Pronunciation of Arrange
/ɐɹˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒ/, /ɐɹˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒ/, /ɐ_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n_dʒ/

Antonyms for arrange

dis torts, nose-dives, rumple, dis quieting, inter-fere, under-mining, demoralize, counter-checked, dis-engage, inter-fusing, de range, did pratfall, counter-acted, over throws, over throw, getting out of order, de-ranged, dis integrate, de-ranges, took in all directions, quash, be-sprinkling, dis countenancing, dis-associated, be smirching, be-fouled, xouted, dost pratfall, dis assembled, inter-mingling, unmanning, knocks down, re pealed, dis placed, brake down, re placing, re-placed, de-faces, dis-orienting, dis-orients, blows out, unfixed, rummage, bedlamizing, gotten out of order, be-fuddled, measures out, taking header, fuddle, took apart, casting forth, burnt up, washing out, dis articulate, doeth a pratfall, inter mingle, taking in directions, gat out of order, de stroyed, stamped across, drive mad, disarticulated, dis-appear, turned topsy-turvy, ex asperating, dis-tresses, goes back on ones word, declares invalid, drives mad, dis-placing, de facing, in-commodes, bowl down, un-man, ungluing, knocking down, didst a pratfall, digs out, breaking down, dis orienting, out rages, inter mingling, dis bands, beat bushes, hanging up, puts an end to, dis unites, gave trouble, dis-order, upsetting the apple cart, in commodes, be deviled, putting in spot, be wildered, inter mix, bowling down, dis-compose, dis-organizing, dis engaging, dis mantles, took off all directions, de-scends, dis organizing, dis courages, mis lays, dis-locate, breaks down, take in directions, scratches out, rattled one cage, finish off, rendering null and void, de stroy, holed, un settling, dis cards, dis-comfit, knocking over, dis-tempering, making waves, un settles, counter acting, tumble, leaved no stone unturned, counter checked, dis-missed, bobbled, torpedoing, blew out, puts the spot, rendered invalid, Interfuse, knock down, unmanned, open can of worms, ex cites, rattling one's cage, makes mess of, inter mixes, out-rage, un-manning, inter-weave, be smirches, call, downing, send up, de-mobilize, re-canting, crossed out, OFFS, dis, inter-mixed, dis-engaging, dis associate, hits the dirt, counter-acting, nose diving, de-face, went back one word, dis-hearten, dis-courage, un-tidy, take steam out, riffle, scatters, Counterchecked, rattles one cage, disorients, re-tract, fall headlong, Fuddling, going belly up, goofing up, mis takes, dis courage, dis-composed, de-moralizing, takes a header, make up for, dis united, dis quiet, gets out of order, hits dirt, takes steam out, dis-created, dis concerts, renders unintelligible, dis-integrates, re-pealing, under mining, dis-tempered, mis-lay, dis array, inter weaves, dis-places, interfused, dis-associates, break the deck, dost a pratfall, de-taches, dis-joining, dis-tressed, rendering inert, dis-obliging, render invalid, de-stroys, got out of order, upset the apple cart, scratched out, un hinged, dis-associate, de mobilizes, puts to trouble, puts out order, broke in to, falls headlong, dis lodge, rattle cage, inter fere, in-validated, gets out order, going back on ones word, goes belly up, de-stroying, digged out, doing a pratfall, counter poises, dis associating, dementing, dis articulating, dis-carding, dis-joined, leave no stone unturned, in-criminating, dis-integrate, put in spot, inter-related, dis joining, dis articulated, do pratfall, mis-laying, x-outed, Counterchecking, mucked, dis assemble, stirred up, dis-concert, un hinge, de mobilize, litter, made up for, un nerved, dis locate, dis-assembles, dis appear, putting a spot, be-wildered, gotten to, differ, putting trouble, un nerves, rattles cage, snafuing, declaring invalid, in criminating, dis-orient, in-folding, un coupled, re-place, goes back on one's word, dis located, make intricate, casts forth, wiped slate clean, dis-integrated, dis-obliged, counter acted, up-setting, did a pratfall, dis-arranged, dis locating, dis-commode, causing trouble, unglued, mis take, goofed up, dis ordered, dis-lodge, over-thrown, dis-jointed, derange, dis tempering, dis-solving, dis-array, dis tressed, making uneasy, doth pratfall, de moralize, made intricate, un-tidies, dis-courages, adds fuel fire, dis appeared, took in directions, dis comforts, de-tach, drove mad, muddy the waters, mussed up, dis-heartening, turn topsy turvy, chivy, nose dive, dis lodging, de stroys, de press, be-smirches, opening can worms, looking high and low, dis organized, in commode, dis-comforts, dis