Pronunciation of Boost
/bˈuːst/, /bˈuːst/, /b_ˈuː_s_t/

Antonyms for boost

turned on the heat, cooling off periods, curdled the blood, de-cried, blowing out, de-cry, re mission, kick the teeth, give black eye, restrainer, injury, in conveniences, un-glued, scaring to death, lean on, re-presses, haddest carpet, makes ones hair stand end, cuts quick, write down, punctured balloon, re cord, drag ones feet, de-crease, de based, pop ones balloon, teaches a lesson, up setting, make feel small, put screws to, restraint, un zipping, popping one balloon, de basing, un zip, suppress, dis appointments, exprobates, de filed, cracked down on, dis-counts, dis-arranging, re prove, dis heartened, de feasances, de valuated, sur ceases, monkeying with, downscale, put out countenance, de scending, making one's blood run cold, put upon, gat to, dis-hearten, dis-comforts, re strains, re proves, cut to quick, overbore, mis-treats, re duce, over whelms, cooling off period, old onetwo, disburbs, fluff off, have on the carpet, saddles with, de meaning, be rate, in-commodes, saddled, gets the way, de value, blows out, under-valued, shoots down, hanging up, scared to death, pull, under-value, dissing, enervate, loiterings, dis-mays, pratfalls, dragged feet, un-pleasantnesses, Illtreat, de mote, over-load, fluffed off, turning on heat, over-thrown, repression, railing at, de graded, slow down, de clines, dis-ordered, dis-commode, puts heat on, de cries, de pressing, made ashamed, hang up, made one hair stand end, lashes out at, chill to bone, struck dumb, un-man, sending up, gave the works, kept down, cuts down size, unmanning, rip up, un zips, frustrate, dis content, sur cease, de-bars, weigh heavy up on, scare away, un-fulfillment, mis-used, over-awed, de valuate, bludgeoning, de fames, errors, riding roughshod, cuts to quick, call down, downcrying, mis-calculation, dis countenance, dis heartening, de-lay, re-buffs, de-frock, make eat dirt, showstoppers, dis-courage, de stroy, disillusionment, re-cords, dis-credit, cut quick, leaning on, de spoils, dis arrange, over-burdening, un doing, dis contents, de-mote, dis quieted, marked down, disburb, drag down, conquerings, dis-comfort, calls down, have the carpet, knock down, Vilified, re-pressing, cutting to quick, hold ups, dis, making one's hair stand end, de-basing, dis counts, Nonfulfillment, keep down, de-grade, gat the way, curdled blood, shooting down, curtail, ripping up, de-filed, cutting rate, de-laying, weigh heavy upon, un luck, made ones hair stand on end, abridge, de-stroy, up-braiding, de-bunks, disincentive, chills the bone, up braids, lobotomize, Saddling, chill the bone, keeps down, puts squeeze on, makes one's hair stand end, making teeth chatter, misfortune, retardments, de creased, buffalo, popped one's balloon, dis comforts, whacking, over-whelm, drags one feet, lorded over, fulminated against, re verse, taking task, sends up, re-duce, gat way, cuts down to size, hadst on the carpet, de-frocks, fluffs off, taking steam out, hast the carpet, makes ones blood run cold, de-press, de-moting, de fame, over-power, lost value, dis-concerted, deflations, pops balloon, de-stroys, de bunking, be-little, tyrranized, de-creasing, de-clines, casts down, torpedoing, strikes dumb, un mans, Over-bearing, render worthless, de cay, procrastinations, dis organize, went downhill, dis missing, de-filing, in-felicities, get way, cuts to the quick, disconcertions, beat down, mudslinged, dis countenances, subtract, bolt from the blue, re-straining, stiffed, mis treated, crack down on, non fulfillment, non-successes, dwindle, harm, de-motions, made teeth chatter, get in the way, un-hinging, dis mayed, make difficult, lack of success, humiliate, re corded, demurrals, gotten in way, dis-comfit, discourage, dis credit, tongue-lashed, dis-countenancing, de grade, de-formed, restrainers, de-based, curdles the blood, hide, getting in the way, up-set, dis figure, over whelmed, railed at, de motions, monkey with, made ones blood run cold, puncturing balloon, opprobriate, dis-appointment, out-rage, dis concerted, adverse fate, decline, rake over coals, de-files, overawed, chilled to the bone, dis-figuring, un