Pronunciation of Book
/b_ˈʊ_k/, /bˈʊk/, /bˈʊk/

Antonyms for book:

disorganize, let go, cancel, exonerate, neglect, bow out, free, remain, reject, dwell, hang around, dismiss, disorder, open secret, abide, ancient history, stick around, exculpate.

Usage examples for book:

  • Who was, who is Harriet Smith, that you should have her book?" - "Cynthia Wakeham's Money", Anna Katharine Green.
  • One would think it was a book! - "Carl and the Cotton Gin", Sara Ware Bassett.
  • For in this book death also is only a kiss. - "The Prose Writings of Heinrich Heine", Heinrich Heine.

Idioms for book:

Quotes for book:

Rhymes for book:

  • hooke, look, hook, brooke, schnook, crook, shook, snook, crooke, rook, stroock, cooke, nook, took, cook, flook, brook;
  • forsook, precook, rebook, kirkuk, mistook, unhook, chinook, retook;
  • overcook, undercook, overtook, undertook;
  • gobbledygook;

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