Pronunciation of Calculate
/kˈalkjʊlˌe͡ɪt/, /kˈalkjʊlˌe‍ɪt/, /k_ˈa_l_k_j_ʊ_l_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for calculate

fore knows, make off top ones head, is inclined think, pronounced sentence, be-gun, sees in the cards, hazarded a guess, make off top one's head, fore-spake, puts forward, forespoke, art the opinion, presume, fore-spoke, having hunch, be convinced, having impression, de rive, forespake, go for broke, out lines, hazards guess, fore felt, making top one's head, made up off top one's head, makes off top head, hath the impression, fore-telling, de pending, crystal-ball divine, under-stands, were opinion, saw coming, pre-supposes, pinning down, fore sees, de-rived, pre mise, necessitate, de-riving, foreknow, Visioning, ran over, wast inclined think, go out on a limb, crystal-ball divines, out line, fore-feels, distrust, de-pending, pro vided, insisted upon, made up off top of head, pre vise, see in the cards, fore-cast, pro-pose, see coming, re view, makes up top of ones head, re-solved, give a hearing, fore-knowing, pre dict, art afraid, tele graphed, end-anger, made off top ones head, specificizing, being of the opinion, pro posed, hast the impression, get the idea, laying finger on, made off top one's head, pro mises, make up off top of one head, calling it, hath a hunch, fore-tells, sur-mise, had sneaking suspicion, making top one head, fore casts, make off top of head, goes out a limb, laid finger on, crystal-ball divined, pre tends, de duces, feel, lay down, make up top of ones head, pinned down, pro-vided, tele-graphing, run over, pre-mise, sets figure, trump up, being the opinion, making up off top of one head, looking up on, going out on limb, runs over, made top of one head, makes up top of one head, made top ones head, skated thin ice, Omening, goes out limb, crystal ball divined, make up top head, insisting up on, Dooming, de-ducts, had hunch, makes off top of ones head, seeing in cards, make off top head, pro-pounding, specificating, looked upon, out lined, made off top head, expressing opinion, make up off top one head, re gards, makes off top of one head, art inclined think, gotten the idea, having a hunch, see the cards, have sneaking suspicion, called it, make up off top ones head, looks upon, make up off top one's head, de creed, was inclined to think, Imaged, tele-graphed, estimate, count up on, doubt, makes top ones head, take for granted, goes for broke, Umpiring, psychs out, skated on thin ice, thinking through, fore speaks, be-ginning, Summing, fore saw, gather, made top of head, believe, fore-knew, goes out on a limb, Valuing, making off top of ones head, fore spoken, skating thin ice, making up off top one's head, is convinced, pro vides, end angers, have impression, re lying, haddest sneaking suspicion, making off top head, pre-supposing, de-creed, wast convinced, pre-sage, making off top one head, making up top one head, soothsaid, de-rives, hadst a hunch, making up top of ones head, has hunch, being opinion, give hearing, be gun, expressed an opinion, pre tending, fore-knows, pre-tends, fore feeling, fore bode, de-duct, laying down, making top ones head, Slotted, pronounce sentence, de-tailing, de pend, hazard guess, fore bodes, making off top one's head, pro mise, are convinced, make top of one's head, Forespeaking, guesstimates, makes up off top of ones head, forefeels, make a point, fore-seen, out-lines, spitball, putting forward, sized up, made up top one head, was of opinion, look up on, gave a hearing, de tailing, gives hearing, pro-vides, forms opinion, think likely, telegraphs, has impression, wert afraid, be lieve, fore speak, am convinced, making top of ones head, was inclined think, passed sentence, makes up top ones head, de-tail, are afraid, had the impression, ventured guess, laid down, fore-speaking, fore known, de ducts, predict, making up top head, out-lined, Summed, saw handwriting wall, looks up on, Omened, judge, premise, specificized, thought likely, venture a guess, pronouncing sentence, thinking up, fore-sees, pre sage, has the impression, am opinion, made top head, pins down, hath impression, had impression, making up off top head, make top one's head, making top of one head, makes top of head, sees in cards, compute, end-angers, Adventuring, take a stab, de-duce, re-gard, de ducted, make book, makes top one's head, hath sneaking suspicion, de-ducted, presage, fore told, disbelieve, skates on thin ice, makes top of one head, went out on a limb, made off top of ones head, fore-feeling, made off top of one's head, lay finger on, be inclined think, making up top of head, being of opinion, fore-felt, insists up on, was convinced, made book, re-view, making off top of head, pre-tending, de-pended, taking a plunge, sees handwriting wall, mistrust, make top of ones head, previse, call it, wert opinion, giving a hearing, hazarding guess, took plunge, psyched out, is opinion, fore boding, sees the cards, makes up top of one's head, calculated roughly, put down for, re solves, fore seeing, Forespeak, neglect, make up off top of head, making up off top one head, de tail, forespeaks, skating on thin ice, dis-cern, hazarding a guess, insist upon, have a hunch, insist up on, going out a limb, takes plunge, de crees, pre-vise, gat the idea, made up top one's head, re solve, conjecture, pre supposes, pre-dict, made off top of head, made top one's head, art convinced, re-lied, pro-pounded, be-hooves, took a plunge, made up off top of one head, fore-bodes, running over, fore-feel, pronounces sentence, makes up top one's head, seeing cards, hazards a guess, being inclined think, make off top one head, Postulating, make up top one