Pronunciation of Bare
/bˈe͡ə/, /bˈe‍ə/, /b_ˈeə/

Antonyms for bare

in the saddle, more unnoted, un sung, flowered, with held, more carpeted, occupied, dis pose, incased, in-soluble, keep secret, most provided, hairy, dis-simulated, putting out the way, dudding, with-hold, with-held, over laid, more transmundane, sheathed, un-divulged, hearse, un-noted, un clear, disguised, Obscured, puts out of way, lied low, rigged, most dead end, Robing, puton, concealed, tucks away, blotted out, not told, most secreted, dis guising, more harnessed, most imposturous, most dead-end, pre pares, arrayed, be decking, in decisive, un noted, un-believable, more dissimulated, Secreted, involve, far off, out-fits, unheardof, in determinate, un earthly, most readied, old fashioned, entomb, Shrouded, Imperceivable, lush, pro visions, deck out, most cushiony, most impostrous, dis simulated, bundles up, in-conceivable, do up, most undivulged, Perdu, more spattered, more provided, cloak, take cover, bedizen, most shrouded, slip in to, curtained, most incog, over-grown, trans-mundane, under ground, mosslike, re-serves, decorated, apply, slipped in to, slip on, more accoutered, carpeted, re moved, hidden, most spattered, thick, most purported, more cover, in-accessible, more undivulged, orphic, over-laid, more adjusted, private, saturated, more lidded, locking up, slipped on, keeps secret, more secreted, most sequestered, re-ported, most acroamatic, dudded, sews up, obscure, bundle up, ex tensive, more perdu, more anticipating, fancy up, Hermetical, all set, tiled, powdered, robed, closed at end, glitzy, vested, more appareled, more surfaced, productive, draped, showy, baroque, suppress, most charlatan, overflowing, flamboyant, masked, most powdered, out fitted, rococo, dressed, covered, re-serve, sew up, clear as mud, more charlatan, make ready, re corded, most rigged, more varnished, more incog, most decked, leading nowhere, more blocked, caparisoned, Emblaze, roofed, closed end, not give awayed, more flowered, keeping secret, most overspread, more sequestered, cover, stowed away, in credible, pre-pared, under cover, buried, slipping in to, be-decking, go underground, un-clearest, studded, gave first aid, be deck, muffled, out-fit, blazon, bedeck, in order, dis posed, blotting out, more mossgrown, dis-guises, put away, more cushiony, went underground, tawdry, garish, vague, in cog, in-distinct, forested, dis-guising, embellished, more arranged, rigs up, most waiting, stows away, circumfuse, put out the way, wooded, in distinct, put out way, most deadend, most shammed, un detected, farout, in visible, more implemented, putting out of way, most adjusted, in comprehensible, at ready, more enshrouded, going into hiding, in line, extravagant, under-ground, covered up, put out of the way, fakest, more dead end, re-corded, dead-end, stowing away, starred, painted, pro visioned, muffle, more put on, dis guises, more roofed, more waiting, without egress, more mosslike, pre paring, more pretend, bury, un fathomable, un-honored, in-definite, raimented, pro visioning, bejeweled, ensconce, pro-found, over-spread, more bluffing, enshroud, sewed up, giving first aid, more bedecked, un-revealed, slip into, sheathe, Provisioned, decking out, be jeweled, dabbled, more dressed, put hole, togging, makebelieve, closed, un-seen, in-visible, more deadend, go in to hiding, in explicable, appareled, pre pare, socalled, more sheathed, most enveloped, invest, out view, Peppered, dis-guise, gussy up, in place, enwrap, complete, in glorious, ready, trimmed, belie, lie low, more rigged, unhonored, ripe, more arrayed, most topped, un earthliest, pro vides, un honored, dudes up, most overlaid, un defined, most dissimulated, more studded, oldfashioned, tucking away, togged, clothed, not tells, hushhush, puts out of the way, not give away, un-earthlier, keeps from, fitting out, velvety, puts out the way, more unhonored, cushiony, most blocked, in position, most arranged, most moss-grown, cladding, suited, more regarded, most coated, pro vided, in readiness, lock up, pre-tend, garbed, secret, give first aid, sur-faced, taking cover, moss-grown, pre-tended, overrun, dress up, in-glorious, rigging up, more imperceivable, beaded, most eclipsed, most carpeted, most bejeweled, mossy, over grown, wrapped, pro vide, out fitting, pro-viding, more