Pronunciation of Be-Falling
/biːfˈɔːlɪŋ/, /biːfˈɔːlɪŋ/, /b_iː_f_ˈɔː_l_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for be-falling:

opportunity (noun)

connection, contingency, convenience, cut, event, excuse, fitness, fling, fortuity, freedom, good fortune, good luck, happening, hope, hour, juncture, leisure, liberty, moment, occasion, opening, pass, prayer, probability, relief, room, run, scope, shot, show, space, spell, squeak, stab, time, turn, whack, Befalling, fair shake, iron in the fire, one's move, one's say, one's turn, the hunt, the running, fighting chance.

be (verb)

befall, come about, take place.

befall (verb)

action, bechance, betide, break, chance, come down, come off, cook, develop, ensue, fall, fall out, follow, gel, go, go down, hap, happen, jell, materialize, occur, shake, smoke, supervene, transpire, come to pass, cook up a storm, cook with gas.

betide (verb)

befit, presage.

break (verb)

appear, burst out, come forth, erupt.

chance (verb)

arrive, bump, come, light, light upon, luck, meet, stumble, tumble, turn up, stumble on, hit upon, be one's fate, blunder on, fall to one's lot.

coincide (verb)

accompany, accord, acquiesce, agree, concert, concur, correspond, equal, eventuate, harmonize, identify, jibe, match, quadrate, square, sync, synchronize, tally, occur simultaneously, be concurrent, be the same.

come (verb)

turn out.

come about (verb)

arise, result.

come off (verb)

click, go off, go over, pan out, succeed, prove out.

develop (verb)

acquire, break out, breed, commence, contract, establish, form, generate, invest, originate, start, pick up.

ensue (verb)

attend, come after, come up, derive, emanate, flow, issue, proceed, stem, be consequent on, be subsequent to, come next, eventualize.

eventuate (verb)

end, stop, terminate, be consequent.

fall (verb)


go (verb)

avail, conduce, fare, incline, persevere, persist, serve, tend, wax, work out, lead to.

go off (verb)

blow, blow up, burst, detonate, discharge, fire, mushroom.

hap (verb)

chance upon.

happen (verb)

come into being, crop up, down, go on, recur, spring, take effect, HIT, become of, stumble upon, present itself, be found, become a fact, become known, come into existence, what goes.

intervene (verb)


occur (verb)

exist, manifest, obtain, be present.

overtake (verb)

beat, better, catch up with, come upon, engulf, get to, leave behind, outdistance, outdo, outstrip, overhaul, overwhelm, reach, strike, get past, gain on, take by surprise.

pass (verb)

catch, crawl, cross, cruise, depart, drag, fly, fly by, get ahead, give, glide, glide by, go past, hie, journey, lapse, leave, linger, move, pass away, pass by, progress, push on, repair, rise, roll, run by, run out, slip away, travel, wend, blow past.

rise (verb)

begin, dawn, emerge, head, loom, surface, flare up.

visit (verb)

afflict, assail, attack, avenge, impose, inflict, pain, punish, smite, trouble, wreak, wreck, bring down on, descend upon, force upon.

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