Pronunciation of Capable
/kˈe͡ɪpəbə͡l/, /kˈe‍ɪpəbə‍l/, /k_ˈeɪ_p_ə_b_əl/

Antonyms for capable

clunkier, shooting blanks, in defensible, in nocuous, un-safer, reedy, un successful, unskillful, more basket-case, dis solute, in effective, unintelligent, in sufficient, all thumbs, faint hearted, unschooled, un-tenable, most slack-spined, un-dependable, most sidelined, runnier, un-available, insusceptible, in-sipid, more butter fingered, weakest, un dependable, illequipped, most hogtied, most amateur, uncool, un handiest, most handcuffed, un tenable, re solute, in-valid, sterile, sub-standard, un worthier, un qualified, most nonexpert, un-fruitful, un-diplomatic, unsatisfactory, more chicken, raw, over barrel, in fecund, more illequipped, glitchest, un flinching, washed out, anticlimactic, most unstressed, in capable, cant cut it, ill-equipped, unpleasing, in-experienced, de based, basket-case, most hog tied, un-flinching, unseasoned, unskilled, most fluctuant, niggardly, most far-gone, most floundering, un fruitful, in-adequate, in experienced, un-believable, in-conceivable, in-elegant, in proficient, un-abler, unprolific, un steadier, tapped out, in-apter, re-solute, anti climactic, most butter fingered, more basketcase, dis organized, more forceless, more bruised, un-tactful, de-feasible, in effectual, dis enfranchised, more unfitting, dis posed, more unstressed, un skillful, most neutralized, un prepared, dis-solute, un-reliable, unpersuasive, un-steadier, more limping, un-stressed, more far gone, more basket case, slack spined, most zero, in-securer, inadequate, more far-gone, in eligible, more unproficient, in-sufficient, more butter-fingered, more unprolific, gimpier, in sensitive, more emasculated, unaccented, Infecund, un profitable, more inproficient, in credible, un-sure, faint-hearted, most hamstrung, over refined, worthless, un-adapted, in-commensurate, gimper, un-ethical, in audible, butter fingered, inadept, more butterfingered, overrefined, more fargone, in efficient, more butterfingers, un-safe, more stifled, un-sounder, un equipped, in-capacitated, more uncool, more overripe, halfbaked, un-sound, un-suited, incompetent, dis-posed, more ill-equipped, most milk and water, most slackspined, more defeasible, in-fertile, un convincing, un aptest, in-efficient, in-proficient, in-firmest, more housebound, un-worthiest, most overripe, un fit, up for, in securest, more faint-hearted, un cool, most weakkneed, improficient, de formed, untrained, in-efficacious, more hamstrung, butterfingered, more neutralized, in operative, overripe, forceless, un-graceful, most improficient, more slack-spined, unhandiest, more emasculate, most faltering, de-cadent, most butterfingers, more floundering, two left feet, more bated, most woundable, untested, more loser, un believable, gimpest, heavyhanded, unequal, more overrefined, no can do, runniest, Strengthless, more faltering, un skilled, not up to, un sounder, most weak-kneed, useless, un-substantial, in-conclusive, unqualified, un-suitable, in-nocuous, in competent, most emasculate, un-productive, laidback, most basket case, new, ex posed, in capacitated, game, can't make grade, more hogtied, impotent, most overrefined, un-guarded, un-facile, un guarded, in valid, nonexpert, un initiated, more impuissant, more unpleasing, un-skilled, in elegant, more ineffective, in sipid, most unpleasing, sapless, un-qualified, more nonexpert, in-considerable, more slackspined, in adept, Woundable, sidelined, clumsy, slovenly, dis-qualified, fargone, most anticlimactic, more declining, unsuitable, more infecund, in adequate, in-secure, ignorant, dis-organized, most vitiated, most strengthless, most inadept, Fluctuant, sub standard, un apter, more faint hearted, not to, more disqualified, un stabler, un graceful, out commission, most unprolific, most inproficient, milk-and-water, not equal to, not have it, most stumbling, un tactful, heavy