Pronunciation of Butt
/bˈʌt/, /bˈʌt/, /b_ˈʌ_t/

Antonyms for butt:

dissuade, keep, disjoin, separate, top, discourage, tap, pull, divide.

Synonyms for butt:

buttocks (noun)

backside, behind, bum, derriere, fanny, Gluteus Maximus, hindquarters, keister, posterior, rear, seat, tush, haunches, ass.

cask (noun)


cigarette (noun)

coffin nail, fag, smoke, tobacco, CIG, cancer stick.

contact (noun)

abutment, connection, junction, meeting.

end, shaft (noun)

base, bottom, edge, extremity, fag end, foot, fundament, haft, handle, hilt, shank, stock, stub, stump, tail, tip.

laughingstock (noun)

April Fool, buffoon, dupe, fair game, fool, game, laughingstock, monkey, patsy, victim.

object of joking (noun)

chump, clay pigeon, derision, dupe, easy mark, fall guy, fool, goat, joke, laughingstock, mark, patsy, pigeon, sap, setup, sitting duck, softie, subject, target, turkey, victim, sucker, jestee.

bang up against with head (verb)

batter, buck, buffet, bump, bunt, collide, gore, hook, horn, jab, knock, poke, prod, punch, push, ram, run into, shove, smack, strike, thrust, toss.

contact (verb)

abut, adjoin, border, connect, contact, join, meet, reach out, touch.

meddle (verb)

barge in, bother, chisel in, disturb, interject, interrupt, intrude, pester, pry, cut in, burst in, muscle in, charge in, get into the act, poke one's face in, put one's two cents in.

propel (verb)

bowl, bunt, cant, cast, catapult, chuck, compel, drive, fire, flick, fling, goad, heave, hurl, impel, launch, lob, pelt, pitch, precipitate, prod, project, propel, push, ram, shove, shunt, sling, throw, thrust, toss.

touch, adjoin (verb)

abut, border, bound, communicate, join, jut, meet, neighbor, project, protrude, verge.

Sense 1

aerosol, ampoule, atomizer, basin, bit, bottle, bristle, bucket, calibre, canteen, carafe, carton, cheroot, cigar, cigarette paper, cistern, cocktail shaker, collision, cylinder, decanter, demiJohn, dropper, ewer, fifth, filter tip, flagon, goatskin, gudgeon, ham, havana, holster, hot-water bottle, jeroboam, jig, jug, magnum, nicotine, oilcan, pail, peace pipe, phial, pipe cleaner, pitcher, prong, rabbit punch, reservoir, safety catch, shaker, shard, spanking, spray can, spray gun, tank, thermos, tine, vat, vial, wine cooler, Ort, stogie, ciggy, fire irons, hammer blow, ice bucket, jerrycan, panatella, razor blade, siphon bottle, stompie, the business end.

Sense 2

bath, bayonet, bore, briar, broomstick, caliber, drum, fall guy, flask, flint, fragment, gull, jest, lighter, neighbor, pigeon, pommel, pushover, ramrod, setup, sheath, silencer, slide, snuff, sock, tobacco, walloping, whiplash.

Sense 3

bonk, bop, chew, clout, joke, lamb, muzzle, rose, shank, tar, trunk, wallop, HIT.

Sense 4

chop, gauge, magazine, packet, sap, scrap, swipe, trigger, weed.

Sense 5

blade, chamber, cuff, knockout, mockery, mug, pipe, punch, sight, smoke, stem.

Sense 6

attachment, clip, hammer, lick, rap, shaft, slap, thump.

Sense 7

bump, smack.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 12

pack, range.

Sense 13

blow, end.

Sense 18









rear end.

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