starred, pro vision, unrevealed, full, rig up, more imposturous, un-known, more cheating, pre pared, pro-visions, not tell, more hermetical, mantled, deadend, closed at one end, shrouding, veiled, slipt in to, keeping from, sprinkled over, Imposturous, Enswathe, making ready, flashy, re serving, paper over, more sown, embower, most peppered, put the hole, in discernible, trans mundane, more coated, put in the hole, un-intelligible, most enshrouded, un disclosed, pro-vision, close hand, most mossgrown, slips in to, more shrouded, out-dated, unheard of, most unhonored, pretended, bower, most appareled, un known, sur faced, not give aways, more powdered, slipt into, went in to hiding, goes in to hiding, scattered with, more shielded, swathe, out fit, fancify, most mosslike, wrap, at beck call, blind, dis-pose, lay low, lying low, more shammed, most sheathed, re tired, equipped, CLADS, furnished, going in to hiding, ostentatious, Acroamatic, moss grown, decked out, most hermetical, most explored, beautify, enigmatical, on q t, pro-vided, Curtaining, strewn with, most transmundane, hush hush, most cached, more spangled, most velvety, out dated, lies low, un clearest, going underground, attired, most put on, in-conspicuous, most surveyed, cloaked, on brink, be decked, stow away, Undivulged, most capped, pre tend, on hand, decorate, raimenting, glittery, re-serving, most lidded, at beck and call, blot out, with-holds, most roofed, un distinguished, un earthlier, most orphic, goes underground, de-luxe, unclear, garnished, sufficient, all systems go, most surfaced, most bluffing, pro-vide, with holding, un-important, most starred, embrace, gaudy, most unrevealed, in-scrutable, blocked, pro-vides, drape, re ported, dis guised, most entombed, decent, pre-pare, enclose, most cover, loud, be-deck, more cached, goes into hiding, occult, more overspread, adorned, dis-guised, overdone, most stashed, so called, un-distinguished, un divulged, cheerful, slipped into, most inhumed, more decked, slips into, pro-visioned, hospitable, over spread, under-cover, more topped, bundled up, dress, Apparelling, dis guise, De Luxe, more acroamatic, ornamented, lay on, dusted over, doll up, un-earthliest, most interred, spread with, most pretend, more peppered, Embosom, misrepresent, outfit, most varnished, not telling, pro-founder, dis-posing, slipping on, more entombed, un seen, more impostrous, slipping into, re-mote, un-marked, slips on, more capped, transmundane, embroidered, swank, Provisioning, enrich, Appareling, more moss grown, re served, bedecked, in-credible, be decks, out fits, duded up, un-disclosed, makes ready, lidded, Impostrous, sheltered, more dead-end, pro viding, pro founder, pro found, in-explicable, slipt on, takes cover, putting out way, made ready, puts out way, mossgrown, sealed, in conspicuous, most shielded, in-cog, in-decisive, re-served, decks out, detailed, most arrayed, un believable, bearded, most spangled, close to hand, embellish, more bejeweled, attire, hide, most implemented, blots out, bulging, more eclipsed, not give awaying, rigged up, dis posing, Incog, tuck away, lurid, un-defined, most studded, Apparelled, inter, tucked away, kept from, decked, filled, un recognizable, keep from, suits up, exaggerated, in scrutable, overspread, most bedecked, more interred, un accountable, un revealed, in conceivable, with holds, out of view, go into hiding, most obstructed, be-jeweled, dis-posed, more readied, went into hiding, with hold, most imperceivable, emboss, at the ready, most moss grown, camouflaged, bundling up, invested, fits out, at fingertips, on qt, on the q t, putting out of the way, most dressed, ample, un-exposed, un expressed, more moss-grown, put out of way, most scrutinized, suiting up, most harnessed, in accessible, un-sung, costuming, more velvety, in soluble, kept secret, most flowered, more put-on, most sown, closed one end, un exposed, be-decks, conceal, suited up, most puton, took cover, wide, more stashed, more unrevealed, clad, pre-paring, in dark, be-decked, un-detected, un-clear, duding up, out-fitted, dude up, re serve, in definite, ambiguous, un-earthly, more inhumed, equal to, starry with, un-expressed, most accoutered, most anticipating, fit out, costumed, out-fitting, inhume, locked up, unnoted, envelop, secrete, most perdu, cased.