arraying, putting out of joint, re-pealed, de taches, took header, dis-locating, be foul, dis-quiets, dis-assembled, declare invalid, dis-unites, re-deems, stirring up, counter balance, un glued, re-canted, call off, counter-check, dis-comforting, un-coupled, dis-banded, made insane, turns upside down, gets to, de mobilized, interfere with, dis-engaged, dis-articulates, made tough, re peal, x outs, in-validating, disorder, doest pratfall, de moralizing, de-scend, dis orient, brake into, takes all directions, take off all directions, be-sprinkles, upset, rattle one cage, dig out, put an end to, muddied waters, counter-poises, inter-mix, changes order, hanged up, dis hearten, un coupling, muss, dis banding, dis-joints, knock over, un-coupling, Counterpoising, dis-concerted, Downs, dis creates, un-hinge, dis jointing, in-criminates, puts trouble, dis concert, turned topsyturvy, disarrayed, in-folded, re-dresses, dis unite, dis carded, mismanage, putting spot, dis-organizes, balanced out, un-hinged, un fixing, diffuses, takes header, dis-countenanced, mis-arranged, interrelate, took all directions, counter, put on spot, un doing, re-peals, mis laying, dis joined, Unglue, crossing out, dis-concerts, break in to, knocked down, disorienting, Chivied, un mans, inter-fuse, dissociate, dis heartens, mis-places, turn inside out, un-balanced, under-mined, change order, de-moralized, look high low, DAMPS, bollix, be fuddles, un-tidied, un-fix, dis tempered, dis composing, rattling cage, unsettle, un-zipping, drave mad, nosedived, be-sprinkle, displace, take directions, dis burses, setting aside, multi plying, shaking down, got to, dis-missing, upsets apple cart, dislocate, re-tracts, put out of joint, makes waves, un nerve, balances out, dis concerted, goofs up, going back on one word, wash out, rendering null void, inter mixed, makes for, de-stroyed, counter balancing, breaking deck, upsetting apple cart, dis-arrays, nosedove, dis-countenance, Squashing, dis quieted, taking in all directions, xouting, dis-arraying, making a mess of, mis taking, re moving, wiping slate clean, dis place, in validating, blots out, dis heartening, be-fouls, rend, make it tough, in criminates, embroiled, de-moralizes, dis tracts, dis lodged, untidied, dis arrange, be fuddled, sets apart, render null and void, dissed, re places, sent off, broke into, dis creating, un zips, unfit, un-fixt, goes back on word, adds fuel to fire, repeal, went back on word, made it tough, dis countenances, dis joint, dis-appearing, dis-carded, mess, Quashed, sent up, dis joints, dis-burse, measured out, dis-mantling, ex-asperates, rendered unintelligible, make waves, un-did, dis-articulating, dis-connecting, un hinging, de-moralize, dis charge, looked high and low, counter-balances, make for, disarrange, un-mans, re-moving, be smirched, dis tract, broke deck, dis mantling, dis solves, sends up, turns topsy turvy, turning inside out, go back on one's word, going back one word, dis-temper, breaks the deck, discreated, dis-charges, de-pressed, dis appearing, be sprinkled, inter-wove, be fouling, be wilders, dis-comforted, bobble, counter poising, shakes down, dis-charging, cause trouble, brake in to, interferes with, over throwing, discreate, renders null and void, de stroying, putting the spot, de-facing, makes up for, re pealing, rendered inert, putting out of order, dis orients, making it tough, confuse, counter check, gives a hard time, turns topsyturvy, disorganize, un settled, neglect, gat out order, dis-articulate, inter-feres, balancing out, be devils, psych out, take off in directions, ex-asperating, dis burse, ex-asperate, inter mixing, blotting out, putting out joint, in folds, psychs out, compensates for, measure out, incommode, disarticulates, mis took, dis-heartened, counter poised, putting out order, re deem, inter woven, turning topsy-turvy, dis-perse, put to trouble, besprinkles, dis-organize, ex citing, puts out joint, de-ranging, untidying, puts out of joint, scratching out, rendered null void, un manned, top pled, in validates, sending up, mis placed, fuddles, getting to, left no stone unturned, washed out, debate, breaking the deck, re-deeming, abort, loses footing, counter acts, dis-tract, breaking into, dis-solves, doth a pratfall, de moralizes, dis jointed, in criminate, Trashed, re-call, un-zips, dis arrays, un tidied, compensating for, disturb, be-smirch, compensate for, be-devilling, get to, does pratfall, Sank, takes off all directions, taking a header, be-devils, dis charging, destroy, inter-weaving, inconvenience, dis-comfort, inter weave, break up, de-mobilized, dis