Pronunciation of Boredom
/bˈɔːdəm/, /bˈɔːdəm/, /b_ˈɔː_d_ə_m/

Antonyms for boredom

schticks, transference, dis tractions, dis composures, de signs, feeling, great times, up-lift, taking ins, regalements, conveyings, thing fors, pet topics, savor, stars one's eyes, cartings, highs, merry go round, captivations, merriments, good times, dis counts, de-signs, freightage, soaking up, vigor, suction, passing fancy, zest, ex-citations, impregnations, fool notion, wildness, amusement, re-creations, Witcheries, dis-tractions, in to, in novation, immersion, de-lights, pro fits, fascination, hangup, dis composure, stimulus, fun and gameses, in tents, name game, re-gard, stars one eyes, Laughters, whoopees, diversion, in tensity, drinking ins, blow out, high spiritses, re-laxations, entertainment, intentness, stars in one's eyes, uppers, fun and games, validness, beguilements, re gards, ravishment, bang, pre-occupations, stars in one eyes, re-laxation, pro fit, Leisure Activity, elation, beguilement, in novations, truckages, latest word, raptnesses, re laxations, pro-vocations, carryings, inhalations, stars eye, concern, ex citations, pre-occupation, leisure pursuit, transshipments, wellbeing, stars in ones eyes, de light, pungencies, melodramas, side interest, up-lifts, Regalement, haulings, rhapsody, joyousness, chics, transferences, pleasings, high spirits, Jollies, raptness, razzle dazzle, inti, nitty gritty, enlivenment, idylls, stars in ones eye, animation, de-sign, de sign, New Look, razzledazzle, spice, liveliness, Divertissement, favorite occupation, re laxation, pro-vocation, fun gameses, energy, in things, transshipment, trans-shipments, relief, impregnation, hang up, wildnesses, great time, INS, dis traction, up lifts, stars in one's eye, transport, in takes, pro vocations, pleasant feeling, pro vocation, sympathy, re creation, in take, pastime, intentnesses, dis-traction, exoticness, pre occupations, motivations, engrossment, Truckage, re creations, pleasant feelings, Leisure Activities, excitement, stars ones eyes, validnesses, de lights, in-novation, star qualities, involvement, stars in eye, stimulation, enchantment, idyll, dis-composure, pro-fits, transferrings, in-tensity, trans-portings, engagement, nittygritty, divertissements, fad, hobby, trans shipments, up lift, well being, pleasure, schtick, whoopee, captivation, get up and go, movers, nuts bolts, in thing, pet topic, star quality, TODO, pungency, ravishments, bewitchment, inhalation, obsession, re-creation, blast, to do, newest wrinkle, absorption, grabbers, in-halations, in-take, latest words, exoticnesses, pre occupation, in toxications, soaking ups, side interests, gladdenings, field days, name the game, in-takes, witchery, stars eyes, name of game, in tent, melodrama, merry go rounds, razzle-dazzle, thing for, in halations, point, de-light, conveyors, joyousnesses, in halation, leisure pursuits, glamour, stars in one eye, invigoration, bewitchments, conveyor, ex citation, field day, stars ones eye, newest wrinkles, interest, blow outs, grabber, ex-citation, dis-composures, kick, dis-counts, fun games, favorite occupations, drinking in, Rhapsodies, in-halation, in toxication, new looks, in-toxications.