Be Stowed

Pronunciation of Be Stowed
/biː stˈə͡ʊd/, /biː stˈə‍ʊd/, /b_iː s_t_ˈəʊ_d/

Synonyms for be stowed:

loaned (adjective)

advanced, bestowed, given, granted, leased, let, Intrusted, entrusted, on credit.

accord (verb)

accede, acquiesce, admit, allow, bestow, concede, endow, give, render, tender, vouchsafe.

afford (verb)

furnish, provide, supply, yield.

apply (verb)

administer, affix, anoint, cover, fasten, join, massage, paint, place, rub, smear, spread, touch, put on, lay on.

apportion (verb)

admeasure, allocate, allot, assign, cut, deal, dispense, distribute, divvy, divvy up, dole out, lot, measure, parcel, part, partition, prorate, ration, slice, split, split up, Mete, cut up, piece up.

award (verb)

adjudge, decree, dish out, reward, shell out, fork out, sweeten the kitty.

bequeath (verb)

devise, leave, legate, pass on, transmit, will, hand down, hand on, leave to.

bestow (verb)

accord, apportion, award, bequeath, come through, commit, confer, devote, donate, entrust, favor, gift, give away, grant, hand out, impart, kick in, lavish, offer, present, put out, honor with, render to.

cast (verb)

aim, diffuse, direct, point, radiate, scatter, shed, spatter, spray, sprinkle, strew, train, deposit.

confer (verb)

gift with.

confide (verb)

charge, commend, consign, delegate, hand over, relegate, trust.

contribute (verb)

add, afford, ante up, bequest, chip in, dower, enrich, pitch in, pony up, proffer, sacrifice, share, subscribe, subsidize, go Dutch.

deal (verb)

deliver, disburse, disperse, disseminate, divide, drop, inflict, mete out, partake, participate, strike, fork over, come across with.

devote (verb)

apply, appropriate, bless, confide, consecrate, dedicate, enshrine, hallow, pledge, reserve, sanctify, vow, set apart, concern oneself, occupy oneself.

dispose of (verb)

adios, chuck, destroy, discard, dump, eighty-six, eliminate, get rid of, jettison, junk, kiss, make over, part with, relinquish, scrap, sell, transfer, unload, kiss off, file in circular file, deep six.

distribute (verb)

circulate, convey, deal out, dispose, issue, measure out, pass out, pay out, slice up, sow, lot out.

donate (verb)

contribute, get in the act, do one's part, feed the kitty, get it up, pass the hat, sweeten the pot.

dub (verb)

baptize, call, christen, denominate, designate, entitle, knight, nickname, style, tag, term, title.

employ (verb)

bring to bear, engage, exercise, exert, exploit, fill, handle, manipulate, occupy, operate, spend, use, use up, utilize, take up, put to use, keep busy.

endow (verb)

back, empower, enable, endue, enhance, establish, finance, found, fund, heighten, invest, organize, promote, settle on, sponsor, support, come through with, vest in.

exercise (verb)

drill, employ, enjoy, execute, practice, rehearse, sharpen, wield, put into practice.

extend (verb)

advance, bring forward, hold out, pose, put forward, reach out, stretch out, submit, put forth, place at disposal.

furnish (verb)

feed, hand, turn over.

give (verb)

cede, come across, deed, display, dispose of, evidence, extend, indicate, lease, manifest, minister, parcel out, permit, produce, remit, return, set forth, show, tip, throw in, pass down, heap upon, lavish upon, lay upon, let have.

grant (verb)

accept, acknowledge, assume, avow, come around, give in, give out, own, profess, sign on, stake, suppose, surrender, agree to, go along with, own up, sign off on, consent to, shake on, give the nod, give thumbs-up.

handle (verb)

advise, command, conduct, control, cope with, discuss, dominate, govern, guide, make out, maneuver, play, ply, serve, steer, supervise, swing, take, treat, work, deal with, run things, behave toward, call the signals, cut the mustard, get a handle on, make the grade, hack it.

impart (verb)


lend (verb)

lend-lease, loan shark, oblige, shark, lay on one.

lodge (verb)

abide, accommodate, board, bunk, canton, crash, domicile, dwell, entertain, harbor, hole up, hostel, house, locate, nest, park, perch, quarter, rent, reside, room, roost, shelter, sojourn, squat, station, stay, stop, put up, stay over.

pay (verb)

adjust, clear, compensate, cough up, defray, dig up, discharge, foot, honor, liquidate, meet, plunk down, prepay, recompense, recoup, refund, reimburse, remunerate, repay, requite, satisfy, settle, take care of, bear the cost, bear the expense, make payment, foot the bill.

present (verb)

come up with, put at disposal.

provide (verb)

arrange, bring, care, cater, equip, feather, fit, fit out, fix up, heel, implement, indulge, keep, lend, line, look after, maintain, outfit, prepare, procure, provision, ready, replenish, stock, store, sustain, turn out, stock up, fix up with.

put up (verb)

billet, lodge, take in, make welcome, give lodging.

rain (verb)

bucket, drizzle, fall, hail, mist, patter, pour, shower, sleet, storm, come down in buckets.

return (verb)

carry back, pay back, put back, react, rebate, reciprocate, reestablish, reinstate, replace, reseat, restitute, restore, retaliate, send, take back, toss back, Reinsert, roll back, hand back, make restitution, thrust back.

set (verb)

anchor, cast, embed, ensconce, fix, head, insert, install, introduce, lay, level, lock, mount, plank, plant, plop, plunk, post, put, rest, seat, situate, stick, turn, wedge, zero in, make ready, make fast.

share (verb)

experience, quota, receive, shift, give and take, go in with, have a hand in, be a party to, cut the pie, divide with, go fifty-fifty, go halves, have a portion of, pay half, take a part of.

show (verb)

act with.

spare (verb)

dispense with, pinch, salt away, save, scrape, scrimp, short, skimp, stint, put by.

spend (verb)

absorb, blow, cast away, concentrate, consume, deplete, dissipate, drain, empty, exhaust, expend, fritter, lay out, misspend, outlay, pay up, put in, squander, throw away, waste, pay down, spring for, evote, run through.

use (verb)

adopt, capitalize, manage, put to work, regulate, relate, run, set in motion, do with, make the most of, draw on, play on, take advantage of, turn to account, put into action, avail oneself of, bring into play, find a use, make do with, make use, press into service.

utilize (verb)

forward, further, resort to, profit by, have recourse to.

vest (verb)

belong, pertain, put in the hands of.

vouchsafe (verb)

condescend, deign.

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