easiness, dis-commodes, dis-satisfactions, Bemean, tonguelashed, dis-composures, over bear, deject, de-escalate, re-missions, mis chance, poor-mouthing, dis commodes, de-forms, downcried, make ashamed, over-borne, dis-counting, de-creased, cutting down size, be rates, downcry, de-bunking, re strainer, devitalize, de formed, de grades, knocked down, de-bunked, strike dumb, dis-quiets, disillusionments, take task, un nerve, putting heat on, hogtie, up-sets, pro-rogation, denigrate, dis-burbs, mis-fortunes, bad mouth, ex probates, de moralizing, made one's hair stand on end, strikes terror into, over-burden, de-generate, de-moralizes, unfulfillments, poor mouth, kicks in the teeth, de bars, curdling the blood, unmanned, hangup, chills bone, makes one feel small, dis maying, attenuate, lets down easy, dis-quieting, muffle, deaden, poormouthing, depress, curbings, de-valuate, drags ones feet, de cline, co wed, hard lucks, turning the heat, de frocks, over-throw, Dragooned, under-mined, popped ones balloon, kicking teeth, dump on, dis burb, lets wind out of sails, de-composes, de creasing, de forms, dynamited, has on carpet, de-generated, de-composing, puts one away, de-scent, dis-enchantments, de moralize, de-faming, stifle, re-vile, knocks down, undermine, bombshells, gets in the way, letted wind out of sails, re-verse, dis-maying, buffaloed, over-coming, dragged one feet, making one blood run cold, de moralized, stiffs, de-value, foilings, letted down easy, knocking down, de-base, letting wind out sails, despotized, be-means, non-fulfillment, disappointment, rapped knuckles, renders worthless, dis continuations, Dragooning, dis grace, old one-two, under value, sadden, overawe, anticlimax, dis-gracing, dis orders, over come, putting offs, letting down easy, poormouths, dis advantage, re cords, re-versal, in felicity, sub due, showboated, dis arranged, obstruction, un lucks, non success, pop one's balloon, dis-credited, re-proves, making one's hair stand on end, demurral, having the carpet, Downs, be rated, de-scend, dis illusion, makes one blood run cold, over awed, dis-appointments, de-scends, pro-rogations, de facing, in-convenience, chilling the bone, contract, cuts the quick, ripped up, getting to, de forming, DAMPS, un-mans, worsening, dis-honoring, hard luck, kick teeth, overborne, giving the works, de-valuated, un-ease, weighed heavy up on, de motion, re cording, co wing, dis-organize, drop, go downhill, de-feasance, dis organizing, make one hair stand end, re strain, re pulses, de creases, geld, haddest the carpet, defeat, be meaning, chilling bone, mis-calculations, tough luck, whacked, de feat, tieup, de-scents, dis-figure, dis-content, made difficult, de-frocking, shrink, makes ashamed, dis-ordering, disses, de-moralizing, Damped, demoralize, fulminates against, put down, de scend, make teeth chatter, giving works, in scribe, makes difficult, de-spoiled, re versal, de-fames, letdown, old one-twos, weighing heavy upon, over borne, corrupt, de-moralize, over coming, un hinging, re-proved, made fool of, de valued, had carpet, send up, dis-honored, making ashamed, condense, weighted, ex probating, under mining, tarryings, de generates, de moralizes, Disciplining, dis honored, in scribes, gave black eye, made hair stand end, de-creases, cutting the quick, over burdens, coolingoff period, over powering, loss, dis counting, de frocking, disenchantments, dis honor, disconcertment, over-comes, over bearing, give a going over, over loading, got in way, torpedoed, put through the wringer, re press, lording over, takes steam out, re-corded, cunctation, gives going over, punctures balloon, scare off, reversal fortune, mis used, hanged up, re strained, bemeaning, struck terror into, over loaded, dis illusions, de-generates, be mean, bafflement, de frocked, kicked in the teeth, tongue-lash, over awe, make ones hair stand end, whole new ballgame, gives a going over, de-presses, un-settles, be smirches, dis-missed, bombshell, repress, jotting down, setback, flash in pan, kick in the teeth, dis comforting, Unglue, mis fortune, dissuade, be-mean, de cry, de lay, un-glues, un eases, up-braid, de file, dis composure, teach a lesson, dis crediting, de grading, over-awing, mis-chance, putting out