Care for

Pronunciation of Care For
/kˈe͡ə fɔː/, /kˈe‍ə fɔː/, /k_ˈeə f_ɔː/

Antonyms for care for

looking high and low, does number on, mis-employing, de famed, dis-counted, de faming, de-spoiled, disregard, did a number on, mis employed, Ferrets, weaken, dumped on, ruin, cut quick, blow off, go over with a fine-tooth comb, consume, let down, let happen, did number on, did an injustice to, disbelieve, dis counting, cutting quick, give black eye, squander, ferret, uncover, learn, be-rated, cease, dump on, over work, does a number on, mis-handled, blowing off, mis employing, be-rating, malign, hand over, leaved no stone unturned, be rate, went over with finetooth comb, hold, depress, rest, mis-handling, dumping on, be rating, spoil, made with, over-works, disparage, ignore, slander, let go, detest, de-files, dissuade, laying waste, doeth injustice to, mis employs, use, blows off, over-haul, persecute, overlook, forsake, de-crying, destroy, leave, condemn, castigate, cutting to quick, lay waste, mis-using, mis-treat, take away, imposed on, de-cries, oppose, doeth number on, de crying, separate, de-spoiling, be-rates, doth injustice to, gives a black eye, Ferreting, over-burden, make peace, discourage, mis-treats, look all over for, doing a number on, resign, revile, create, swears at, Misemploy, go over with fine tooth comb, over-wrought, follow, doing number on, swore at, mis-used, de-cry, making off with, need, refrain, de-faming, de spoiled, imposing on, rips up, going over with fine-tooth comb, over burdens, mis-employs, mis-treated, take, re vile, harm, misemployed, turn away, aggrieve, reveal, mis employ, slings mud, injure, discontinue, shakes down, be-rate, took away, deny, mis handle, go over with a finetooth comb, give, abhor, cutting the quick, scorn, Ferreted, bungs up, humiliate, doest number on, over taxing, overtaxing, idle, cuts the quick, doest injustice to, look high low, denounce, cut the quick, cuts to quick, cussing out, de files, leave no stone unturned, vilify, de-filed, dissipate, abuse, ripping up, de-spoils, not care, didst a number on, looking all over for, halt, does an injustice to, desert, give a black eye, de fame, went over with fine tooth comb, endanger, ragged on, disperse, doth a number on, turn out, thwart, not have, spoilt, bear, over haul, blew off, pass by, rag on, go over with finetooth comb, dost a number on, de-file, does injustice to, dislike, slung mud, de file, be little, disembark, bung up, roughhousing, over burdening, over-work, leaves no stone unturned, reject, rip up, lays waste, dumps on, did injustice to, lower, de fames, cussed out, criticize, looks all over for, serve, goes over with a fine tooth comb, mis handled, over-taxed, do injustice to, mis handles, dishonor, do an injustice to, leaving no stone unturned, displace, violate, de-filing, banged up, hurled brickbat, discard, didst an injustice to, banging up, didst injustice to, de filing, takes away, over-tax, fall, up braided, be rated, goes over with fine tooth comb, hate, overtax, make off with, over taxes, cuts quick, exhaust, ripped up, dis counted, over hauled, re-vile, mis treats, neglect, over-burdening, disobey, mismanage, tore apart, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, make with, looking over for, dismiss, waste, mis handling, open, go over with a fine tooth comb, over-hauls, making with, didst number on, hosing, gave black eye, shook down, contradict, badmouth, cuss out, bad mouth, mis used, get off, degrade, laze, pervert, aid, mis using, cusses out, dis-counting, dis counts, zinged, left no stone unturned, shaking down, despise, starve, looked all over for, goes over with a finetooth comb, Illtreat, over-working, doest a number on, over tax, decrease, defile, sling mud, tare apart, hurt, reproach, renounce, over burdened, ravish, taking away, de-famed, withhold, misemploys, bunging up, up braid, looks high and low, over burden, bumble, de spoils, doing injustice to, made off with, drop, misuse, de cries, damage, went over with a fine-tooth comb, deprive, de-spoil, victimize, looked over for, doth an injustice to, going over with a fine-tooth comb, over worked, de-cried, disrespect, be-little, cuts to the quick, de spoil, over-burdened, slinging mud, mis-employed, tears apart, conclude, assist, pro-bed, up-braided, bunged up, mis treating, mock, went over with fine-tooth comb, torn apart, fail, dost number on, hurl brickbat, doeth an injustice to, doeth a number on, over hauls, release, abstain, mis treated, scatter, dost injustice to, miss, Trashed, want, over-taxing, doest an injustice to, laid waste, cut to the quick, spend, bang up, over-worked, ransack, yield, dispossess, look over for, quit, doth number on, over hauling, be littles, cutting to the quick, forget, obey, hinder, up-braiding, lose, makes with, mis-handles, makes off with, look high and low, relax, over-hauled, lay bare, attack, receive, disapprove, de filed, cut to quick, divide, remove, go over with fine-tooth comb, mis-employ, misemploying, up-braids, dost an injustice to, swearing at, over working, HOSED, overtaxes, refuse, surrender, over-taxes, de-fames, abandon, looked high and low, over works, wrong, relinquish, up-braid, going over with a finetooth comb, hurls brickbat, be-littles, dis-counts, do number on, mis treat, de cry, up braids, help, mislead, defame, goes over with finetooth comb, gave a black eye, finish, keep, support, shake down, vituperate, de-fame, de spoiling, looks over for, stop, over-hauling, looking high low, rags on, swear at, went over with a fine tooth comb, de cried, overtaxed, be rates, pro bed, bangs up, maltreat, lack, debase, mis-handle, doing an injustice to, give up.