Pronunciation of Attain
/ɐtˈe͡ɪn/, /ɐtˈe‍ɪn/, /ɐ_t_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for attain

be-fallen, lie down, nosediving, was taken, sub sides, tipped over, be come, neglect, re-cede, being taken, re lapsed, ignore, takes a header, obeys, are destroyed, re signs, take a header, wert lost, am destroyed, yield, defer to, art destroyed, nose-dives, nose-dive, be taken, re lapse, being precipitated, defers to, are precipitated, fail, were lost, de-creasing, wert precipitated, art killed, pass in to enemy hands, re signing, passes into enemy hands, take place, being killed, eating dirt, obey, be precipitated, am killed, being lost, am taken, be destroyed, de creased, took a header, dropping down, was precipitated, fell pieces, be falling, break down, be-come, nose dive, lied down, caving in, passed in to enemy hands, forfeit, was casualty, re-cedes, wast killed, eat dirt, de-clines, were killed, falling to pieces, wert killed, re-ceding, art precipitated, re cedes, were taken, wert destroyed, brake down, takes header, hit the dirt, sub side, drops down, hurt, comes to pass, de-cline, drop down, be-coming, was destroyed, nosedove, de cline, give up, be falls, came pass, am casualty, folded up, re lapsing, passed into enemy hands, wast lost, de clines, taking a header, come pass, be-falling, am precipitated, passing into enemy hands, re-lapsing, hits dirt, depart, art casualty, lies down, Re sign, take header, being casualty, nosedived, were precipitated, give way, deferred to, tips over, re-signed, be-fall, are killed, gave way, relinquish, nose-dove, folding up, be fallen, is taken, am lost, passing in to enemy hands, dropped down, miss, passes in to enemy hands, hits the dirt, were destroyed, comes pass, are casualty, lose, be fall, was killed, lay down, re-signs, re-ceded, broke down, art taken, leave, re ceding, is casualty, nose-diving, is killed, deferring to, are taken, taking header, came to pass, surrender, fall pieces, pass into enemy hands, top pled, took place, re-lapsed, coming pass, cave in, let go, breaks down, falls pieces, fall to pieces, be-came, were casualty, re signed, fold up, be lost, being destroyed, was lost, desert, wert taken, wast destroyed, de creases, caved in, abandon, took header, nose diving, be killed, lying down, caves in, is destroyed, giving way, sub sided, be casualty, spend, wast casualty, takes place, wert casualty, be comes, be came, come to pass, dropt down, sub-sides, tipping over, de-crease, coming to pass, re-lapse, folds up, misunderstand, be-falls, de-creased, is lost, nose dives, nose dove, fell to pieces, is precipitated, breaking down, give in, wast taken, de crease, re-lapses, art lost, de-creases, be-comes, hitting the dirt, taking place, be coming, eats dirt, re lapses, falls, be fell, fall, be-fell, de creasing, ate dirt.

Usage examples for attain

  1. Strike out in a path of your own, and you will be sure to attain success- far more so than if you attempt to follow in another's footsteps. – Captain Fracasse by Theophile Gautier
  2. And, because he had not yet learned that supreme faith in destiny to which he afterwards did attain, Ivan carried this curious trouble with him through many a long day, nor cast it wholly off till the world had changed for him. – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter
  3. It must be impressed upon his mind that if he would attain excellence he must practice, practice, practice. – The American Union Speaker by John D. Philbrick

Quotes for attain

  1. Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds.

Rhymes for attain