Pronunciation of Capture
/k_ˈa_p_tʃ_ə/, /kˈapt͡ʃə/, /kˈapt‍ʃə/

Antonyms for capture

hand-carries, dis-counted, freeing, make getaway, accouched, let go, extricate oneself, Geniture, were taken the cleaners, comes across with, over passed, buzz off, went wrong, closes one doors, fell flat, re signing, am ruined, ran off, de-liveries, gives forth, goes bankrupt, pre sent, sur rendering, trans missions, making getaway, kiting, went out business, re-signed, intrustings, slipped away, de-parts, mis carries, art taken to cleaners, surrender, going up, closes ones doors, borns, receive, pro duces, come naught, take lam, take on lam, dismiss, play into, am defeated, breaks one's word, elusion, art demoted, goes downhill, dis regard, dis-honors, went up smoke, made tracks, going bankrupt, stealing away, go to the wall, were in arrears, Re sign, art found lacking, de faulted, de camped, running out on, be arrears, took hike, with draw, awols, re signed, be taken cleaners, in-flection, unshackled, hit skids, takes powder, hegiras, egressed, Overdrew, dropt a bundle, being taken to the cleaners, lose shirt, goes wall, Impartment, go in smoke, exited, is taken to cleaners, are found lacking, over-looks, am taken the cleaners, de-camp, elusiveness, are arrears, de liver, breaks ones word, de-faulting, dis charging, take powder, get away with, flew coop, takes the lam, backing wrong horse, went down swinging, de-parting, closed ones doors, going scot-free, went out of business, broke one word, brake word, being taken cleaners, broke one's word, overdraws, wert found lacking, was cleaned out, break one's word, go to wall, breaking ones word, handing overs, free, took flight, took on the lam, de clares, worked out of, going wrong, is vain, art defeated, eschewals, re deemed, jailer, close one's doors, dis appeared, goes astray, were ruined, ran out on, plays hooky, go bankrupt, dis appointed, dis appears, breaking word, cut run, slipt away, de parted, took a hike, went into chapter 11, hits the skids, being off, de-clare, hand-carried, going in smoke, playing hooky, over-drawing, over looks, dis counted, unshackles, in trusting, plays into, takes a powder, re-signing, ducked out, cuts and run, letting go, break one word, ex-pressing, stole away, becoming insolvent, gat away with, de-falcate, with drawn, over-look, dropped bundle, pre-sents, art in arrears, gimmed, elopements, was taken to the cleaners, played into, Defalcated, Handing, is defeated, fly coop, over-passed, dis honors, broke word, over-drew, sidesteppings, meets with disaster, de-camps, takes hike, made oneself scarce, goes to wall, meeting with disaster, were in vain, fell through, parcel post, un shackled, dis appoint, with-drawn, wast in arrears, dis-regard, made scarce, cutting run, gets away with, were vain, hit bottom, runaround, be cleaned out, over-draws, wert in vain, dropping a bundle, ex pressing, closed one doors, work out of, taking on the lam, dis-regards, buzzes off, goes smoke, de-part, de-camping, dis patched, go out of business, kited, lose, go astray, yield, elusivenesses, was in vain, fly the coop, going up smoke, going smoke, re-deeming, extricating oneself, with-draw, was taken to cleaners, came to nothing, de camps, comes to nothing, in flections, run off, buzzing off, being demoted, de-cline, wriggling out, wert vain, missed the boat, Escaping, over look, go belly up, Borning, took lam, bypassings, re signs, deliver, chime in, wrought out of, being cleaned out, liberalization, over drew, wert taken to the cleaners, art arrears, coming naught, mis carry, de camp, miss boat, ran away, going scotfree, drops a bundle, frees oneself, rise, take a powder, extricates oneself, pro vide, dropping bundle, be taken to the cleaners, take flight, freeing oneself, pro-duces, is found lacking, overpast, wast taken the cleaners, goes out business, bursted out, de-clines, over looked, went downhill, close down, mis-carrying, is demoted, fall flat, dis-regarded, de-livered, ran aground, met with disaster, running away, lyingin, be in vain, went in smoke, go scot free, lose out, makes getaway, flies coop, forked over, being vain, went the wall, dis honored, bursts out, was taken the cleaners, closes down, plays in to, de-livering, dis-patches, be ruined, de-fault, go scot-free, dis-appearances, bursting out, take a hike, chiming in, coming across with, go up, de-sert, art taken to the cleaners, dis patch, losing big, dis honor, closes doors, cutting and run, dis-honoring, come to nothing, dis-appeared, were taken to the cleaners, handcarries, was defeated, being found lacking, dis-charged, de fault, breaking one's word, over passes, by-passings, give up, be vain, coming to naught, failed, played in to, de-clares, dis appoints, art vain, de part, defalcate, dis-tribute, was ruined, go the wall, wast cleaned out, birthed, brake one word, works out of, re leases, wast ruined, goes up, closed doors, flew the coop, dis tributes, buzzed off, go up smoke, goes broke, dropped a bundle, over pass, missing boat, in-trusting, GIMME, gave forth, go downhill, am cleaned out, extricated oneself, fork over, hegira, goes belly up, dis counts, re-treat, re-sign, evasion, over-passing, make scarce, offer, dis regards, de falcate, going downhill, going up in smoke, dis-appoints, breaks one word, Overpassed, takes flight, Defalcating, wert off, taking on lam, sur-render, portage, wriggled out, pro duce, am taken cleaners, dis-appointed, sur-rendering, fail, loses control, dis-charging, dis honoring, flying coop, falling through, freed oneself, with drawing, un shackle, running