countenance, bad break, dumps on, dis honoring, make hair stand on end, in-conveniences, old one twos, de-frocked, in felicities, leans on, put out of countenance, dis credited, unglues, de-scended, mudsling, de-cay, weighs heavy up on, mis calculation, overbear, slapping wrist, under-mining, curdles blood, desiccate, de scent, drags one's feet, de files, has carpet, dishearten, disconcertion, puts through the wringer, dis continuation, exprobated, made blood run cold, hath on the carpet, under valued, drags feet, make hair stand end, over-bear, de-graded, dis-comforted, up braided, de-form, striking terror in to, dis comforted, re-strain, under mined, making eat dirt, dumped on, un settle, cut rate, dis-comfits, nonsuccess, hadst the carpet, browbeat, cauterize, dis concert, deplete, stiffing, throwing book at, dis-crediting, making ones hair stand on end, de-motion, defrocked, over-awe, re-press, cutting down to size, dis-organized, re-proving, dis concerts, de-facing, made eat dirt, cuts rate, slaps wrist, gives black eye, de bunked, encumber, puts out of countenance, un man, puncture balloon, thwartings, gets in way, showboat, dis tress, anti-climaxes, in efficacies, de generating, Damping, be smirched, dis-orders, be-smirches, turn on heat, rode roughshod, sillies, putting screws to, lessening, strikes terror in to, lash out at, poor mouthing, de stroyed, poormouth, ex probate, over awes, give works, de-tract, strike terror into, taught lesson, de faming, over-bears, cut down to size, dawdlings, scares away, letting wind out of sails, giving going over, lords over, dis-advantage, un settled, blockings, torpedo, constraint, got in the way, dis-arranges, un gluing, psych out, mis-take, kicked teeth, de barred, over powers, dis honors, under-valuing, putting one away, makes hair stand end, tyrranizing, dis appointment, leant on, de feats, got the way, dis-advantages, be-rates, over whelming, sub dues, mis take, turned on heat, up braid, tonguelash, de-famed, dragging one feet, takes down a peg, despotizing, attended to, de-barring, grease palm, gives the works, kicks teeth, threw the book at, turning heat, over-powering, get the way, de means, dragging feet, downsize, old onetwos, cracks down on, giving black eye, unnerve, poor-mouths, check, turns heat, unlucks, putting out of countenance, cut the quick, exprobating, dis concerting, hadst on carpet, in-efficacy, dis comfort, gets way, be smirching, ungluing, dis advantages, scare to death, truncate, de-moralizations, rotten lucks, DE Form, de base, showstopper, de generated, re-pulses, put shame, holdup, de values, having carpet, bad breaks, despotizes, dis-honors, hast on carpet, de-grades, pops ones balloon, de spoiled, re-prove, dis-comforting, putting upon, dis-honor, be-rated, makes ones hair stand on end, made one blood run cold, takes apart, non-fulfillments, over burdened, un doings, dis-order, tongue lashes, anti climaxes, dis-satisfaction, lords it over, un pleasantnesses, letted wind out sails, diminish, under values, making blood run cold, lord over, be-smirched, de-grading, dis ordered, mis-treat, hast carpet, de generate, deflation, un-hinged, dragged down, puts the chill on, making ones hair stand end, dis-figured, out raged, hath the carpet, weighed heavy upon, de-moralized, gotten the way, over-born, the knocks, un glues, abate, de-pressing, puts screws to, poor mouthed, mis adventure, dis-countenances, let down easy, walking heavy, de-spoil, rides roughshod, be-meaning, sandbags, greasing palm, dis-graces, un-zips, over-loads, in-scribing, mis takes, cutting to the quick, dis-quiet, hog tie, scaring the daylights out of, chill to the bone, de-motes, over-whelms, un glued, prorogation, dis-illusions, mis treats, saddle with, dis ordering, blistered, giving a going over, de-file, fiasco, dragged ones feet, comedown, pro rogations, tongue lashed, re-strainers, hath on carpet, mis-using, croppers, ex-probating, pops one balloon, made one feel small, de barring, de-means, scared death, bludgeoned, having on carpet, kicked the teeth, tongue lash, over-throws, dis quiet, over bore, overborn, dis-heartens, de cays, make fool of, dis organized, de-values, Stoppering, making one hair stand on