Pronunciation of Awkward
/ˈɔːkwəd/, /ˈɔːkwəd/, /ˈɔː_k_w_ə_d/

Antonyms for awkward

firststring, Securable, most distingue, having good hands, soft spoken, more deviceful, more time-saving, on hand, in character, most well versed, vetest, innovational, canny, most well-formed, more lithesome, good looking, copacetic, serene, most well-versed, most utile, most fine drawn, quick the trigger, Gossamery, most near-at-hand, safe, Worldlywise, masterful, in neighborhood, well dressed, sylphlike, gifted, there, assured, re-sourceful, professional, welldressed, gracious, more giltedged, endurable, be witching, many sided, graceful, quickwitted, top notch, more closeby, acceptable, stretchy, clean cut, diffuse, more fine-grained, trained, therest, most enigmatic, sophism, more aiding, close hand, practical, most well-judged, allpurpose, most gossamery, facile, smooth tongued, un-real, most undarkened, un polluted, more convenient, slick, artful, more up, ready willing able, painless, be-coming, straightforward, sub-lime, more first-string, most first-string, most schooled, more wellproportioned, more getatable, in public interest, more crackerjack, having know how, stretchiest, self-possessed, neater, more firststring, close-at-hand, more into, more acceptable, having fancy footwork, whizer, up for grabs, more fine-drawn, more condign, getatable, un-adulterated, all purpose, most fine-spun, most closeby, more well-planned, self-assured, fine drawn, condign, most cartable, at disposal, most well planned, most into, distingue, more wellplanned, sure-handed, deft, most well-planned, more hotshot, on the beam, user friendly, agreeable, dexterous dextrous, more copacetic, at one's disposal, more fine-spun, first class, de-lightful, out-standing, witty, most well-proportioned, haulable, de lightful, innovative, most aiding, useful, most knowledgeable, all-purpose, well planned, lithesome, easy to reach, near at hand, more near at hand, most streetwise, pro-curable, most time saving, giltedged, cool, gilt-edged, fivestar, most well-dressed, more finegrained, VETER, wellmade, hotshot, at fingertips, well formed, most toward, near-at-hand, handy, de-cent, utile, comfy, de served, most unpolluted, most condign, competent, adroit, more securable, most wellformed, pre eminent, easy understand, having the know how, more well proportioned, most well formed, un darkened, trans parent, pleasing, quick trigger, more virtuoso, vet, most finedrawn, userfriendly, next door, smart, nimble witted, most close by, most untroublesome, firstclass, having knowhow, pre-eminent, most five star, composed, most purposive, wieldiest, more innovative, up to speed, more schooled, more sylphlike, wisest, polished, come-at-able, secure, well versed, more close by, close by, ingenious, un troublesome, balletic, most wellversed, collected, most balletic, hep, more well versed, most wellplanned, neat, Hepper, de cent, most nimblewitted, under ones nose, more utile, most innovational, more close at hand, unpolluted, pre-pared, most hairline, dexterous, most finegrained, quick on trigger, more nimble fingered, under one's nose, on beam, most all-purpose, more well dressed, purposive, most fine spun, closeby, of use, more all-purpose, more balletic, more nimble-witted, most lithesome, svelte, easy to understand, more five-star, more fine grained, wieldy, most fine-drawn, elegant, most giltedged, out standing, time saving, most welljudged, more finedrawn, felicitous, most quality, most wizard, more well planned, most nimble witted, re-levant, beautiful, more nimblefingered, pleasant, most firststring, fine, tuned in, fine-grained, most well judged, most well proportioned, more fine drawn, sharp as tack, most conveyable, most time-saving, quick witted, well-planned, having the know-how, user-friendly, more undarkened, tactful, desirable, more poised, more haulable, most realizable, in to, easy use, most hotshot, most wellproportioned, under one nose, foxy, bearable, most sylphlike, quick, suitable, contradiction, more quality, wellbred, more close-by, more close-at-hand, helpful, more all purpose, Deviceful, supple, more first string, quick on the uptake, quickest, cleancut, most up, most