off, dis-counts, became insolvent, hand carrying, de livering, de livered, break down, is taken cleaners, run out on, cut and run, dis-charges, be found lacking, be taken the cleaners, give forth, dis-honored, by-passing, losing status, art in vain, makes oneself scarce, is cleaned out, hitting bottom, goes into chapter 11, liberate, trans ported, OUTS, duckings, went scot-free, ducks out, wast off, fadeout, Freighting, close one doors, goes up in smoke, pro-viding, dis regarding, art taken cleaners, ducking out, dis-patched, hand carries, wast taken cleaners, going astray, slip away, wast found lacking, dis charge, sur-rendered, giving overs, mis carrying, playing in to, going bust, pro-vide, taking the lam, closes one's doors, sur rendered, burst out, forfeit, dropt bundle, goes in smoke, letted go, dis-appearing, de parts, hitting the skids, over-looking, slips away, were taken cleaners, by passings, pro-vided, goes scotfree, going belly up, go down swinging, turned out badly, going out business, closing one doors, out, dis-patch, free oneself, re treats, pro vides, ex-press, come nothing, go bust, wert defeated, re lease, release, taking a hike, accouching, with drew, de livery, de clines, art taken the cleaners, going the wall, Unshackle, overdraw, de liveries, am off, dis patches, went astray, wast vain, was found lacking, de faulting, are demoted, take the lam, lose ones shirt, Funking, re deeming, over drawing, art cleaned out, over-drawn, coming to nothing, dis appointing, are taken the cleaners, breaking one word, were arrears, out break, taking a powder, steals away, went to the wall, Overdrawing, loses out, lets go, took on lam, backs wrong horse, shunnings, pro viding, duck out, being taken the cleaners, dis appear, bringing forths, dodgings, extrications, runs out on, dis appearances, close ones doors, make tracks, losing control, bringing forth, over passing, take hike, dis appearing, dis-appointing, runs away, handcarry, falls flat, close doors, de-livery, getting away with, with draws, went wall, being in arrears, over-passes, took powder, de-parted, becomes insolvent, de-faults, dis-honor, turn out badly, with-drew, are taken to cleaners, went scot free, went bust, become insolvent, giving forth, falls short, dis-appear, were demoted, accouch, were off, wriggles out, un shackling, dis patching, got away with, is in arrears, being ruined, out breaks, de faults, re-treats, sur-renders, made getaway, making tracks, came naught, dis counting, broke down, takes lam, goes down swinging, forking over, warden, over-pass, were defeated, break word, extrication, being taken to cleaners, de-falcated, falling short, be immune, trans mission, took a powder, gotten away with, wast in vain, comes nothing, pro vided, wert demoted, fadeouts, art ruined, are vain, being defeated, come across with, freightings, sur renders, go scotfree, dis charges, misses the boat, de-camped, mis-carry, run away, breaks word, be taken to cleaners, goes scot free, re-deem, hand-carry, closing down, drops bundle, dis charged, closing doors, play in to, turn over, went broke, hit the skids, de parting, dis regarded, out-breaks, re-leases, brake ones word, chimes in, impartments, falling flat, dis-patching, vamoose, with-drawing, goes in to chapter 11, closed down, closed one's doors, loses status, de sert, pre-sent, flies the coop, kite, un-shackling, de cline, get out, de clare, taking powder, de livers, went smoke, are defeated, runs off, comes to naught, is off, hitting skids, mis carried, broke ones word, handed, re deem, dis-appearance, is ruined, make oneself scarce, am demoted, taking lam, flying the coop, went bankrupt, turning out badly, go wrong, ex pressed, goes bust, hits bottom, makes scarce, by passing, am arrears, cartings, over draws, meet with disaster, accouches, elopement, de-liver, being in vain, go in to chapter 11, lost control, working out of, drop a bundle, de-livers, out-break, steal away, hand over, play hooky, playing into, are taken cleaners, closing ones doors, over draw, Faulting, dis-tributes, taking flight, taking hike, chimed in, forks over, Overpassing, am in arrears, fall short, dis appearance, de camping, making oneself scarce, pro-vides, running aground, re-lease, ex press, back wrong horse, closing one's doors, comes naught, borned, goes up smoke, brake one's word, re-leased, de-faulted, goes scot-free, was demoted, goes to the wall, was off, funked, came across with, break ones word, breaking down, was taken cleaners, be gone, Overdrawn, breaks down, hand-carrying, lost big, un shackles, be-gone, dis-regarding, going broke, makes tracks, dis tribute, drop bundle, was vain, eschewal, wert in arrears, backed wrong horse, delivery, wert arrears, were cleaned out, came nothing, wriggle out, Intrusting, am taken to the cleaners, de falcated, took the lam, run aground, over-draw, misunderstand, coming nothing, runs aground, be off, be demoted, wert ruined, re-deems, Faulted, takes a hike, wert taken cleaners, elusions, were taken to cleaners, are in vain, are ruined, are cleaned out, parcel posts, give, re-signs, come to naught, dis-counting, are in arrears, being arrears, am taken to cleaners, dis-appoint, cuts run, trans-mission, dis-appears, making scarce, takes on lam, is in vain, wast taken to cleaners, defalcates, came to naught, egressing, dis-charge, caesarian sections, turns out badly, played hooky, miss the boat, brake down, are taken to the cleaners, be defeated, went in to chapter 11, be in arrears, lose control, am vain, going scot free, takes on the lam, wast defeated, went scotfree, take on the lam, escape.