head, hast sneaking suspicion, pre tend, wert inclined think, were of the opinion, make off top of one's head, fore speaking, fore spake, passing sentence, calibrate, skate thin ice, de duce, fore-spoken, surmise, goes out on limb, fancy, makes up off top of head, taking plunge, pro posing, guesstimate, figures out, takes a stab, fore-see, sees handwriting on wall, going for broke, suppose, ignore, crystalball divines, fore-speak, am the opinion, scale, postulate, thinking likely, heading trip, make top of head, pass sentence, going out on a limb, under stands, pre-mises, having sneaking suspicion, assume, spitballing, make up top of one head, end angering, make up top of one's head, see handwriting on wall, forming opinion, dis cern, make up top ones head, figured out, fore feel, made off top one head, pre-vised, going out limb, work out, seeing handwriting wall, calculating roughly, re-solves, fore know, de-rive, made up top of ones head, make up top of head, end-angering, previses, hadst impression, being inclined to think, setting a figure, making point, Postulated, fore feels, took shot, skates thin ice, pro pounds, specificates, fore-told, art opinion, thinks through, looked up on, theorize, saw handwriting on wall, pre supposed, makes up off top one's head, taking stab, make top ones head, de rived, Forespoken, de pends, sees coming, de-tails, out lining, re viewed, wast opinion, gives a hearing, has a hunch, haddest impression, end angered, re-solving, make, Telegraphing, hast impression, pro-viding, making up off top ones head, size up, being afraid, ventures a guess, calculate roughly, pre-vising, out-lining, specificizes, sur-mises, out-line, heads trip, art of opinion, skate on thin ice, made up off top one head, takes a shot, was opinion, fore-casting, made up off top head, hath hunch, pro pounding, pre vising, making up off top of one's head, intro-duces, making up top of one's head, thought through, taking a stab, de-duces, be opinion, lays down, take shot, psyching out, getting the idea, sizes up, having the impression, makes up top of head, haddest hunch, fore-bode, form opinion, de-pend, wast the opinion, be of the opinion, telegraph, de duct, crystalball divine, getting idea, are inclined to think, Umpired, makes top head, risked assuming, is of opinion, end anger, intro duces, hast hunch, re views, crystal ball divines, trumping up, subtract, be inclined to think, made off top of one head, sur mises, takes stab, re viewing, is inclined to think, insisted up on, de-pends, de pended, pre-suppose, expressed opinion, is the opinion, make top head, takes for granted, fore-saw, made top one head, took for granted, calls it, be hooves, was of the opinion, pin down, be the opinion, pre suppose, crystal ball divine, prevising, pre supposing, re-solve, sets a figure, de-ducting, divine, calculates roughly, sur mise, pro-mise, wast of the opinion, made up off top of one's head, taking a shot, risks assuming, wast inclined to think, look upon, tele graphing, saw cards, wert the opinion, stipulate, thinks up, fore-know, pro-vide, de-cree, sees cards, headed trip, intro duce, get idea, fore cast, de cree, imagine, took stab, pro pounded, Adventured, taking shot, de-crees, re-lying, saw in cards, makes book, pre vised, de rives, made point, pro pose, put forward, hadst the impression, take a shot, lays finger on, were of opinion, fore-casts, thinks likely, guesstimating, makes off top one head, went for broke, makes off top of one's head, take stab, phantomed, insists upon, am of opinion, haddest a hunch, saw in the cards, pro-pound, question, wert of opinion, makes up off top of one's head, fore tells, see in cards, makes point, repute, guess, makes up off top ones head, giving hearing, be afraid, under stand, be ginning, suspect, make off top of ones head, are opinion, crystalball divined, trumps up, made up top of one head, make off top of one head, makes off top of head, make top of one head, seeing handwriting on wall, de riving, re-views, be of opinion, making up top one's head, venture guess, pre-tended, specificize, pro-posing, am of the opinion, putting down for, pro viding, make up off top of ones head, making off top ones head, makes up top one head, were the opinion, fore-boding, hadst hunch, takes shot, set a figure, fore spoke, was the opinion, got the idea, make top one head, under stood, measure, de tailed, pre-supposed, Foreknew, Accounted, had a hunch, making off top of one head, phantoming, hadst sneaking suspicion, seeing coming, de tails, makes top of ones head, particularize, made up top ones head, fore knew, making top head, were inclined to think, crystal ball divining, pro-mises, fore boded, re-viewed, fore-boded, set figure, making up top of one head, under-standing, de ducting, think through, taking for granted, be-lieve, think up, take plunge, am afraid, pro vide, made up top of one's head, count upon, made top of one's head, disregard, augur, crystalball divining, fore-known, ventures guess, figure out, intro-duce, Visioned, making top of one's head, fore telling, jump gun, under standing, pre-sages, fore seen, were inclined think, looking upon, are the opinion, pre sages, expresses opinion, gets idea, Forefeel, gave hearing, passes sentence, psych out, makes a point, fore casting, were afraid, make point, fore-tell, wert convinced, see cards, pre mises, formed opinion, took a shot, crystal-ball divining, making book, de-tailed, making up off top of head, are inclined think, being convinced, made up top head, specificated, makes off top ones head, is afraid, pro-pounds, setting figure, went out on limb, art inclined to think, fore tell, makes off top one's head, under-stood.