Pronunciation of Business
/b_ˈɪ_z_n_ə_s/, /bˈɪznəs/, /bˈɪznəs/

Antonyms for business:

workaday, sub-missive, intramural, most homeloving, defense, interior, handcrafted, homeloving, garden variety, most handcrafted, hobby, most indoor, entertainment, more homeloving, more intramural, in habitancy, recreation, domiciliary, at rest, devotion, most home-loving, stay-at-home, in-house, unemployment, more within, in element, home loving, safeguard, more home loving, staunchness, dependability, most home-grown, down home, inner-most, protection, reliability, in formal, re cognizable, more family, at ease, more stay at home, un-ceremonious, national, in-habitation, more stay-at-home, co op, trustworthiness, most within, sub missive, living quarter, in door, more home grown, co ops, most in-house, shield, Familiar, more indoor, avocation, household, fidelity, condo, in ones element, inhabitation, in bosom, matter of fact, in the bosom, head quarters, in one element, homeplate, fun, most home grown, homelike, homeplates, more endogenous, most domiciliary, in-formal, residence, most intramural, home grown, home-grown, fealty, most inhouse, in habitation, de-voted, in-door, more inhouse, more autogenous, most workaday, in habitations, autogenous, irresponsibility, most family, most autogenous, pastime, inner most, loyalty, most home loving, faithfulness, more in house, more homelike, stay at home, most stay-at-home, inhabitations, more home-loving, more domiciliary, in-habitancy, more recognizable, indoor, home, most recognizable, in one's element, most homelike, un sophisticated, condos, allegiance, re-cognizable, co-ops, most stay at home, domestic, de voted, amusement, inhabitancy, steadfastness, in-habitations, home-loving, most endogenous, co-op, most in house, viscerous, endogenous, head-quarters, in-habitancies, surrender, re-mote.

Usage examples for business:

  • You see his business is here. - "Together", Robert Herrick (1868-1938).
  • I've got to see a man on business first. - "If", Lord Dunsany [Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron].

Idioms for business:

Quotes for business:

Rhymes for business:

  • nonbusiness;

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