Pronunciation of Assure
/əʃjˈʊ͡ə/, /əʃjˈʊ‍ə/, /ə_ʃ_j_ˈʊə/

Antonyms for assure

dis please, be numbing, co-wing, grossed out, pushing around, aggravate, made ones blood run cold, breaks one heart, make scene, got to, horrify, makes scene, scaring pants off, be devilled, giving a fright, dis comforts, vex, disburbing, scaring the pants off of, scare pants of, makes ones hair stand on end, dis-tressed, be-wildered, giving turn, chilling the bone, make waves, buffalo, dis orders, chilled to the bone, brake ones heart, dis-quiets, gat to, curdle blood, making teeth chatter, get to, scare to death, throws in to tizzy, ex asperating, dis-ordering, dis-heartening, dis may, shatter, dis-courage, ex-asperates, chills to the bone, grating on, re-pressing, dis-tress, out rages, dis-arranging, break heart, scare, took aback, dis arranging, be-devils, make a scene, irk, gave a fright, Frighted, dis-commode, make hair stand end, made one hair stand on end, mucks up, bludgeoned, be-wilder, Overawing, scaring silly, chills to bone, showboat, dis-courages, dis-burbs, gross out, give a turn, out-rage, chills the bone, dis mayed, dis-comfits, dis heartens, dis arranges, dis-mayed, dis courage, make ones hair stand on end, be-deviled, curdling the blood, breaks one's heart, stiffing, strikes terror in to, be numbs, be numb, brake heart, striking terror in, leaning on, struck fear into, dis composed, un-hinging, be-devilling, put chill on, de moralized, dis-pleased, making one hair stand on end, struck terror into, twisting someones arm, be devilling, de-moralizing, sur-prise, curdling blood, be-deviling, chilled to bone, made one blood run cold, out-raging, dis-concert, intruded up on, dis hearten, brake one heart, makes ones hair stand end, de-moralize, strike terror into, be-devil, ex-acerbating, chilled off, twisting someone's arm, dragoon, harass, grossing out, ex-asperated, de moralize, dis-arrange, dis pleases, dis countenancing, scare off, dis-comforts, scaring stiff, scares away, torture, fret, presage, makes one blood run cold, twist someone's arm, scares pants off of, be-numbs, weaken, dis-gusting, appal, casting down, scarify, taking aback, be devil, dis ordered, chill to bone, strike fear in to, sur-prising, dis-orders, grated on, sillies, strook terror in to, de-press, dis-ordered, dis composing, be wildering, strike terror in, making one's blood run cold, gave fright, intrude upon, muck up, chill the bone, breaks heart, making one hair stand end, de pressing, scaring daylights out of, Frighting, dis-pleasing, un nerves, mystified, cast down, showboated, made blood run cold, scare the pants off, dis pleasing, strikes fear in to, strook terror in, scares the pants off, trans fixt, gives fright, curdles blood, dis-composing, dis-gust, torment, getting to, giving a turn, scare pants off, disburbed, sur-prised, dis-illusion, making scene, worry, dis-comfort, make ones hair stand end, ex-asperate, Dragooning, annul, trans-fixing, strongarm, make one hair stand on end, threw into tizzy, de-pressed, un-hinges, bludgeoning, carp at, snafuing, scared pants off, alarm, scares stiff, de pressed, de presses, stirring up, made hair stand end, strook fear in to, de press, makes a scene, sur prises, break one's heart, trans fixes, re presses, making hair stand on end, lean on, scaring the pants off, dis-countenance, up-setting, sub-dues, scared pants off of, making one's hair stand on end, beat down, de-moralized, make one hair stand end, intruding upon, co-wed, make hair stand on end, making ones hair stand end, dis-compose, ex acerbated, console, chills bone, distress, dis-comfit, overthrow, twists someone arm, chilling to the bone, strikes terror in, leans on, dis tresses, scared to death, annoy, scared silly, dis tressed, sillying, casts down, dis-quieting, leaned on, chill bone, dis-composes, terrify, intensify, makes ones blood run cold, overawes, makes hair stand on end, overawed, make one's hair stand end, strike terror in to, intruding up on, worsen, dis comforting, give fright, overawe, throwing cold water on, breaking heart, dis concerts, un-hinge, strong arm, take aback, dis gusts, be-wilders, gives a turn, dis commodes, puts chill on, curdled the blood, un hinging, intruded upon, veto, make ones blood run cold, scaring pants of, over-awe, throws in to a tizzy, up set, dis-illusions, over awed, dis gust, making waves, chilling to bone, out-raged, throwing in to a tizzy, scared