mantled, render unintelligible, inter fuse, takes off in all directions, be-fuddle, goof up, got out order, be wildering, takes off in directions, object, Damped, waver, oppose, look high and low, ex asperates, un done, dis-concerting, puts in a spot, opens can of worms, downed, dis obliging, brake deck, putting on spot, in-validates, interrelates, re dresses, dis-band, chivies, ex cited, un-balancing, compensated for, lost it, mis-take, goes back one word, measuring out, unmans, de presses, going back ones word, gives hard time, dis-tempers, put trouble, go back one word, mucks up, take off directions, mis-takes, ex-asperated, breaking in to, re peals, re calls, searching high heaven, dis-torts, dis commode, dis-united, burned up, dis-ordered, nose-dove, takes directions, bedlamizes, counter balanced, Dement, un fixes, inter weaved, dis assembles, take a header, inter-relating, de-mobilizes, dis-charge, dis-appeared, interfusing, in-validate, in-convenience, took off directions, mis taken, DISES, Damping, inter related, inter-mingles, dis solving, muddies the waters, makes insane, dis missing, dis arranging, torpedoed, dis countenanced, be fouled, burn up, taking apart, disarticulate, inter feres, made uneasy, scatter, dis arrayed, mis arrange, over-throw, break into, discreates, in validate, disperse, going back one's word, bedlamize, taking off all directions, puts on the spot, dis charges, de tach, putting to trouble, hesitate, searched high heaven, turning topsyturvy, counter checks, mis place, looking high low, taking off in all directions, mis arranges, un nerving, put out joint, turns inside out, counter-checking, gat to, go back ones word, tipping over, make tough, took off in directions, resist, puts end to, in-conveniences, puts in spot, hang up, broke the deck, opening can of worms, dis compose, turning upside down, bobbles, Messed, dis mantle, taking off directions, dis-composing, be fouls, dis associated, rattles ones cage, un did, dis places, blowing out, dis organizes, disorient, un settle, de-scended, de ranging, de ranges, take off in all directions, tipped over, dis created, put end to, in-criminate, takes in directions, de-scending, dis engages, un-nerve, dis-bands, dis-connected, makes tough, dis connect, Messing, go belly up, x-outs, go back on one word, un tidy, de-range, putting end to, psyching out, recall, dis-composes, making intricate, went back on ones word, un-settling, re-moves, multi-plied, inter-fused, drop, up-sets, falling headlong, offing, untidies, went back on one's word, dis arranged, muss up, dis-arrayed, dis missed, x outed, mis lay, go back one's word, made a mess of, dis join, blow out, rescind, dis-countenancing, bollixed, making for, puts on spot, out raged, xout, give hard time, bedlamized, diffused, mucked up, mis-place, be-deviling, multi-plying, dis composed, be deviling, re-calling, rattling ones cage, rattles one's cage, dis composes, knocks over, makes it tough, in validated, un-fixing, muddies waters, changed order, went back word, muck up, Unfix, gave a hard time, dis-commodes, re-calls, inter-mixing, un-fixes, mucking up, un-settle, stamp across, dispute, Littering, re moved, dis connecting, de-presses, opened can of worms, be-wildering, dis-articulated, counter-balance, dissing, un hinges, re tract, losing it, stir up, puts a spot, de mobilizing, finishing off, un-settled, turn topsyturvy, sends off, dis-join, over-throws, de face, out-raged, jumble, interfered with, dis-assemble, made mess of, stamps across, wipes slate clean, dis obliges, de-mobilizing, causes trouble, dis-comfits, snafued, dis-associating, be sprinkling, declared invalid, re-dress, dis comfit, goes back on one word, dis concerting, balance out, un zipping, renders inert, un glues, make uneasy, snarls up, tips over, hit the dirt, doing pratfall, un couples, re-dressing, un does, dis create, Distempered, be smirch, psyched out, un fixt, dis-solve, re dressing, besprinkle, dis-quieted, interfering with, be-smirching, un-glued, dis-connect, dis-unite, put on the spot, snarled up, un-glue, be devilled, dis perse, put spot, de pressed, be-wilders, giving trouble, put the spot, dis-mantle, dis organize, mis-placing, digging out, counter-poising, dis-joins, goes back word, up sets, setting apart, de-faced, Misarranging, be sprinkles, dis-heartens, nose-dive, in-folds, counter act, shout at, inter relate, mis arranging, Chivying, Muddy Waters, diffusing, making insane, inter-woven, un-couple, counter-poise, take all directions, upset apple cart, renders null void, re calling, muddying waters, Besprinkling, putting in a spot, dis carding, taking