Pronunciation of Better
/b_ˈɛ_t_ə/, /bˈɛtə/, /bˈɛtə/

Antonyms for better:

disintegrate, more secondstring, Incommodity, fail, retreat, dis-graces, more lowrent, de-moralize, de mean, de-cay, out rage, out-raging, most junior, de filing, menial, worsen, minus, twobit, de compose, indisposed, inter-mingles, more second-fiddle, de filed, injure, dis-honor, most entry level, de moralize, de-composing, most secondbanana, de-spoiling, under mined, wanting, liability, Coagment, exasperate, more second-banana, de composing, off, inter-mingle, most entrylevel, immixt, de-forming, back seat, de files, de grade, most underneath, re-duces, more nether, debase, most lemon, sub-ordinate, more secondbanana, de-meaning, multi-plying, unsatisfactory, dis graced, de faces, de-moralizes, devolve, de cay, Endamage, ex-acerbated, unhealthy, most bottom-rung, dis-honored, peoner, junior, de meaning, de-based, sour, de moralized, most entry-level, Bracketed, de-mean, de face, dissatisfactory, ex-tend, de-grades, boggle, corrupt, deprave, cease, wretched, ex acerbate, makes intricate, suboptimal, more entrylevel, de spoils, good for nothing, most second string, more good for nothing, most secondfiddle, bottomrung, coagmented, mis treat, get worse, subvert, dis honor, dis-figure, demoralize, ex-acerbate, punk, Sicker, degrade, littler, maltreat, ex-tending, de base, most secondstring, de-cays, ex-acerbating, bottom-rung, de spoiling, in different, mis-treats, most low-rent, perish, out rages, dis honors, lose, de-filed, atrophy, coagments, rotted, inter-mingled, de moralizing, ex tending, crumble, most bottom rung, de-spoil, mis-treated, de-compose, lousy, molder, second-string, bastardize, de means, mis-treat, Illtreat, bush-league, more entry level, dis-figures, wrong, lessen, ravaged, de-file, junkest, fall behind, de-forms, de-basing, ex acerbates, de-formed, out-rages, descend, more second-string, more under, ailing, sub ordinate, more entry-level, smaller, halt, de-files, dis-graced, dis figures, Bracketing, mis-used, dis honored, more bottom rung, de grading, unadvisable, most good for nothing, de-spoils, make complex, de-composes, de-means, hinder, spoil, de-spoiled, deface, worse, most second-string, most second-fiddle, lowrent, greased palm, stop, de basing, grease palm, immixes, weaken, lower, dis graces, ill, out-rage, most nether, be inferior, immixing, most under, greasing palm, secondbanana, out raged, ex acerbating, de-faced, dis figured, crummy, more second banana, second-fiddle, de based, block, poor, de-moralizing, drawback, de file, hackest, bottom rung, harm, under mining, ex-tends, entry-level, blemish, inferior, in-different, de facing, out-raged, mangle, multi-plied, lame, mis treating, mis-using, ex tend, more underneath, ruin, debauch, most low rent, under neath, impede, cripple, more low-rent, de-graded, de-facing, canker, more secondfiddle, under-neath, de spoil, mis treats, most second fiddle, debit, second-banana, substandard, ex-acerbates, under-mined, de formed, makes complex, de-faces, de faced, downside, peonest, decompose, de-filing, multi plying, ex-tended, sick, warp, bad, entry level, sub-standard, second class, louse up, inadvisable, made intricate, damage, most second banana, de-composed, more bottomrung, de-moralized, extend, unsound, most inferior, decrease, check, more second fiddle, make intricate, minor, inter mingle, peaky, impair, made complex, secondfiddle, dis-gracing, de moralizes, bush, dis figure, deficient, entrylevel, regress, dis-figured, de-form, exacerbate, mis-treating, deteriorate, DE Form, most good-for-nothing, vitiate, coagmenting, most bottomrung, hurt, making complex, ex acerbated, dis-honoring, de-face, out raging, mar, greases palm, handicap, abase, inter mingling, de forms, de spoiled, de composed, dis gracing, Foozle, de-grading, tinier, disadvantage, making intricate, muck up, mis used, de-grade, secondclass, de grades, secondstring, disbenefit, dis figuring, ex tends, unacceptable, under-mining, inter-mingling, low grade, more bottom-rung, de-base, lowgrade, bollix, low-rent, dis-figuring, paltry, most second-banana, depress, de graded, reduce, strike, obstruct, dis honoring, de forming, mis treated, poorly, dis grace, de composes, tarnish, sub standard, unwell, re duces, down, ex tended, most lowrent, dis-grace, bungle, mis using, re-duce, dis-honors, more second string, re duce, disfigure, compound, de cays.

Usage examples for better:

  • Would you like us better if we were? - "A Daughter of the Land", Gene Stratton-Porter.
  • " I don't feel bad, dear: I never was better. - "Petty Troubles of Married Life, Part First", Honore de Balzac.
  • I think I had better go see. - "All About Johnnie Jones", Carolyn Verhoeff.

Idioms for better:

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Rhymes for better:

  • letter, getter, petre, sweater, debtor, setter, petter, fetter, fretter, jetter, ator, wetter, netter, bettor;

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