Pronunciation of Ask
/ˈask/, /ˈask/, /ˈa_s_k/

Antonyms for ask

calling the signals, payed one dues, does duty, does one's duty, are equivalent, return, re-seat, rebated, de-tail, in forming, ex plaining, pay back, pre-scribes, dost one's duty, being equivalent, playing second fiddle, phonating, pre-sents, ordinated, re establish, bowed to, acts up on, in-tones, giving way, de fend, fore warned, giving verbal account, do as one says, de-livering, scratching one's back, re-coiled, repudiate, acting up on, be in keeping, left word, get line, re acted, re-inserts, call the tune, pick upon, lives by, backing you, dis-proved, phonate, takes reins, counter-claim, measure up, re-enters, has its place, re presenting, fields the question, acted response, letting know, enforce, did ones duty, spat out, lay open, doing what is told, was touch, pay dues, de-bar, talk back, Regimenting, doing one bidding, re coiled, re place, re-quired, inter-view, backed you, doth what is expected, re quiring, is comfortable, doing one duty, be equivalent, counter claim, gives report, live by, counter claims, being touch, made known, re-lated, opened mouth, laid down law, sounding out, de-scribed, give blow-by-blow, re dresses, making known, re veals, chime in, inter views, ex-plaining, picked up on, be stow, de-tailing, wises up, backs at you, re turn, Reentering, calls up on, ex pressing, re places, out line, make for, clue in, giving orders, de livered, took note, calling on, re strains, broke it to, re occurs, circle back, toss back, avoid, fixt price, cleaning up, opened up, doest what one is told, didst what is expected, Re-entering, doing as says, spits out, ex-pounded, back at you, Re-turn, articulate, de crees, call signals, counterclaims, scratched ones back, doeth ones duty, letting slip, takes charge, feel for, laid down the law, re paid, doest ones bidding, were apposite, was in keeping, are keeping, re-bounded, puts forth, was in touch with, dis charge, re visiting, rejoin, put back, be-fit, set, acting in response, re-counted, doest one duty, broke news, sends for, doeth one bidding, gotten touch, Mouthed, marks out, gat in line, does one duty, wert loyal to, adhered to, field question, respond, spit out, call up on, re-venging, held fast, fore warns, re-stores, called signals, re-coils, carries back, walking heavy, hath its place, in forms, re-marks, is apposite, pre-scribe, re solve, are in touch, un zipping, hadst its place, doeth ones bidding, be stowing, brake news, re-considers, are apt, re appearing, give voice, out lined, re-telling, getting line, agreed up on, scratches back, scratch one's back, coerce, ex-plains, come back at, forcing up on, circling back, re fund, cashed in on, calling tune, re examining, gave facts, commentate, rebating, thrusts back, re-curred, walked heavy, inter-locks, be-came, tost back, giving blow-by-blow, spieled, shoots back, snaps back, am touch with, are apposite, bows to, call tune, is in keeping, re appears, re store, re-dress, dis-close, opens mouth, being consonant, circled back, rolled back, animadvert, re considering, gat touch, Retold, calls the tune, in tones, gives directions, gotten in line, spieling, does one bidding, reinserted, call the play, doing bidding, inter dict, give forth, re treating, re-butting, re peats, re bated, de fined, are ruled by, re-dresses, re-seating, holds fast, dost bidding, spits it out, re-insert, passes comment, in toned, doing duty, doeth one duty, re-torts, de livering, exact, cashes on, re-dressed, giving an account, dis closed, ex-acted, de claiming, pro-claims, wast touch, pre scribe, in-forming, ex pounded, agreeing upon, re occurring, re told, de-fends, re-quite, re-bounds, doest duty, un zips, leave word, titting for tat, comebacking, making amends, dis-charged, taking lead, be fit, called upon, wast in keeping, lay down the law, counter-claimed, dost what is told, feels for, being in touch, have its place, governs, making killing, inter changing, reeling off, agreeing up on, de lineate, re inserted, duck, ordinates, ex pound, re capitulated, inter viewing, de-livers, re treats, arrive at, give orders, harks back to, disciplined, gives rundown, re stored, re-quiring, re-established, compel, in-toning, get touch, fit, chimes in, gave blow-by-blow, re placed, gat back to, roll back, making for, re citing, holding fast, give account, dis-closing, de clares, retell, does as says, cash in on, dis-closes, re warded, retort, re-venge, re-treats, dis-prove, takes the reins, sur rendering, didst ones bidding, holding forth, call upon, does ones duty, backs you, gives verbal account, fielded question, de tail, re appeared, de-fine, give snappy comeback, re-strained, prepared draft, up-dates, de-claim, inter-changes, spitting it out, re appear, re deeming, snap back, pay ones dues, wise up, being in keeping, took orders, pro-pound, put into words, were touch, re-paid, dost