end, strike terror in to, beats down, adverse fates, dis burbs, dis-continuations, over awing, rotten luck, over throws, de-mean, disciplined, de composed, cooling-off periods, de moralization, scared the daylights out of, dis-tress, brought low, blast, kicking in the teeth, dis-mayed, inter fere, got way, un-easiness, de tracts, poormouthed, up-braided, bringdown, mark down, humble, pop balloon, de-compose, un hinged, chasten, un-easinesses, strook terror in to, un-settling, make one's blood run cold, fulminate against, about face, re strainers, de bunks, throw book at, come down, dis-arranged, making hair stand on end, prevent, de-meaning, makes one's hair stand on end, drag feet, ex probated, out-raging, cutting quick, discouragement, took to task, stoppered, made feel small, un-gluing, popped balloon, take apart, sur-ceases, over powered, un-luck, de-stroyed, let wind out of sails, gotten in the way, sent up, un-hinge, greased palm, scarify, de bar, put heat on, inter-fere, reversal of fortune, taking apart, compress, setting down, scares the daylights out of, chilled bone, hurt, withdrawal, wrote down, beating down, blew out, over-bore, kick in teeth, calling down, un manned, de stroys, silence, de mean, de-spoiling, old one two, chills to the bone, drags down, get to, shot down, demean, dragging one's feet, lord it over, kicks in teeth, de scents, un settling, took down peg, puts through wringer, take to task, greases palm, un hinge, de-forming, un-zipping, reverse, de scended, dis-burb, in-efficacies, curdle blood, de face, putting the squeeze on, re pressing, un-pleasantness, buffaloing, dis order, rendered worthless, de spoil, dis figures, dis-missing, scared away, in-scribe, puts the squeeze on, pratfall, over burdening, de-feasances, throws book at, disconcertments, threw book at, lorded it over, dis comfits, dis credits, put through wringer, dis mays, turn on the heat, give going over, anti climax, dis-continuation, set down, make one hair stand on end, gat in way, over bears, lording it over, dis-quieted, put chill on, un-doings, dis graces, rips up, puts upon, re buff, re proved, curdling blood, defrocks, dis-tressed, dis enchantment, taking down peg, chilled the bone, kicking in teeth, dis may, over-burdened, make ones hair stand on end, de valuating, de-faces, overbears, disburbed, over throw, chilling to the bone, up-setting, Buffaloes, make ones blood run cold, over throwing, de-feat, dragged one's feet, takes down peg, sets down, dispirit, re-mission, de moralizations, be smirch, dis-credits, de valuing, ex-probate, over burden, dragging ones feet, un-eases, de scends, de motes, over born, frustration, smite, striking terror into, re straining, taught a lesson, rail at, un-nerving, discomfiture, gave works, makes one's blood run cold, making hair stand end, tonguelashing, mudslings, sub-dues, popping ones balloon, de stroying, walks heavy, dragoon, dis-concerting, dis-composure, kicking the teeth, unman, take steam out, lower, un-zipped, take down a peg, getting in way, de-faced, un-glue, teach lesson, makes fool of, had on carpet, scares death, jot down, dis-tresses, in commodes, de crying, degrade, co-wing, sub-due, de frock, un-manning, slapped wrist, sandbagging, takes to task, going downhill, under-values, rid roughshod, deduct, daunt, in efficacy, raps knuckles, de-crying, making feel small, blow, lashed out at, dis composures, putting through wringer, drag one feet, dis heartens, rails at, sandbagged, un-settle, de-moralization, shorten, overawes, re vile, strook dumb, fluffing off, in-scribes, de-cline, un-doing, debase, dis-graced, kicks the teeth, mis-chances, lessen, disburbing, turned heat, write off, be means, bully, dragging down, re-cord, scaring away, popped one balloon, chill bone, non fulfillments, turn heat, castrate, dragoons, put up on, coolingoff periods, abbreviate, over-throwing, throw the book at, get in way, striking dumb, struck terror in to, dis-heartened, cropper, chills to bone, mis-adventure, reduce, made ones hair stand end, made one hair stand on end, unmans, made a fool of, de-valuating, scared off, gets to, be rating, un-zip, de tract, dis satisfaction, dis counted, have on carpet, over-awes, un