satiable, on dot, more ravished, more persisting, most lovey-dovey, out-spoken, bound up, take charge, more take-charge, red blooded, more hypedup, more admiring, in-spired, psyched up, un-qualified, steadfast, most flashing, most awakened, most enticed, most free flowing, most red blooded, most hyped-up, take over, pro vocative, more redblooded, most heart-to-heart, most lured, more wellexpressed, goody goody, more forwardlooking, more adoring, burning, un-wearying, most antic, energy-consuming, free easy, zappiest, more easy moving, more quickened, de-liberate, good natured, energyconsuming, tongue in cheek, most blustering, more valuing, more kindled, most emboldened, Assertory, most fairylike, most enkindled, more self-starting, most unbroken, more revering, Mantling, ex citing, most valuing, de lighted, more athrill, demoniac, more lovey-dovey, overheated, most coltish, pre-pared, most glad-handering, most eggheaded, gungho, more selfstarting, highpowered, panicstricken, un impaired, more well disposed, most harddriving, quick on draw, smooth-spoken, in high spirits, most craving, high-principled, hot tempered, most easy-moving, most go getter, turnedon, go-go, bubbly, more wild eyed, more steamroller, un forced, most steamedup, more go getting, more appetent, heart and soul, most brutish, un-hesitating, more well-disposed, more fervent, more fanatic, un-tamed, more carnivalesque, thirsty, pro found, ecstatic, rosecolored, on go, most go-getter, most elvish, hot to trot, most bouncing, more agitable, rose colored, red hot, more steamed-up, more highpressure, more evangelistic, zealous, most obsessive, more gingery, zingiest, puncher, pre pared, more fairylike, more cracking, play for keeps, potent, un afraid, sunny side up, more glad-handering, in mood, on the make, at ease, most windbag, hot for, more powerhouse, re-liabler, trueblue, most gung ho, quick witted, true end, most euphoric, more revealing, un-flinching, all jaw, hard-working, in spirited, eat sleep and breathe, feeling one oats, more bucked, most mad-dog, singlehearted, more laboring, more heart-to-heart, bushy tailed, more smooth-spoken, most titillated, de siring, more zestful, most worshiping, more bright eyed, game, most high-principled, kinetic, in tenser, most go getting, more liking, in-tense, most backslapping, ready, lovey dovey, most into, more enticed, spirited, whizest, most hot-headed, in full swing, zestiest, lovesome, ebullient, dis composed, in-satiable, forceful, lively, hottempered, ablebodied, pre-disposed, most white-hot, caring, more grooving, most hankering, REDHOT, in fine fettle, highpressure, big mouthed, goody two shoes, forwardlooking, rightminded, un flinching, most aflame, most take-over, most inspirited, in-spirited, ball fire, more prankish, out spoken, most warm hearted, most go-go, in fashion, given over to, most cracking, convivial, rarin to go, feeling oats, clubbier, ardent, most lovesome, most powerhouse, aware, more long-haired, heart-to-heart, re sourceful, pro-founder, in-flamed, most holiday, fellest, strenuous, Hot-headed, most red-blooded, well expressed, goodhumored, more free flowing, unbidden, undistorted, more lured, up beat, more extremist, dis-concerted, sensitive, zappier, behind one, more pining, wildeyed, more gladsome, most hard-working, most tingling, most smoking, flaming, more gladhandering, high-pressure, rosy-cheeked, most reeking, coruscant, de ranged, more howling, more back slapping, vehement, more overemotional, in the pink, in censed, zingy, most takeover, most piqued, dis-composed, most truehearted, igneous, most buzzing, smoking, whitehot, most unnerved, tough going, most bright eyed, clubbiest, most constraining, devoted, prankish, de voted, on button, more adherent, flippest, most well-disposed, more bushy-tailed, Single-hearted, more all-consuming, most well disposed, scintillant, most outpouring, more unnerved, in-temperate, more lovey dovey, dramatic, quick on the trigger, more igneous, well turned out, more ticking, most energyconsuming, most in to, more swashbuckling, in sane, more unbidden, most steamroller, more maddog, in corrigible, more hot headed, coming on strong, un feigned, coltish, over-flowing, more keenwitted, more longhaired, most back-slapping, Keen-witted, single minded, powerhouse, old faithful, true the end, emotional, go-getting, un-reserved, more heart and soul, in a job, smouldering, de-lighted, more singlehearted, more mad-dog, un-bidden, un-swerving, ready and willing, warmhearted, un tiring, overboard, in spiring, most deep felt, un-flagging, most adoring, glowing, over joyed, most gogo, smoothspoken, on the go, more developing, go getting, allconsuming, most prickling, tumultous-tumultuous, no lie, safe and sound, impassioned, high pressure, easy going, flipper, hearty, single hearted, low-pressure, all shook up, more hard-driving, dis-posed, in-formal, un-restrained, clubby, agile, most evangelistic, zestier, looking forward to, re-stored, more awakened, most enraptured, most forwardlooking, more bustling, in sanest, magnetic, quickwitted, most smoothspoken, all consuming, steamed up, full of spirit, compassionate, more deep felt, un-tiring, more piqued, grooving, up-hill, most flaring, backslapping, more carnival, Passional, rarin go, most fireball, most besetting, more cursive, hopped up, takecharge, on the dot, dedicated, more harddriving, full of life, most self-starting, more titillated, more inspirited, more hot-headed, tempestuous, un-asked, most rosy-cheeked, apest, over-whelming, more tigerish, feeling ones oats, most storming, un swerving, tickled death, more easy-going, tearjerking, more anticipating, un nerved, more go getter, long haired, fireball, more prickling, most flipped, starry eyed, more around, un-settled, white hot, most revering, eloquent, on the up, convulsive, fervid, in flamed, selfstarting, freeflowing, in force, dashing, keyed up, most highprincipled, mad dog, back slapping, on up and up, more steamed up, steamed-up, most aroused, go along with, glad-handering, full spirit, most all consuming, most toilful, on the up up, well-disposed, more hyper, most ravished, demonstrative, most astir, redblooded, on move, ready willing, more allconsuming, long-haired, smart alecky, warm, most carnival, up-beat, more coruscant, heart-and-soul, more overboard, more unbroken, more eager, dying to, free-flowing, over-emotional, sympathetic, more bullish, re liablest, more deep-felt, more lowpressure, most takecharge, most tigerish, on track, cheerful, most swashbuckling, most fervid, keen witted, hot blooded, Perseverant, in use, un settled, most around, un constrained, hot headed, swashbuckling, de liberate, excited, more white hot, more heart to heart, melodramatic, un tamed, more reeking, un-impaired, most self starting, most monomaniacal, more interested, most carnivalesque, more hyped up, most revealing, more energyconsuming, quick on the draw, skullest, most howling, in seventh heaven, more all consuming, mawkish, de-siring, squally, more proceeding, more yearning, most convulsive, most bugged, most laboring, hopeful, more euphoric, fond of, most bright-eyed, most attracted, cursive, re-solute, physically fit, in candescent, chirpiest, strong as ox, well disposed, head-long, active, bright-eyed, in saner, most loveydovey, GOGO, in flames, more hard-working, working, most easy moving, stuck on, be setting, most well expressed, more forward-looking, most go go, more undistorted, whizer, most low-pressure, re-eking, blazing, easy-moving, more well-expressed, most rosycheeked, most cursive, most adherent, tumultous tumultuous, harddriving, more perseverant, un interrupted, most bustling.