Pronunciation of Arrival
/ɐ_ɹ_ˈaɪ_v_əl/, /ɐɹˈa͡ɪvə͡l/, /ɐɹˈa‍ɪvə‍l/

Antonyms for arrival:

by passings, re-coils, going back ons, embarkation, re-leases, de-lay, farewell, dis placement, re vocations, evacuation, wearing aways, ex-tractions, doorways, leave, dis-avowing, hiding places, de relict, de-partings, bow outs, re leases, expiry, de-lays, nonparticipations, emigration, by passing, in things, fadings, walkout, new wrinkles, de lay, startoff, exodus, branching outs, startoffs, extrications, out-sets, ex-traction, branching offs, fadeouts, escape, in novations, going outs, re ceding, decampings, by-passing, re-establishment, dis-affections, duckings, Reestablishment, elusiveness, fading, egress, dis avowing, running starts, de parting, deflections, non participations, dis solutions, departure, fadeout, dis-engagement, de mises, dis-integration, ex tractions, conges, eschewals, awols, recedings, embarkations, de-materialization, re lease, first step, retreat, going away, de-fenses, doorway, uprootings, dis-affection, disappearing acts, new wrinkle, re-treats, decline and falls, de flections, dyings, de-flections, with-drawing, dis claimer, death, dis placements, egressions, taking leave, dis affection, after-lives, passage outs, re-cession, de camping, de-relicts, leavetaking, quittins, dis-claimers, de-mises, day ones, re-settlement, retirement, send-ups, dis avowals, de flection, setting-out, dematerializations, setting-outs, self restraint, egression, sendup, Adyta, disappearance, ceasing to exist, re coils, melting, leavetakings, elopement, re location, expiries, elopements, de-camping, jump off, de materializations, start-off, re vocation, dis integrations, in thing, sendups, re settlement, shirkings, setting out, de ceases, in novation, dodgings, withdrawings, extrication, decline fall, dis-placements, dis-appearance, OUTS, re-settlements, hiding place, re-call, after lives, elusivenesses, leave-takings, taking leaves, passing overs, offgoings, disavowals, settlings, conge, dis-solution, castoffs, jump offs, transplantings, re-vocation, out sets, departings, dis-claimer, de relicts, takeoff, setting forths, re cession, de-flection, ceasing exist, ex-termination, leave taking, flight, dis-avowals, ex terminations, out-breaks, trans-planting, ebbings, coverts, defectings, absention, hegiras, de mise, vanishing, escapism, re-cessions, send-up, turnings, withdrawal, taking offs, dis avowal, bypassings, dis-appearances, offgoing, disavowings, up-rooting, re treat, sailings, re-treat, de-ceases, dis-engagements, quittings, dis affections, start off, ex-patriation, safe place, running out ons, settingout, de lays, start offs, dis-placement, absentions, de-mise, exit, dis solution, dis-solutions, re settlements, going aways, jump-off, re-establishments, hegira, evaporation, re-coil, leave takings, day one, start-offs, mockings, de-parting, de partings, desertion, parting, disavowal, re-ceding, re cessions, de-cease, re-vocations, re scissions, ex patriations, dis-avowal, vanishing act, re-sorts, homesteading, out-break, decampment, dis engagements, runaround, dis appearance, with drawing, decline and fall, dematerialization, out break, upward flights, decline falls, quittin, exitings, disappearing act, first steps, re-pose, with-drawings, re-lease, ex-patriations, up rooting, send up, safe places, re treats, fadeaway, out set, eschewal, forsakings, going, in-novation, After-life, non-participations, re scission, dissolution, re-sort, dis engagement, leaving, eternal rest, setting outs, with drawings, by-passings, upward flight, de materialization, leave-taking, after life, sidesteppings, non participation, re coil, wanderings, re-locations, finis, resettlement, out breaks, re establishment, running out on, steering clear of, start, necrosises, dissipation, steering clear ofs, de-materializations, re pose, castoff, setting forth, ramblings, elusions, jump-offs, homesteadings, walkouts, meltings, re calls, dis claimers, finises, re-scissions, dis appearances, ex-terminations, wearing away, de-relict, re-scission, vanishing acts, escapisms, de cease, re-calls, elusion, passing, dis-integrations, re-location, deflection, dis integration, Adytum, de fenses.

Usage examples for arrival:

  • I would have gone on hoping this if I had not been interrupted by the arrival of McMeekin. - "Lalage's Lovers 1911", George A. Birmingham.
  • I was to meet the general upon my arrival. - "A Minstrel In France", Harry Lauder.

Idioms for arrival:

Rhymes for arrival:

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