nerved, dis-countenance, let wind out sails, opprobriating, dis-arrange, out-raged, chilling to bone, attend to, attending to, Despotize, poor mouths, turns on heat, deflate, mis using, drag one's feet, un glue, saddling with, puts out countenance, de-valued, put the chill on, kicked in teeth, dis-contents, de-barred, inter feres, de filing, dis figured, Retardment, de-tracts, dis courage, deterrence, in commode, cracking down on, depreciate, occlude, took steam out, obstruct, re missions, re-strained, the knock, be-rate, over-loaded, saddled with, stagnation, losing value, weighing heavy up on, re-strainer, turns on the heat, de faced, cut down size, had on the carpet, lowering, have carpet, de-face, disenchantment, bafflements, psyching out, teaching lesson, putting through the wringer, non successes, throws the book at, sillied, gave a going over, dis quieting, un-fulfillments, turning on the heat, gat in the way, slows down, unglued, elide, hindrance, dampen, over-whelmed, mis-takes, up-braids, making a fool of, made one's hair stand end, dehydrate, slap wrist, scaring daylights out of, be-smirching, re-cording, took apart, had the carpet, un-lucks, having on the carpet, dis missed, mis adventures, de pressed, dis countenanced, walked heavy, opprobriates, de composes, took task, de lays, re buffs, making one hair stand end, un pleasantness, brings low, haddest on the carpet, washout, makes hair stand on end, over comes, de-bunk, mis treating, putting the chill on, dumping on, dis tressed, dis graced, monkeys with, logjam, un nerves, un-hinges, takes task, mis fortunes, make a fool of, over-powered, teaches lesson, un hinges, pops one's balloon, de-fame, leaned on, dis tresses, make one feel small, libel, casting down, de-pressed, over whelm, hath carpet, has the carpet, bringing low, mis treat, dis arranges, goes downhill, cheapen, de-bar, dis-may, de-cays, sillying, un-settled, bemeaned, cast down, rapping knuckles, Torpedoes, be little, psyched out, DISES, dis quiets, abase, over thrown, over-whelming, stop, getting way, keeping down, dis-grace, oppress, de-valuing, re pressed, petrify, mis chances, tongue-lashes, attends to, sandbag, fulminating against, de-composed, lets wind out sails, got to, weighting, Dynamiting, weigh down, sur-cease, rapt knuckles, dis hearten, de crease, has on the carpet, psychs out, bolt from blue, dis-illusion, hast on the carpet, dis commode, put squeeze on, dis-enchantment, out rages, ex-probates, un nerving, de press, de-cries, Overawing, de cried, out-rages, dis-counted, stunting, hinder, logjams, jots down, lack success, bemeans, hold-up, de-spoils, tyrranize, de spoiling, rap knuckles, poor-mouthed, throwing the book at, taking to task, bringdowns, cunctations, slowing down, de-generating, ex-probated, putting chill on, puts chill on, over-loading, de compose, be-smirch, be-rating, flash the pan, punish, re duces, de-stroying, weighs heavy upon, exprobate, re presses, de valuates, strook terror into, cooling-off period, writ down, dissed, tongue lashing, prorogations, un settles, mis-treated, scaring death, dis courages, mis-adventures, dis arranging, taking down a peg, defrock, poor-mouth, haddest on carpet, de laying, lashing out at, make one's hair stand end, dis organizes, showboats, un manning, dis gracing, scares daylights out of, made one's blood run cold, halt, tyrranizes, over loads, dis-organizing, de presses, decrease, re-strains, up sets, writes down, de moting, be littles, dis-countenanced, sub jugate, dis-heartening, gotten to, curdle the blood, dis-figures, cut to the quick, de-lays, shrinkage, cumber, de-valuates, shoot down, de-scending, bring low, dis-concerts, inter-feres, hadst carpet, dis-courages, dis comfit, condemn, chilled to bone, de bunk, called down, dis-concert, slowed down, pro rogation, de faces, getting the way, jotted down, dis countenancing, ride roughshod, downcries, nonsuccesses, anti-climax, defrocking, whole new ballgames, un-nerve, tonguelashes, de famed, co-wed, up set, de composing, gotten way, de-feats, dis enchantments, unfulfillment, dis-organizes, dis satisfactions, un fulfillments, re-duces, dis figuring, makes feel small, be-littles, de feasance, badmouth, blow out.