Pronunciation of Attention
/ɐtˈɛnʃən/, /ɐtˈɛnʃən/, /ɐ_t_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for attention

slap in the face, cold bloodedness, abstraction, de fault, absence, in advertences, preterition, in-advertences, dis-courtesy, in significancy, brush offs, de faults, dis-esteems, brushoff, the cold shoulder, in-considerateness, in attentiveness, putdown, slackness, over-sights, in consequentialnesses, in-attentiveness, mis cue, un concerns, withdrawal, dis courtesy, abstractedness, coldbloodedness, inattentivenesses, in-differences, dis-favors, unpreparednesses, callousnesses, un concern, calldowns, in significancies, inattention, disinterest, remissness, mis-cue, dis-respects, pretermissions, over looks, in considerations, in-consideratenesses, negligence, isolationism, un-importance, dis-interests, detachment, mis take, dis-interestedness, slap the face, coldbloodednesses, insouciances, un mindfulness, dis courtesies, inattentiveness, un-preparednesses, inconsideration, callousness, in attention, in-consequence, non interferences, neglectings, in differences, brushoffs, in-significance, dis-regard, un-mindfulness, in difference, neglect, recklessness, dis-courtesies, de-fault, over sights, insouciance, unawareness, in consideration, dis interestednesses, mis takes, call-down, inconsequence, inconsiderateness, in-tendances, dis passion, re buff, dis regards, insensitivity, slap face, in-sensitivities, in-significancy, unmindfulness, dis-passions, in sensitivities, in consequentialities, in-consideration, pretermission, ignorance, in adequacy, in-consequentiality, non-interference, mis-takes, dis-interest, non-payments, over-look, in-attention, in adequacies, in-difference, bewilderment, dis interestedness, mis cues, oversight, overlookings, confusion, in-sufficiency, dis esteem, mis-take, remoteness, brush-offs, in attentions, slight, omission, lethargy, dis favor, distraction, in-adequacy, over-looking, un importances, the cold shoulders, call downs, in-tendance, disregard, in significances, in tendances, in-advertence, in sufficiencies, in sufficiency, in consequence, non interference, noninterferences, obliviousness, impassivenesses, un-importances, un importance, intendances, call down, dreaminesses, in-sufficiencies, un thoughtfulnesses, in consequentialness, non payments, dis respects, un mindfulnesses, bemusement, slap in face, forgettings, in consequences, in-attentions, dis esteems, befuddlement, mis-cues, over-looks, un-thoughtfulness, preteritions, cold bloodednesses, un preparednesses, in significance, cold-bloodedness, un thoughtfulness, over look, unpreparedness, in-adequacies, in-significances, default, de-faults, over-sight, slightings, cold-bloodednesses, noninterference, un-concerns, casualness, in consequentiality, heedlessness, re buffs, un-concern, in attentivenesses, thoughtlessness, in-consequentialness, in tendance, in-consequentialities, dis passions, indifference, brush-off, in considerateness, laziness, dis favors, un-thoughtfulnesses, dis-regards, dis-esteem, intendance, insensitivities, over sight, non-interferences, re-buffs, dis-respect, un-mindfulnesses, absentmindedness, neglectfulnesses, call-downs, neglectfulness, dis respect, non payment, unmindfulnesses, dis interests, over looking, dis-interestednesses, dis interest, dis-favor, in consideratenesses, unconsciousness, calldown, dis-passion, mindlessness, in sensitivity, un preparedness, dis regard, dreaminess.