Pronunciation of Authorize
/ˈɔː_θ_ə_ɹ_ˌaɪ_z/, /ˈɔːθəɹˌa͡ɪz/, /ˈɔːθəɹˌa‍ɪz/

Antonyms for authorize:

turn down, declares null and void, putting up an argument, in-validate, de cline, dis-claimed, declare null and void, counter-acts, re moved, reverse, forbidding, says no way, put up fight, dis-sent, disregard, declaring null and void, put the chill on, not consider, re pealing, put an argument, scotches, dis-cords, Forfend, de bar, ban, pro-tested, stickles, dis cording, re-tracts, dis owning, flying in the face of, re-call, pre vent, pro scribing, forbid, said no way, counter-order, flying face of, re fused, dis accord, put up argument, counter order, re-tract, re-verse, counter-act, re strict, disapprove, de aden, re-pealed, re calling, disallow, backing out of, counter-ordered, re-move, disable, impede, locks up, re moving, refuse, Tabooed, with-drawn, counter act, re fusing, pro-scribed, flies the face of, flew face of, Scotched, sets aside, said no, with held, declaring illegal, invalidate, in validated, counterorder, taboo, counter-acting, re strain, dis according, discourage, counterordered, flying the face of, put up a fight, declared illegal, with drew, putting up argument, discording, neglect, pro-scribe, dis-allowed, counter ordering, fore-stalls, puts fight, put a fight, dis-mantles, re-moves, says not a chance, puts up argument, shies, re verse, de-feats, ex-cept, dis mantled, fly the face of, dis-mantle, in validates, dis-allow, dis-claims, puts up fight, hold back, puts a fight, said not chance, pro scribes, re-called, in validate, dis claims, inter dict, with draw, leave out, de-clines, reject, put chill on, de-bars, repeal, hinder, Scotching, stickle, declare null void, dis mantling, dis-owning, ex cept, declares null void, illegalize, Shying, dis-according, re-calling, dis-mantled, de feats, backed out of, de feat, de-cline, prevent, flew the face of, inter-dict, dis-allows, Disempower, with holding, decline, put up an argument, dis-owned, puts chill on, puts the chill on, nixed, de barred, pro-testing, re-strained, lock up, de-barred, re calls, re-versed, disqualify, negative, fore stalls, rebuff, dis-missing, dis-accords, re-calls, fore stall, with-hold, re strained, locking up, pro testing, dis claiming, put argument, block, dis corded, forfends, dis allowing, flies face of, rebut, locked up, saying no way, not considered, re-fuse, saying no, dis allows, pre-vented, dis-accord, with drawn, re straining, de-adens, counter-ordering, dis-corded, fore-stalled, dis-sents, ignore, dis sent, constrain, put fight, remove, in-validating, dis cords, counter acting, puts an argument, fly in face of, say no, not considering, says nothing doing, pro scribed, dis-cord, declared null and void, disenfranchise, puts argument, puts up an argument, re fuse, spurn, re tracts, dis-mantling, leaves out, backs out of, pre-vents, dis missed, decertify, flies in the face of, dis-allowing, nixing, dis-claim, said not a chance, dis mantles, Embargoed, shut out, counter-orders, flying in face of, dis sents, says not chance, counter orders, say no way, said nothing doing, de-feat, fight, with-held, counter ordered, overlook, back out of, flies in face of, counter acts, Shied, pre vents, exclude, dis cord, dis mantle, Embargoing, flew in face of, pre-vent, putting the chill on, re fuses, re tract, re peal, putting up a fight, rule out, de-bar, de-aden, end, de clines, fore stalling, fly face of, with draws, putting chill on, putting argument, declares illegal, re strains, say not chance, declaring null void, forfended, in validating, deny, dis accorded, say not a chance, pre venting, veto, bar, putting a fight, re versing, counter acted, in-validated, counter-acted, with hold, dis accords, Tabooing, Stickling, setting aside, puts up a fight, flew in the face of, dis allow, fore-stall, re canting, re move, with-holds, re-straining, stop, obstruct, dis owned, dis allowed, re-strict, not considers, de adens, says no, revoke, re peals, overthrow, forfending, dis claim, saying nothing doing, re-peals, Stickled, dis missing, leaving out, declared null void, re-strain, pre-venting, re-fused, saying not a chance, with-drawing, re-moving, putting fight, say nothing doing, de bars, disbar, declare illegal, re-strains, fore-stalling, re pealed, pro scribe, de-barring, fly in the face of, dis-cording, dis-missed, dis-claiming, with-draw, with holds, with-drew, with drawing, discorded, re-canted, putting up fight, ward off, dissent, Negatived, re-canting, in-validates, disagree, saying not chance, putting an argument, dis-accorded, pro tested, disfranchise, de barring, counterordering, counterorders, Negativing, dis claimed, oppose.

Usage examples for authorize:

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