Pronunciation of Brilliant
/b_ɹ_ˈɪ_l_ɪ__ə_n_t/, /bɹˈɪlɪənt/, /bɹˈɪlɪənt/

Antonyms for brilliant:

overcast, unaffected, un lighted, characterless, more illlighted, most glowering, more blocked, swartest, dis guised, silly, most dead end, not clear, toned down, most nontranslucent, unnoteworthy, un colored, most outraged, colorless, plain, unassuming, more sullied, wacky, un-lighted, subdued, more dark-skinned, more dead end, modest, unreverberant, insipid, morose, usual, un-colored, more achromic, duner, in censed, more dark-complexioned, pinheaded, unilluminated, unlit, most characterless, senseless, lunatic, unmemorable, closed at end, livid, in famous, obscure, dull, more emulsified, more dark skinned, leaden, most softened, more discolored, hidden, more unlit, kooky, most toned-down, unflashy, most nontransparent, slow uptake, bad, common, inferior, absurd, inept, more cimmerian, most achromic, brain dead, murky, dunest, un-illuminated, crackpot, fore boding, unaware, contused, mis tier, most unpassioned, doughier, more unpassioned, dippy, un cultivated, in sipid, most ill-lighted, somber, run of the mill, non translucent, more toned down, mattest, dis colored, most atramentous, toned-down, more lightless, unstylish, more ill lighted, ebon, without egress, slow, half-baked, cloudy, un clearest, more unlighted, more monotone, conservative, unpromising, dark complexioned, Unpassioned, unintellectual, idiotic, most darkened, ignorant, in-distinct, most toned down, regular, un-clearer, more pitch dark, more nubilous, in-sipid, fool, daft, most rayless, more atramentous, un enlightened, empty-headed, most lightless, ex-asperated, dis-approving, opaque, more ill-lighted, most darkcomplexioned, more dead-end, washed out, gray, uninformed, simpleminded, normal, un-enlightened, palish, most scowling, insignificant, nutty, more foreboding, dark skinned, most dark complexioned, adumbral, pitch-dark, dis approving, ill-lighted, pitch dark, unlettered, more nontranslucent, mono-tone, more contused, in distinct, more crepuscular, most crepuscular, most obfuscous, illdefined, most unpromising, more pitch-dark, un memorable, most disapproving, most cimmerian, uncolored, black and blue, non transparent, stygian, doughiest, un-read, dotty, restrained, more unread, darkcomplexioned, ordinary, most darkskinned, Daffy, cockeyed, more scowling, most muted, out-raged, matte, shady, more rayless, balmy, most exasperated, doleful, more greyish, un cleanest, non-transparent, most blurred, most pitchdark, asinine, closed end, matest, more ebon, dim, dark-complexioned, leading nowhere, more muted, poor, most dark-skinned, nontranslucent, more bleached, most discolored, un propitious, illlighted, more delphian, un read, sunless, dead-end, most bleached, more pitchdark, moronic, closed at one end, unthinking, fainter, sappy, most deadend, rayless, un-cleaner, Atramentous, most blocked, cimmerian, dark-skinned, most adumbral, unpretentious, in-censed, subtle, more stygian, most stygian, loony, most fuming, cuckoo, darkskinned, out raged, undistinguished, mater, most unread, faltering, most delphian, more fuming, muted, most ill lighted, slow on uptake, ill defined, featherheaded, most black-and-blue, pitchdark, insane, most obstructed, more unmemorable, more unilluminated, more subfusc, more darkcomplexioned, swarter, most ebon, in-definite, un-lettered, pitch black, most monotone, de-pressing, inconspicuous, un-clearest, more unpromising, gloomy, most unlit, pitchblack, most greyish, more black and blue, lifeless, nonresonant, subfusc, unobtrusive, blind, screwball, greyish, understated, dulled, more toned-down, not known, most dark skinned, most black and blue, most unlighted, tomfool, most illlighted, toneddown, harebrained, unimportant, typical, more aphotic, most subfusc, weak minded, pasty, over-cast, obfuscous, un-promising, colourless, un-memorable, weakminded, more characterless, more toneddown, dusker, most foreboding, un cleaner, un-marked, dark, more glowering, most unilluminated, zany, unintelligent, Nubilous, most tarnished, un-cleanest, most pitch-dark, mis-tier, more darkened, crazy, un clean, more black-and-blue, dim witted, deadend, most dark-complexioned, most unmemorable, un clear, aphotic, most pitch dark, poorly lit, second-rate, most dead-end, unimpressive, concealed, most unlettered, fore-boding, preposterous, more tarnished, over cast, most uncolored, nonintellectual, most sullied, dis-colored, nonsensical, closed one end, unlighted, un-clear, vacuous, stupid, dun, more blurred, in definite, un lettered, un clearer, more nontransparent, doughy, un illuminated, more obfuscous, de pressing, lightless, most contused, dis-guised, crepuscular, more uncolored, un promising, unemphatic, mad, drab, foolish, unremarkable, most aphotic, unnoticeable, blackened, duskest, more deadend, quiet, imbecile, most toneddown, un-cultivated, feebleminded, black-and-blue, lackluster, lowbrow, dusk, ill lighted.

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