directions, shamble, be-sprinkled, took directions, un-does, shouting at, puts out of order, shuffle, loses it, re deemed, ex-cites, over-throwing, set apart, makes a mess of, dis-quiet, rattled one's cage, mucking, dis tresses, took off in all directions, un zip, going back word, be-devil, goes back ones word, disagree, Disarraying, dis placing, changing order, muddle, inter-weaved, dis heartened, didst pratfall, dis-joint, un-hinges, be devilling, dis integrated, inter relates, search high heaven, shouts at, open can worms, up set, mix up, Breaching, dis solved, in folding, breached, dis-mantles, dis-countenances, un-nerving, dis order, dis-appears, finishes off, re-move, dis-creating, dis quiets, torpedo, dis obliged, fuddled, dis oblige, dis-jointing, unglues, went back on one word, de scending, re-places, mis-arrange, make insane, under mined, Distempering, counter-poised, dis connects, take in all directions, un-doing, go back on word, be-devilled, snarling up, knocked over, dis-cards, in-fold, going back on one's word, de faces, dis uniting, re-deem, taking off in directions, un gluing, Misarranged, dis associates, Besprinkled, dis engaged, dis-uniting, ex asperate, re-dressed, up-set, be-deviled, leaves no stone unturned, opens can worms, blot out, dis-orders, dis-assembling, dis-tort, renders invalid, x-outing, counterchecks, un-settles, dis-oblige, crosses out, dis-creates, de scend, inter-relate, lose it, protest, giving hard time, be-wilder, re canting, dis comfort, up setting, un fixed, takes apart, burns up, counter-checks, going back on word, dis integrates, blotted out, dis comfits, changed the order, bobbling, de scended, bollixes, complicate, stirs up, dis locates, shook down, muddied the waters, dis card, expunge, dis-create, xouts, inter-mingled, dis lodges, Fracturing, break deck, be-smirched, be devil, cast forth, make a mess of, shake down, inter-relates, dis comforting, getting out order, over thrown, takes off directions, dis commodes, dis-mantled, dis-burses, cross out, dis-card, turned upside down, dis arranges, looks high and low, turned topsy turvy, embroil, dis charged, mis-took, Torpedoes, de-stroy, put in a spot, wipe slate clean, dis-tress, de ranged, bollixing, counter-balancing, de-press, de moralized, caused trouble, lose footing, driving mad, dis-tracts, dis-obliges, un manning, un-fixed, counter poise, un-hinging, upsets the apple cart, dis-connects, gives trouble, ex-cite, sets aside, dis oriented, dis-arranges, offed, sending off, dis-quieting, burning up, stamping across, dis-arranging, in conveniences, change the order, in-criminated, dis appears, un couple, broke down, ex cite, make mess of, re-peal, be-fuddles, mis-lays, goes back one's word, inter fuses, cancel, dis solve, dis-located, re place, dis-engages, dis tort, un-gluing, nose dives, re dress, dis-locates, dis orders, counter-act, re deeming, disarray, muddying the waters, un-zipped, rattle one's cage, dis-ordering, rattle ones cage, dis articulates, in fold, rendered null and void, un-balances, disrupt, countercheck, dis-placed, dis-organized, dis connected, breaks deck, dis-oriented, counter-balanced, dements, dis-lodging, puts spot, dis tempers, dis-integrating, repudiate, nose-diving, un tidying, inter-fuses, dis-lodges, re-called, inter-mixes, dis engage, hitting the dirt, revoke, counterpoised, un balances, fractured, dis-lodged, contest, out-rages, x outing, changing the order, take header, counter balances, de scends, out-raging, went back one's word, taking all directions, dis joins, be-fuddling, be wilder, go back word, brake the deck, mis-laid, de-pressing, went back ones word, un fix, dis temper, scratch out, re moves, dis comforted, mess up, losing footing, be fuddle, inter fused, be-fouling, disses, take apart, be fuddling, making mess of, squash, mis-taking, put out order, changes the order, dis integrating, re move, shouted at, ex-cited, dis band, leaving no stone unturned, dis banded, rattled cage, re placed, dis countenance, ruin, rendering invalid, unbalancing, makes intricate, dis-place, snarl up, takes in all directions, scuff, break down, dis-arrange, dis assembling, dis-charged, finished off, mis placing, dis-solved, taking steam out, bowls down, de pressing, nose dove, inter weaving, unfixes, inter relating, dis ordering, un balancing, washes out, inter-mingle, musses up, dis-banding, discreating, de faced, took a header, nosediving, disarticulating, dis tress, breaks in to, be sprinkle, mussing up, bowled down, be-foul, re tracts, give trouble, counter-acts, send off, breaks into, counter checking, go back on ones word.