Pronunciation of Basic
/bˈe͡ɪsɪk/, /bˈe‍ɪsɪk/, /b_ˈeɪ_s_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for basic

co-incidental, extensive, most by-the-way, most eroding, un used, sur plusser, comfort, extrinsic, more reserve, most corroding, most button, dis solvent, flukest, in appropriate, more by the way, extra ordinary, in store, ex-tension, Evolved, un-essential, vinegarish, most inapposite, extra-ordinary, out place, gingerbread, surplus, dis-solvent, tipper, sophisticated, un related, auxiliary, most erosive, most by the way, sur-plussest, inter-posed, in essential, in apposite, unimportant, more button, over above, sub-ordinate, most antialkaline, in reserve, one more, re-lated, in addition, minor, last, more bleaching, most vinegary, complex, vinegary, extraordinaire, more dissolvent, more rusting, in-appropriate, anti-alkaline, more antialkaline, un-related, refined, Non-essential, most another, un necessary, incidental, anti alkaline, more qualifying, re serve, more interposed, fluker, dis-integrative, more eroding, inapposite, by-the-way, ex-tensions, dis integrative, most vinegarish, more erosive, insignificant, sur plussest, convoluted, more gingerbread, super numerary, in-admissible, super-numerary, more contributing, complicated, peripheral, by way, antialkaline, additional, more oxidizing, un essential, more vinegary, fusser, amphiprotic, in-apposite, amenity, disintegrative, more anti alkaline, un-needed, more anti-alkaline, most bracketed, beside point, higher, extraneous, inter mediate, occasional, most disintegrative, in admissible, more vinegarish, most oxidizing, un connected, elaborate, be yond, most gingerbread, most beyond, more lagniappe, nonessential, most rusting, more inapposite, more disintegrative, high, frill, gravier, most anti alkaline, most bleaching, parenthetical, in parenthesis, amphoteric, nonstandard, extra, eating away, sub ordinate, co incidental, non essential, out of place, most interposed, inter posed, unnecessary, secondary, un needed, re-serve, detailed, superfluity, more beyond, most dissolvent, indulgence, more bracketed, Supernumeraries, developed, perker, ex tension, fussest, more by-the-way, inessential, most lagniappe, dissolvent, outside, in-essential, icest, erosive, tippest, episodic, un-necessary, in applicable, be-yond, over and above, ICER, most anti-alkaline, un-connected, perkest, acidic, most reserve, most contributing, more another, more corroding, intricate, advanced, graviest, in-applicable, un-used, Bracketed, multidimensional, sur-plusser.