as one says, doth as says, de bar, re cites, sounds out, got in line, restitutioned, constrain, re-solved, being keeping, were keeping, didst one bidding, forced up on, pre-sent, pay one's dues, titted for tat, de-barred, ex-plain, re bating, gotten back to, de scribed, re establishes, opens one mouth, am consonant, returning the compliment, paid back, forces up on, breaking it to, lets know, are touch, give rundown, doeth what one is told, forcing upon, re solves, re-venged, re-instates, gave forth, breaks news, requite, didst one's bidding, giving report, doing ones bidding, leaves word, making good, did what is told, putting forth, giving account, be holds, dis-coursing, enounce, co-unselling, are in keeping, toe line, coming back at, dost what is expected, gave a report, feels return, comebacked, piloting, scratching back, re-funded, marked out, re dress, take reins, goes again, measures up, dis closes, going again, re-bated, re quires, ex-pound, re tires, dost duty, clues in, re-unite, inter-lock, re-visits, reels back, field the question, wast loyal to, re-placed, de-fining, fixes price, re-visit, sending for, re seats, gives a snappy comeback, living by, doth ones duty, cashed on, do what is told, reel off, be in touch, de scribing, retracing steps, re-strain, de-lineate, dis charges, move back, letted slip, re strain, pro pounds, giving a report, laying down the law, Reinsert, did what is expected, acting upon, did one bidding, paying one dues, de fine, doeth as one says, commentated, re marks, reads riot act, counter claiming, be stowed, acted up on, pro claims, didst what one is told, circles back, paying one's dues, re-curring, dis prove, lets slip, be-fitted, inter locking, de fining, made killing, eliminate, disinvite, re strained, made amends, wast apt, back talked, break silence, re-occurred, fore-warn, mark out, come to, giving snappy comeback, ex-press, arriving at, picks upon, calling play, re quite, doth one bidding, paying back, ordinate, re paying, inter lock, chiming in, re-plying, calls the play, de-bars, didst duty, getting in line, picking upon, lay down law, dost what one is told, re-warded, de barring, dis proves, does what is expected, re tells, de-claiming, scratched one back, pass comment, dost one bidding, dost as says, calling up on, re-fund, doeth one's duty, doped out, didst as one says, shoot back, went again, puts in to words, Piloted, fields question, inter-changing, out lining, hark back to, wert consonant, enjoin, rolling back, drafting correspondence, re cited, re-veal, opened one mouth, dis proved, fore-warning, de tailed, calling the play, giving rundown, up dating, give report, take charge, re pays, shows profit, re-capitulate, de livers, re-solve, re seat, does what one is told, makes up for, gets in line, dost ones bidding, Reenter, walks heavy, re-turns, re venge, re venged, re consider, be-stow, ex acting, break the news, opening up, am keeping, being in touch with, re-cited, call the signals, giving a snappy comeback, lets in on, de claim, re-capitulates, agrees upon, be-holds, breaks the news, re-tire, fielded the question, Re-present, dis-charging, was apposite, makes known, letted in on, re-inserted, be-fitting, co-aching, lipped, made a killing, inter-viewing, counter-claiming, be touch with, call play, ex-acting, re venges, re-porting, dis-course, leaving word, pre scribing, act upon, agrees up on, be-coming, fore-warns, de-tails, dis coursed, feeling in return, re gards, letting in on, re-bound, reel back, fixing price, art loyal to, paid one's dues, gives forth, re-pairing, re-paired, dis closing, inter changes, handed back, lay down, give an account, payed back, up date, de-fines, de liver, called on, is in touch, re venging, Lipping, paying off, gave way, gave voice, be hold, fix price, showed profit, put foot down, called up on, paid dues, de-claims, re hearses, gets line, called the tune, art ruled by, laid down, Animadverted, giving voice, re-joins, breaks to, called play, re curred, claim, dis-closed, answering back, phonates, reseating, was ruled by, re pay, re-turning, payed off, moving back, kept posted, de cree, re tort, paid one dues, de-fend, force, in-toned, breaking silence, Responding, re-seats, re-considered, re considers, re stores, be fitting, re-solving, gives blow by blow, acted in response, got in touch, de-fined, gives a report, go again, re-coil, pays off, pick up on, agree up on, serve out, put forth, re-unites, wast apposite, be in touch with, acts upon, be loyal to, open mouth, sounds off, being loyal to, wast consonant, command, re acting, backed at you, harked back to, re-instate, took notice, reseat, re-stored, be consonant, re-pair, ignore, re-places, wert keeping, doth what is told, gives account, gave a snappy comeback, acts in response, wast keeping, re instate, do as says, re marked, soliloquize, art apt, carrying back, did what one is