Pronunciation of Auxiliary
/ɔːksˈɪli͡əɹɪ/, /ɔːksˈɪli‍əɹɪ/, /ɔː_k_s_ˈɪ_l_iə_ɹ_ɪ/

Antonyms for auxiliary

premier, pre-occupations, un rivalled, bottomline, central, fab, cellular, un deniability, over shadowing, Supereminent, staple, in dispensabilities, major, hard facts, more unevolved, wellknown, most axial, substratal, most primary, axiological, no choices, needfulness, fire and ice, max, more unrivalled, more inwrought, tip top, inductive, un surpassable, more mainline, total, cardinal, unrivalled, pre-mises, most axiological, top flight, material, requirements, more first string, more world-class, more underivative, more right-hand, pre siding, sub stratum, middle most, more factor, un evolved, most grass-roots, most top-of-the-line, para-mount, mid most, life and death, in-dispensable, most maxi, most overshadowing, head most, un disguised, under-pinning, more overruling, pre-siding, ex action, where one's ats, antagonist, most prelusive, in born, in-wrought, pre eminent, more plasmic, Unacquired, meat potatoes, be ginning, fire and ices, undeniability, nubber, most righthand, nittygritty, de tail, important part, coal and ice, more unmatchable, more second to none, basic, under-lying, indispensability, name the game, pre dominate, well known, more beginning, middlemost, in the grain, preeminent, righthand, sub stances, sub-division, head of the line, most meat-and-potatoes, Necessaries, most unacquired, maxest, under pinning, more substratal, centric, over-balancing, more unacquired, more pointful, in-dispensability, over-weighing, firststring, more axiological, more implanted, more forming, nubbest, prize winning, more biotic, over-shadowing, more middlemost, star, most unequalable, most top of the line, pre suppositions, under lying, highly regarded, built in, un beaten, more centric, grassroots, running in family, capital, arch, centroidal, most worldclass, second to none, un-deniability, sub-divisions, more inaugural, un surpassed, unequalled, more second-to-none, over-riding, in dispensability, majorleague, fabber, more unalienable, more first-string, running in the family, superior, unmatchable, vitals, inevitability, pre-eminent, most umbilical, running the family, more grassroots, indispensable, needfulnesses, firstclass, top the list, out of world, prerequisites, more inductive, name game, more before, pre-mise, more foundational, in bred, key, in-grained, more capping, most ingredient, more bottomline, most centroidal, native, sur-passing, axial, constituent, more opening, in demand, inbuilt, most mainline, pre-possessions, needed, more meat-and-potatoes, chief ingredients, opponent, more primogenial, builtin, pre-conditions, biotic, most right hand, most factor, pre requisite, where ones at, sub-strata, most applicative, where ones ats, more prize winning, preparative, Hinderer, head the line, over-ruling, more nitty gritty, undisguised, further-most, un matchable, top of the line, sub-stances, more applicative, inherent, anatomical, re-quired, preppest, more fraction, where one ats, more resident, in-dispensabilities, latter-most, most ranking, applicative, pre-condition, grand, fire ices, top most, farther most, most first-string, in most, more meat and potatoes, requisite, primo, where ats, sub-stratal, mid way, out-weighing, most bottom-line, ex-action, un derivative, more ranking, principal elements, prize-winning, top-of-the-line, more grass roots, more composing, more amoebic, most pointful, most plasmic, un rivaled, most underived, farther-most, in grain, un-alienable, most prizewinning, more natal, most fraction, out this world, more ahead, latter most, super-eminent, overbalancing, more unequalable, most implanted, most composing, in-built, sub-stratum, coal ices, pre vailing, more undisguised, more unequalled, more grass-roots, undeniabilities, highminded, most portion, elementary, pro-visions, coal ice, more cellular, body, most bottomline, ex actions, most undisguised, prepper, life death, more right hand, amoebic, natal, be-ginning, un-disguised, most midmost, most division, Principia, where at, pre-supposition, great, most before, Headmost, required, endest, topser, more maxi, most bottom line, chips down, in