Pronunciation of Bat
/bˈat/, /bˈat/, /b_ˈa_t/

Antonyms for bat:

praise, compliment, flattery.

Synonyms for bat:

a hit with a solid object (noun)

bang, belt, blow, bop, knock, rap, slam, smack, sock, strike, swat, thump, thwack, wallop, whack, whop, crack.

Sense 1

anteater, antelope, badger, basketball, batsman, batting average, beach ball, bender, bighorn sheep, birdie, bison, black bear, blow, bowler, bowling ball, bump, bunt, burro, camel, chamois, chipmunk, civet, deer, dormouse, elk, fallow deer, field mouse, flying fox, football, gazelle, gerbil, goat, golf ball, ground out, hamster, hare, hedgehog, ibex, jackal, lemming, marmot, marten, mongoose, moose, nictate, nictitate, opossum, otter, pigskin, polar bear, porcupine, possum, racket, ram, rat, reindeer, rhino, rhinoceros, roe deer, scorpion, shrew, shuttlecock, speed, squirrel, stoat, tapir, tortoise, vole, wicket, wicket-keeper, wild boar, wolf, kickball, brannigan, pinch-hit, pompom, fruitbat, Gabba, potbellied pig.

Sense 2

angora, baseball, binge, boar, booze, buffalo, carousal, carouse, cat, crease, cricket, donkey, ermine, ferret, guinea pig, mallet, marble, mink, mole, mouse, mule, polecat, rabbit, sable, slip, softball, spinner, volleyball, weasel.

Sense 3

beat, boundary, club, fox, handball, horse, jag, pop up, spree, steal, wink.

Sense 4

balk, bowl, retire, triple, twinkle.

Sense 5

jack, sacrifice, stump.

Sense 6

ball, blink, foul, strike out.

Sense 7

bear, loose, shot, wind up.

Sense 8

over, string, tag, test.

Sense 9

fly, single, walk.

Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 15

double, HIT.

Sense 24






Usage examples for bat:

  • " 'I've got to think of some way out of my troubles myself, ' thought old Mr. Bat. - "Mother West Wind 'Why' Stories", Thornton W. Burgess.
  • If it was the end to- night, this was his good- by to Smarlinghue, to Larry the Bat- and the Gray Seal. - "The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale", Frank L. Packard.
  • Oui, A'm t'ink you don' 'member Ol' Bat. - "Prairie Flowers", James B. Hendryx.
  • You come 'long now wit' Ol' Bat, an' git de hoss, we gon' fin'. - "Prairie Flowers", James B. Hendryx.

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