told, inter-views, dis-courses, were loyal to, sets forth, breaking to, reenters, tits for tat, is consonant, re quire, de-fended, re paired, being apposite, talking back, counterclaim, were touch with, wert comfortable, art keeping, dost ones duty, re funded, does one's bidding, re porting, back talking, re visits, doping out, doth one duty, scratched one's back, rolls back, hands back, give way, passing comment, are comfortable, took the reins, refuse, drafts correspondence, re bounded, got touch, gets in touch, re presented, arrives at, de-crees, spitted out, clean up, re peat, re-bate, de scribe, re occurred, re-marking, dost one duty, calls upon, reeled back, agreed upon, do one's bidding, pre sent, pay one dues, make killing, calls on, wert in touch, be-haves, deal with, sound off, reading the riot act, is loyal to, gets back to, calls play, re tired, pre-scribing, called the signals, didst bidding, de barred, re inserts, bowing to, takes note, gotten line, wast in touch with, giving lessons, pays one dues, un-zipped, re-treating, acts response, re bates, re-capitulated, did one duty, did one's duty, gives blow-by-blow, taking reins, feeling return, re-instating, re butting, re-occur, ordinating, re counted, de-fending, go with, do one's duty, adheres to, re turning, plays second fiddle, do bidding, keeps posted, re-joined, retrace steps, be-stowing, wising up, de-claimed, re-deeming, makes killing, tossed back, re bound, picks up on, opened ones mouth, re tiring, re instating, gat in touch, gives facts, reinserting, doest what is told, keeping posted, broke the news, dis-coursed, scratch one back, in-forms, snapped back, de lineated, lays down the law, de claims, return the compliment, being ruled by, didst one duty, ex-act, sur rendered, opens up, laying down, commentates, re-turned, up dated, worked through, de creed, pro claimed, taking the reins, re quired, do ones duty, reads the riot act, breaks it to, in form, measuring up, re unite, pro claiming, is keeping, fielding the question, pro-pounding, cleaned up, doest ones duty, reseats, doth ones bidding, brake it to, make amends, re-examined, show profit, reentered, de claimed, opens ones mouth, re-hearse, doest as one says, fielding question, re funds, harking back to, enunciate, laid open, doeth what is told, re-bating, re-treat, get in touch, reseated, set forth, re-appear, be-stows, give out, act in response, be-fits, were in touch, re-tell, came back at, wert touch with, adhere to, recite, cleans up, answer, be fits, scratches one's back, drafted correspondence, doing what one is told, giving facts, sur-rendered, de scribes, re deem, art in touch with, wast comfortable, re united, re-joining, Disciplining, reply, art consonant, walk heavy, dictate, counter claimed, doth what one is told, answer back, being comfortable, open one mouth, feedbacked, out lines, dis-charges, re funding, be came, are in touch with, opened one's mouth, played second fiddle, talks back, call on, de fines, doing one's bidding, in toning, let in on, prepare draft, getting back to, send for, re tire, art touch with, re bounding, re butted, art apposite, lays down law, acted upon, pro-pounded, gave blow by blow, re placing, be touch, breaking the news, pro-claiming, re late, give blow by blow, wert in touch with, re pair, answered back, am equivalent, dis courses, works through, wert touch, doest one's duty, re capitulates, returns compliment, break it to, re-considering, being touch with, were in touch with, wert ruled by, were equivalent, didst one's duty, re present, reading riot act, comes back at, ex-pounding, putting into words, serving out, sent for, re-warding, gets touch, paid ones dues, breaks silence, out-lines, in-tone, re coil, re-tort, re-establish, had its place, am apt, un-zipping, wisecracked, read riot act, be have, answers back, state, be stows, shooting back, does as one says, re-deem, retraces steps, re joins, re-bounding, re-peat, doest as says, de-tailed, payed dues, opening one's mouth, Re-mark, reject, gave snappy comeback, takes orders, did bidding, re inserting, obey, inter changed, pays dividend, didst as says, measured up, showing profit, out-lining, de-scribe, doest one bidding, keep posted, require, give, dopes out, be fitted, laying down law, does bidding, brake to, pays one's dues, put in to words, returned compliment, re turned, cashing in on, make up for, gave orders, didst ones duty, made up for, doest one's bidding, re-occurs, re-told, Soliloquizing, re-butted, inter-change, gave verbal account, re instated, de fends, ex acts, be apposite, act up on, de-scribing, took lead, re capitulating, be-come, re-united, re turns, re-pairs, returning compliment, take the reins, dis proving, ex-pounds, talked back, sounded out, counter-claims, be ruled by, make a killing, doing ones duty, re-occurring, animadverts, re seated, re-uniting, re visited, re joining, do ones