handed, more tapped, anti-climactic, un prolific, in distinct, junkest, unfacile, most niggardly, most mangled, de generate, most lemon, beginning, in secure, most enfeebled, in conceivable, most marred, wimpiest, defeasible, enervated, in-defensible, in-complete, un abler, most limping, un-ablest, insufficient, most unfitting, lame, can't cut it, un-accented, unequipped, most defeasible, ineffective, duddest, un-dexterous, un-persuasive, cant make grade, un equal, de pendent, laid back, more unpersuasive, un safer, inferior, de cadent, reedier, in fertile, un-professional, helpless, most unequipped, un-handy, un trained, disqualified, Unhandy, feeble, un availing, de feasible, in conclusive, un-satisfactory, more handcuffed, over-ripe, most infecund, inept, wimpest, more blundering, un-fit, green, no go, more unequipped, de-generate, not effective, un-trained, in apter, haltest, more marred, un worthiest, no way, most impuissant, most loser, un sound, inefficient, most unproficient, in securer, powerless, most unadapted, maladroit, un practiced, un accented, no good, in-adept, unfitting, in-operative, un pleasing, unable, most unaccented, incapable, un suited, lamest, in complete, gimpiest, un-steadiest, more stinted, wimper, most emasculated, more improficient, clunky, more hog-tied, in firmer, most ill-equipped, most blundering, un stable, more sidelined, most butter-fingered, most faint hearted, more enfeebled, most hobbling, wishy washy, wide open, washedout, un reliable, most illequipped, weakkneed, unproficient, un-fitted, Impuissant, most stifled, most basket-case, half baked, ex-posed, most unpersuasive, unprofessional, unfitted, more unaccented, un-stablest, more hog tied, most basketcase, can't make the grade, wideopen, un available, more unfacile, un ablest, not cut out for, in efficacious, more disenfranchised, most declining, pre-pared, in-effective, wishywashy, more milk and water, more weak-kneed, un-successful, un safest, unprepared, un-protected, in-decisive, cant hack it, more woundable, in-capable, un-fitting, in firm, un-equipped, with hands tied, more slack spined, more weakkneed, un-handiest, un-initiated, de-pendent, in-substantial, most bated, dis qualified, more amateur, un-handier, far-gone, un-stabler, most fargone, in-audible, un steady, most stinted, found wanting, un-convincing, un-apter, de-formed, most forceless, most disqualified, glitcher, un-availing, in-expert, un-skillful, un sure, in decisive, most far gone, most tapped, unadapted, most butterfingered, un handy, unsusceptible, in substantial, in-sensitive, un-stable, most etiolated, dis-enfranchised, effete, most unfitted, played out, inexperienced, un-prolific, wimpy, un persuasive, untried, out of gas, un steadiest, more zero, slackspined, most disenfranchised, most sapless, un dexterous, un satisfactory, bushleague, runny, un safe, more unadapted, more vitiated, un-soundest, in-eligible, out lunch, not able, un ethical, in-effectual, basketcase, not enough, crippled, more inadept, undexterous, housebound, un-cool, non expert, de-based, in-credible, more undexterous, over ripe, more strengthless, Butter-fingered, un-equal, more anticlimactic, over-refined, more unfitted, unhandier, un adapted, inproficient, un-proficient, most bruised, weak kneed, halter, un substantial, un worthy, un-worthier, most pinned, cant make the grade, un fitting, in considerable, in expert, pre pared, stupid, poor, out gas, un handier, most uncool, un productive, in-distinct, in-securest, most chicken, more weak kneed, un-pleasing, un-safest, unfit, weak, un fitted, in commensurate, un-afraid, more stumbling, un-prepared, un proficient, in-fecund, untalented, un stressed, most ill equipped, most hog-tied, in-competent, un suitable, in-firmer, Dudder, ineffectual, more fluctuant, un-armed, clunkiest, more hobbling, more pinned, in firmest, un afraid, un stablest, disenfranchised, up creek without paddle.