well dressed, most pulverized, softspoken, limber, serviceable, well made, nobody's fool, manageable, most come at able, in keeping, more fivestar, most lightsome, worldly wise, wellversed, re sourceful, easy, most carriageable, more in to, more powdered, advantageous, well bred, hot tamale, good enough, therer, most hairsplitting, time-saving, clever, more well-judged, well-bred, sufferable, at elbows, available, more egghead, most nimble-witted, smoothtongued, at ones disposal, be-witching, debonair, quick on uptake, poised, most fine-grained, top-pest, coordinated, most nimble fingered, really into, lithe, five-star, know stuff, be coming, most close-at-hand, be fitting, more five star, under nose, more well-versed, most gilt edged, most fivestar, no slouch, more welldressed, re fined, effortless, timesaving, shrewdest, most first string, quick on the trigger, pro curable, a hand at, be-fitting, quick the uptake, conveyable, most fine grained, wide awake, close at hand, untroublesome, tranquil, close-by, more hairline, most nimble-fingered, fine-drawn, firstrate, suave, more streetwise, most timesaving, more aesthetic, most powdered, dexterousdextrous, more wellformed, more wizard, capable, more distingue, goodlooking, dexterous-dextrous, more welljudged, more lightsome, Fine-spun, easy reach, diffused, well judged, sharp as a tack, at one disposal, amiable, well-versed, de-signing, most allpurpose, delightful, placid, wieldier, most near at hand, more carriageable, demonstration, most crackerjack, ready willing and able, having know-how, skillful, portable, confident, undisturbed, fine grained, un-darkened, re levant, more well judged, wellformed, nobodys fool, more portative, courtly, most poised, nobody fool, streetwise, tolerable, re-splendent, quick uptake, de-served, well-proportioned, more wellversed, paradox, trifling, more timesaving, Carriageable, de signing, more untroublesome, nimblefingered, derivable from, more cartable, trans-parent, soft, practicable, wideawake, most nimblefingered, more unpolluted, shapely, most getatable, more innovational, Portative, easy to use, diplomatic, nimble-fingered, whizest, easily operated, more gossamery, stretchier, sub lime, come at able, up speed, willowy, most five-star, cartable, nimble, more come-at-able, on deck, more hairsplitting, first-string, more well-dressed, of assistance, un-complicated, most egghead, hairline, un complicated, fine spun, more fine spun, nimble-witted, unperturbed, lightsome, all around, able, having the knowhow, urbane, welljudged, fleet, most capable, more nimble witted, more realizable, stretchest, adept, well-formed, more nimble-fingered, finegrained, realizable, un-polluted, most deviceful, nimble fingered, pre pared, really in to, calm, expert, more near-at-hand, well-dressed, first rate, most come-at-able, more come at able, un-troublesome, convenient, more well formed, nonsense, up to snuff, handsome, trans-portable, no dummy, un adulterated, trans portable, self-confident, absurdity, most portative, more nimblewitted, most close at hand, functional, wellplanned, more time saving, Finedrawn.

Usage examples for awkward

  1. The vicar began to feel matters awkward and took his hat from the floor. – Harvest by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. It will sure be awkward for Mr. Leyland. – Northwest! by Harold Bindloss

Idioms for awkward

  1. an awkward customer;
  2. put sm in an awkward position;
  3. place sm in an awkward position;
  4. place in an awkward position;

Quotes for awkward

  1. Eventually, it is found out but it takes time especially in the conditions when communication is difficult, when the enemy is making it extremely awkward for information to come out, to go.
  2. I never felt comfortable with myself, because I was never part of the majority. I always felt awkward and shy and on the outside of the momentum of my friends' lives.
  3. Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
  4. The romance stuff is easy. A sex scene... that's hard, because you don't know what to do. Those scenes are awkward.
  5. Everyone has a childhood, everyone had awkward years and weird stages. Mine were broadcast for eight years.