the pants off, dis-concerts, dis pleased, be-wildering, trans fixed, carps at, un hinged, scare stiff, unsettle, un nerved, throws into a tizzy, petrify, strikes terror into, augur, dis courages, grates on, dis illusioned, striking fear in to, abrogate, un-nerve, intrudes upon, dis heartening, dis arrange, intrude up on, dis countenanced, dis-quieted, re pressed, halt, out raged, Dragooned, dis-burb, dis-countenanced, make one's blood run cold, discourage, scaring death, dis countenance, chilled the bone, dismay, gives turn, struck terror in, in-convenience, sur prising, carped at, dissuade, de-presses, co wed, undermine, dis quieting, twists someone's arm, push around, sub due, chill to the bone, made ones hair stand end, scaring the daylights out of, un hinges, sub-due, throwing into tizzy, deny, making blood run cold, cancel, in-conveniences, made one hair stand end, threw in to a tizzy, re-presses, un nerving, in conveniences, scares death, trouble, out-rages, striking fear into, dis concerted, made one's hair stand end, trans-fixes, dis-composed, shake, scares silly, dragoons, makes one's hair stand end, scared pants of, made ones hair stand on end, curdle the blood, un-nerving, trans fix, dis-pleases, dishearten, break one heart, intrudes up on, made scene, strook terror into, dis-countenancing, pushed around, struck fear in to, stir up, dis commode, snafued, disburbs, scares the pants off of, enfeeble, striking terror into, over awe, dis-quiet, breaking one heart, gives a fright, making a scene, made a scene, making hair stand end, be wilder, chill off, scares to death, destroy, throwing in to tizzy, give a fright, dis burb, scared death, twisted someone arm, pester, dis comfort, chilling bone, scares daylights out of, panic, make teeth chatter, dis illusions, dis-arranges, ex-acerbates, dis concert, twisted someone's arm, twisted someones arm, broke one's heart, gets to, Buffaloes, demoralize, ex acerbate, dis order, scare silly, mucking up, beating down, dis comfits, throw into tizzy, broke heart, scare pants off of, chilling off, dis maying, throw in to a tizzy, showboats, mucked up, up-set, dis heartened, be-numbing, breaks ones heart, made teeth chatter, be-devilled, un hinge, scared off, dis concerting, breaking one's heart, scared away, dis quiets, scaring to death, un-hinged, trans-fixt, be-numb, curdled blood, curdles the blood, dis compose, scare death, giving fright, dis-concerting, be deviled, condole with, stirred up, un nerve, over-awed, putting chill on, strikes fear into, dis tress, mystify, co wing, be devils, give turn, up-sets, throws into tizzy, scaring away, dis-arranged, making one blood run cold, de moralizes, intimidate, dis-comforted, striking terror in to, buffaloing, dis-heartened, dis burbs, makes jump, broke ones heart, threw into a tizzy, over awing, chills off, sub dues, leant on, broke one heart, made one's blood run cold, gave a turn, appall, break ones heart, scared the daylights out of, dis ordering, dis-may, dis-comforting, up sets, scared stiff, stiffs, be wildered, made jump, divine, over awes, throwing into a tizzy, dis arranged, scaring the pants of, over-awing, makes waves, dis mays, strike fear into, stirs up, dis countenances, struck terror in to, be-numbed, dis-please, dis gusted, beats down, dis-gusted, dis gusting, dis quiet, ex-acerbated, dis-mays, ex asperate, ex acerbating, dis-concerted, re press, makes one's blood run cold, made one's hair stand on end, throw in to tizzy, be wilders, breaking ones heart, making one's hair stand end, dis-order, dis illusion, over-awes, dis-maying, dis comfit, twist someone arm, make jump, sillied, gotten to, up setting, be numbed, scares the daylights out of, strook fear into, sur prise, twist someones arm, bother, chilled bone, makes one's hair stand on end, throws cold water on, dis composes, dis-heartens, threw in to tizzy, takes aback, sur-prises, dis-commodes, scare away, throw into a tizzy, makes hair stand end, stiffed, making jump, dis-illusioned, ex asperates, ex-asperating, upset, dis comforted, be deviling, carping at, twists someones arm, dis quieted, twisting someone arm, scared the pants off of, threw cold water on, frighten, dis-tresses, dis-countenances, dis-gusts, brake one's heart, de-pressing, un-nerves, scared the pants of, de-moralizes, gave turn, buffaloed, de moralizing, disburb, dis-hearten, re pressing, irritate, making ones hair stand on end.