Pronunciation of Approving
/ɐpɹˈuːvɪŋ/, /ɐpɹˈuːvɪŋ/, /ɐ_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for approving:

un juster, unapproachable, most hunky dory, differential, dis-inclined, frorest, un-friendlier, more hunky dory, un-friendliest, defamatory, more counterproductive, more unexcited, more air-conditioned, most differential, adverse, Coldish, un justest, in disposed, un-communicative, un-excited, most hawkish, more coldish, caviling, most unwelcoming, most denigrating, anti-thetical, censorious, loath, most hunkydory, more unwelcoming, with-drawn, uninterested, pre judicial, more hawkish, frorer, more maligning, un-just, un-enthusiastic, re served, most unexcited, un agitated, hunky dory, counterproductive, in solent, de tractive, un-responsive, dis-criminatory, solitary, most opposite, in curious, de-liberate, un welcoming, de liberate, un enthusiastic, more differential, most procacious, un sociable, hawkish, more uneager, more hunkydory, dis-passionate, de rogatory, captious, re-served, unexcited, unenthusiastic, more reverse, most counterproductive, offhand, overcritical, re verse, most maligning, un excited, more facing, un communicative, most refrigerated, unwelcoming, in-disposed, most gelid, most reverse, counter-productive, anti thetical, un-juster, more refrigerated, most hunky-dory, un-eager, critical, dis advantageous, more vilifying, more airconditioned, most unagitated, most vilifying, selfcontrolled, un interested, un emotional, de-tractive, un responsive, more nipping, un flappable, more chilled, in-different, un-sociable, self controlled, un willing, un favorable, more denigrating, un approachable, dis criminatory, hunky-dory, most detracting, counter productive, re-verse, prejudicial, faultfinding, pre-judicial, air-conditioned, unfavourable, un ruffled, un friendlier, un just, most traducing, un-emotional, frore, un friendliest, with drawn, in-curious, algid, un-favorable, more unagitated, more traducing, inappreciative, air conditioned, disapproving, most facing, hypercritical, un-ruffled, in different, airconditioned, un-interested, opprobrious, most nipping, Procacious, un-justest, unagitated, un friendly, most uneager, selfpossessed, coolheaded, most chilled, more detracting, carping, un-friendly, dis inclined, more procacious, cool, un-welcoming, unappreciative, most coldish, un eager, unflattering, dis-advantageous, uneager, un-willing, dis passionate, de-rogatory, more air conditioned, most algid, un-approachable, more gelid, belittling, in-solent.

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