dividual, more overweighing, un approachable, prep, most headmost, ex-planations, most grassroots, blueribbon, whole, upper-most, most middlemost, more supereminent, most inbuilt, organic, meat-and-potatoes, in-bred, most supereminent, Primogenial, bio-logical, pro-vision, un alienable, three r, worldclass, pre mises, most preparative, pre supposition, most crackerjack, out sight, pre conditions, ex-actions, sub-stratums, pre-dominate, in augural, para mount, necessary, most cellular, more omphalic, more midmost, top of list, most second-to-none, nuclear, more crackerjack, over riding, un-matchable, more world class, more surpassing, fundamental, basis, un-deniabilities, indispensabilities, most resident, first class, chief constituent, out standing, main, un derived, pre-cautionary, prior to, the most, pre possessions, most obtaining, in built, un-derivative, Omphalic, top drawer, un defeated, in beginning, pro-visos, primary element, pre mise, top of the list, first-string, mid-way, pro viso, pre-requisites, right front, vital, base, mainline, sub stratal, desideratum, Unequalable, chief ingredient, super eminent, primary elements, over ruling, most foundational, ex planations, top notch, necessity, most first string, most overruling, chief constituents, in advance of, most opening, chief, more nittygritty, integral, more underived, pointful, most meat and potatoes, more primo, ex planation, principium, most primogenial, enemy, over balancing, maxer, umbilical, more overshadowing, more anatomical, most biotic, head-most, more preparative, de-tail, more predominate, sub-stance, lead off, more sustaining, in anticipation of, un deniabilities, pro-viso, in-dividual, final curtain, most world-class, principal element, middle-most, pro visions, fire ice, right hand, most fundamental, underivative, un-equaled, pre condition, de-tails, numero uno, pre dominant, principal, most substrative, overweighing, more division, top-pest, most unmatchable, more firststring, foundational, more axial, fore-most, all-important, overriding, most primo, in-comparable, primary, stranger, running family, high minded, more nuclear, un-approachable, un equaled, most grass roots, un equalled, dominant, three rs, original, preparatory, life or death, most beginning, in the beginning, pre requisites, bottom-line, most outweighing, un-derived, no choice, master, idiopathic, most idiopathic, more righthand, most constituting, most underivative, Prelusive, substrative, more substrative, out-standing, out weighing, opposer, most nitty gritty, world class, most unrivalled, name of game, nitty gritty, vital parts, most amoebic, deep rooted, more bottom line, imperative, topsest, more prelusive, unsupportive, deep seated, most natal, imperatives, essential, no alternatives, most right-hand, most substratal, more outweighing, in comparable, infra structures, wanted, inter mediate, pre-requisite, most predominate, un-evolved, bio logical, adversary, most second to none, more ingredient, infra structure, where one's at, Over-bearing, most nitty-gritty, deeprooted, un acquired, most anatomical, in-born, more prize-winning, second-to-none, un-surpassable, hind most, right up front, more prizewinning, over bearing, pro vision, underived, re quired, midmost, un-defeated, inwrought, needful, most inaugural, prizewinning, in-augural, pre occupations, in wrought, sub stance, world-class, infra-structures, sub division, more headmost, ultimate, most inwrought, upper most, champion, hard fact, inevitabilities, un-paralleled, pre-dominant, right-hand, fabbest, un-acquired, sub-lime, foe, most ahead, Desiderata, first, top list, over weighing, pre-occupation, most firststring, more centroidal, deepseated, pre occupation, vital part, more worldclass, ad rem, more constituting, un-rivaled, most surpassing, prime, de tails, where one at, coal and ices, most overbalancing, head, most inductive, un paralleled, sub lime, important, more necessary, more bottom-line, more portion, part parcel, out world, sub divisions, most world class, infra-structure, fore most, un-surpassed, most prize-winning, more obtaining, most nittygritty, un-developed, Plasmic, most nuclear, in dispensable, un-equalled, nuts bolts.