Pronunciation of Arrest
/ɐ_ɹ_ˈɛ_s_t/, /ɐɹˈɛst/, /ɐɹˈɛst/

Antonyms for arrest:

bring about, liberate, push, assist, taking out of mothballs, promote, incubate, switch on, advance, continuation, re laxation, triggering, assistance, emancipation, un-constraints, nurture, called up, de-livery, encouragement, promotion, took out of mothballs, eject, sets in motion, release, beginning, catalyze, proceed, un-constraint, re leases, takes out mothballs, foster, re lease, actify, expedite, power choice, triggers, letting go, taking out mothballs, reject, liberation, make, re-leases, selfgovernment, nourish, de livery, set free, self government, accelerate, discharge, sets motion, stir, generate, moves, setting motion, power of choice, dismiss, switches on, actifies, quicken, calls up, in dependences, de-liveries, free, ex tension, turning on, re-laxations, help, loosen, bring, de liveries, take up, permit, setting in motion, misunderstand, impelled, allow, pro-traction, activate, repel, continuance, let go, effectuate, Self Determination, switched on, exonerate, call up, get on, unconstraint, persistence, fast track, further, ex-tension, pro tractions, re-laxation, takes out of mothballs, go along, enfranchisement, actuate, perpetuations, leisure, take out mothballs, prolongation, set in motion, ex-tensions, freedom, continue, take out of mothballs, in-dependences, bring on, touch off, in dependence, go, refusal, unconstraints, commencement, un constraints, switching on, set motion, re-lease, in-dependence, rise, induce, actified, took out mothballs, re laxations, prompt, pro-tractions, activation, start, cultivate, perpetuation, actifying, lose, pro traction, unfasten, liberty, get along, create, come, extension, aid, hasten, un constraint, trigger, beget, encourage, calling up, draw on.

Usage examples for arrest:

Idioms for arrest:

Quotes for arrest:

  • You can't arrest me, I'm a rockstar. – Sid Vicious

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