Pronunciation of Arm
/ˈɑːm/, /ˈɑːm/, /ˈɑː_m/

Antonyms for arm

Unfurnish, dis-qualified, in capacitating, co-axed, deescalate, de escalate, dis arming, sets at ease, deescalated, de-militarized, division, demilitarizing, de mobilize, dis qualified, de militarize, de mobilizing, de escalates, demilitarizes, unclothe, incompetence, body, in validating, de-activating, dis qualifying, forget, un-arming, de mobilizes, set ease, in-capacitate, unarming, de militarizing, de-mobilize, dis arms, dis-band, de-activates, dis-arming, de mobilized, sub due, de activating, un arms, be-witching, de escalating, de-mobilized, demilitarized, be-witches, demilitarise, sets ease, in-validate, in capacitate, de-escalating, dis armed, co axing, dis-qualifying, dis banding, dis qualifies, sub dues, occupy, in validates, discourage, unarms, in-capacitating, setting at ease, weakness, dis band, de-militarizes, be witches, unarm, dissuade, win over, sub-dues, whole, hurt, in-validates, dis bands, dis-qualify, in-validating, de escalated, de-escalates, in-validated, demilitarize, sub-due, de-mobilizes, de-activated, dis-banding, in capacitates, de activates, in capacitated, sub jugate, be-witch, neglect, de-mobilizing, be witched, in validate, co-axing, injure, deescalates, pacifies, be witching, in-capacitated, disarm, dis-banded, co axed, setting ease, keep, sub-jugate, in validated, de militarized, deescalating, dis-arms, dis banded, dis qualify, de-activate, un-arms, in-capacitates, main, de-escalate, be witch, dis-qualifies, de-escalated, weaken, un arming, dis-bands, de activated, de activate, take, dis-armed, be-witched, un-armed, de-militarize, de-militarizing, de militarizes.