Pronunciation of Be-Comes
/biːkˈʌmz/, /biːkˈʌmz/, /b_iː_k_ˈʌ_m_z/

Synonyms for be-comes:

amount (verb)

aggregate, approach, approximate, become, come to, correspond, effect, extend, grow, mean, number, purport, reach, rival, sum, tally, total, touch, check with, be tantamount to, be equivalent to.

become (verb)

accord, adorn, agree, augment, belong to, come, convert, display, embellish, enrich, fit, flatter, garnish, go with, grace, harmonize, heighten, incline, match, mature, metamorphose, ornament, shift, suit, wax, turn out, set off, go together, turn into, change into, grow into, pass into, develop into, alter to, assume form of, be appropriate, be converted to, be reduced to, be reformed, be remodeled, be transformed into, come to be, emerge as, eventually be, make handsome, ripen into.

befit (verb)


belong (verb)

appertain, apply, associate, attach to, bear, bear upon, befit, chime, concern, correlate, exist, go, inhere, permeate, pertain, refer, regard, reside, set, vest, have to do with, be fitting, be connected with, be a component, be a constituent, be a part, be akin, be an adjunct of, be linked with, be related, be relevant, have relationship to, have respect to.

betide (verb)

fall, presage, transpire.

come (verb)

add up, amount, appear, arrive, attain, bob up, burst, buzz, clock in, close in, come over, develop, draw near, drop in, enter, expand, fall in, flare, get, get in, happen, join, make it, materialize, move, near, occur, originate, pop in, pop up, punch in, run, run into, show, show up, sign in, spread, stretch, turn, turn up, roll in, HIT, blow in, hit town, ring in, move toward, be ready, be accessible, be at disposal, be convenient, be handy, be obtainable, breeze in, fall by, make the scene, punch the clock, sky in, spring in, sum to, wind up at, check in.

fall (verb)

befall, chance, come about, take place, come to pass.

fit (verb)

answer, click, concur, conform, consist, dovetail, interlock, meet, parallel, relate, respond, be apposite, be apt, be comfortable, be consonant, be in keeping, have its place.

flatter (verb)

beautify, decorate, finish, perfect, do something for, put in best light, show to advantage.

get (verb)

achieve, realize.

go together/go with (verb)

accompany, blend, complement, be suitable, make a pair, not clash.

grow (verb)

abound, advance, age, amplify, arise, branch out, breed, build, burgeon, burst forth, cultivate, dilate, enlarge, fill out, flourish, gain, germinate, increase, issue, luxuriate, maturate, mount, multiply, produce, propagate, pullulate, raise, ripen, rise, shoot, spring up, sprout, stem, swell, thicken, thrive, vegetate, widen, get bigger, get taller.

have (verb)

allow, consider, enjoy, entertain, experience, feel, know, leave, let, must, need, ought, permit, see, should, suffer, sustain, think about, tolerate, undergo, put up with, fall on, meet with, rest with, be compelled to, be forced to, be one's duty to, be up to.

modify (verb)

adapt, adjust, correct, customize, doctor, mutate, recast, redo, refashion, reform, remodel, reorganize, repair, reshape, revise, rework, switch over, transfigure, transform, transmogrify, transmute, turn the tables, tweak, vary, shift gears, turn one around, turn over new leaf, turn the corner.

shape (verb)

accommodate, define, form, frame, guide, modify, prepare, regulate, tailor, take form, work up.

suit (verb)

benefit, beseem, check, check out, enhance, fit in, fulfill, get by, gratify, please, satisfy, serve, square, suffice, fill the bill, DO, pass muster, answer a need, be proper for, be seemly, cut the mustard, make the grade.

take on (verb)

acquire, add, adopt, annex, append, attempt, begin, commence, embrace, employ, endeavor, engage, enlist, enroll, espouse, handle, hire, launch, retain, set about, tackle, try, undertake, venture, put on, take up, take in hand, address oneself to, take upon oneself, have a go at, agree to do, come to have.

turn (verb)

alter, change, divert, fashion, mold, put, remake, render, shape, translate, transpose.

wax (verb)

get to, magnify, upsurge, grow full.

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