bidding, re-establishes, re-consider, co ached, scratching one back, re seating, be having, co-ached, de clare, feels in return, re-quires, laying open, de tailing, cashing on, forced upon, re telling, pays ones dues, moves back, re deemed, pre-scribed, giving forth, re-marked, gat line, re considered, is touch with, re pairing, take note, re-ported, holds forth, be coming, in tone, dis charging, is touch, feel in return, coming again, de-creed, calls signals, chimed in, re-dressing, re-appeared, ex press, un zip, re-visiting, paying dividend, re-presented, oblige, re-plied, were ruled by, re joined, de-lineated, re coiling, be-comes, re-appearing, ex pounding, did one's bidding, re capitulate, instruct, sounding off, de bars, de-scribes, come again, served out, re mark, doeth one's bidding, work through, setting forth, wast ruled by, re examined, re join, re straining, hold forth, retraced steps, read the riot act, puts foot down, putting foot down, take orders, didst what is told, adhering to, ex pressed, cash on, re-gard, bow to, letted know, re-presenting, felt in return, let know, say, thrusting back, force upon, wast touch with, be haves, de fending, scratch ones back, observe, re plying, de-liver, inter-dict, inter view, fore warn, be comfortable, doeth duty, riposted, cluing in, de-barring, Parried, marking out, doeth bidding, call shots, do one bidding, dope out, giving blow by blow, makes for, payed dividend, give directions, co unselling, is equivalent, art comfortable, phonated, calling the tune, gave an account, is in touch with, calls tune, de-clares, make known, re-examines, doest what is expected, ex-pressing, being apt, re-paying, break news, sur renders, art in keeping, was in touch, doing what is expected, be holding, un-zips, put before, dis-proves, reels off, dis coursing, re-seated, did as one says, serves out, giving directions, return compliment, pro pounded, re storing, haddest its place, get back to, acting response, does ones bidding, paid off, inter viewed, prepares draft, having its place, re counting, re-coiling, re dressing, re-strains, did ones bidding, gives an account, cashes in on, inter-locked, agree upon, re marking, re-storing, re-deems, re ported, be-stowed, re entered, re entering, re-counting, re-acted, wert in keeping, did as says, re bounds, re counts, making a killing, force up on, traded, pro pounding, wisecracking, feeling for, be keeping, ex pounds, art touch, be comes, spitting out, were apt, get in line, wert apt, getting touch, dis course, pro claim, re-funds, be-held, breaking news, be apt, got back to, re-enter, re-straining, de-clare, extort, paying ones dues, re enters, was comfortable, be-have, doth bidding, makes amends, makes good, de-livered, doest bidding, feedbacking, re-quire, re-inserting, back you, picking up on, up dates, tell, doeth as says, ex act, handing back, take notice, payed one's dues, am touch, re-veals, reciprocate, re-tiring, break to, re-cites, counterclaiming, insist, re curring, gave account, be-having, sur-rendering, was equivalent, reeling back, retells, draft correspondence, de-cree, re establishing, re-treated, was keeping, backing at you, is apt, passed comment, up-date, soliloquizes, broke silence, re-hearses, disapprove, pay dividend, broke to, doing as one says, spit it out, re-presents, give a snappy comeback, clued in, called the play, wast in touch, be come, was consonant, out-line, called tune, paid dividend, are touch with, co aching, gives voice, got line, ex plain, ex plains, re-pay, re presents, puts into words, re uniting, ex-plained, play second fiddle, re warding, inter change, sur-render, did duty, re torts, taking notice, lived by, lays down, let slip, am ruled by, lays open, comment, brake the news, were comfortable, took reins, sur-renders, gave rundown, are consonant, out-lined, Valuing, doing one's duty, tosses back, paying dues, be-hold, re-appears, makes a killing, doth as one says, brake silence, am comfortable, carried back, were in keeping, re unites, came again, re solving, open ones mouth, calling upon, am apposite, calling signals, open up, was touch with, comes again, hand back, drum in to, doth duty, remark, Animadverting, calls the signals, wert apposite, scratching ones back, re examine, am loyal to, scratches one back, re-pays, act response, gives snappy comeback, held forth, give verbal account, doth one's duty, pro-pounds, commentating, re-solves, art in touch, shot back, be held, re-counts, gives lessons, make good, re bate, ex plained, de tails, carry back, deny, de fended, arrived at, wrought through, re established, re visit, puts before, re coils, dis-proving, counterclaimed, gotten in touch, scratched back, retelling, give a report, spat it out, be-holding, re examines, gives orders, snapping back, disclaim, re-tells, re-peats, doth one's bidding, give lessons, re pairs, dis-charge, dis close, dis charged.