Pronunciation of Careful
/kˈe͡əfə͡l/, /kˈe‍əfə‍l/, /k_ˈeə_f_əl/

Antonyms for careful

unthinking, un-emotional, un-critical, overindulgent, in-discreet, more chinup, more screwed-up, flighty, defaultant, most subitaneous, uneconomical, drowsy, Disimpassioned, beyond all reason, most dangersome, half-assed, overhasty, off the top of head, cockamamy, more self asserting, unashamed, insolent, non-specific, more loser, more woolgathering, un emotional, throwaway, unreasoning, un-kemptest, pound-foolish, dummier, un-ripest, un informed, un meticulous, unwatchful, more unanticipated, un godlier, in-discriminate, in-sanest, un-chastest, most slambang, un-holiest, over-kill, low-down-and-dirty, over early, in-sane, un-essential, illadvised, more undiscriminating, more saturnalian, un-thrifty, Unfearful, off cuff, unsteady, Pococurante, most overindulgent, un discriminating, most laggard, asleep switch, unanticipated, un just, irrespective, dis orderly, off the top of one head, light headed, re-probate, in-trepid, hot cold, un perceptive, un-intelligent, more foot-in-mouth, not there, laidback, Unconsiderate, re-solute, more relinquished, messed-up, un expected, more unrepressed, un-interested, off top ones head, illjudged, over-due, in-decent, most undiscerning, scatterbrained, asleep the switch, un godly, off the top of one's head, asleep the job, in expedient, most selfgratifying, ill judged, un enlightened, predeveloped, most ownerless, most procrastinating, most unself-conscious, unsafe, uncaring, un wary, most feather brained, improvident, most uncircumspect, un-suppressed, more thick headed, most depthless, lowbrow, un subtler, un-perceptive, most harefooted, sur face, gone off half cocked, most pound foolish, most castoff, crass, off-hand, in-sensate, over-hasty, dizzy, more motiveless, un knowing, un-workable, in accurate, dis-organized, in-judicious, un-desirable, most halfassed, Subitaneous, premature, most unconsiderate, over-generous, un-dismayed, re prehensible, un-economical, more self-asserting, un-intentional, in judicious, daring, inconsiderate, more self-willed, junkiest, foolhardy, un-persevering, fast-and-loose, Saturnalian, more unvigilant, sticking neck out, gone off halfcocked, most lowbrow, more nonspecific, un checked, un-safer, imprecise, most unexcited, asleep on the job, un bounded, unreflective, de-solate, bubbleheaded, in-sensitive, pro fane, poundfoolish, smattery, most selfasserting, ill-judged, more selfasserting, Non-essential, jump gun, over-abundant, non compulsory, most born-again, uncareful, unguarded, in daze, more plethoric, sketchy, un intelligent, pre carious, helter skelter, unsagacious, de-generate, more ill judged, ex temporary, un-limited, nerdier, wasteful, Recrementitious, more ill-conceived, most relinquished, screwedup, most lowdown, pre sumptuous, pre-maturer, be mused, un holier, more unthought, heedless, skyhigh, most screwedup, any old way, un finished, un vigilant, any way, more chin-up, onedimensional, half witted, empty headed, un instructed, head-strong, in-different, more fouled up, red handed, more double crossing, more bovine, un-fearful, over-soon, out on limb, unrighteous, lackadaisical, most unanswerable, more half-cocked, inattentive, un studied, un-settled, un required, more unfearful, un-afraid, more irreflective, sur-face, unpaid, unanswerable, un timely, wide open, most quickfix, more imperceptive, delinquent, more ill-judged, most slow moving, most foot-in-mouth, up down, false, un answerable, un-righteous, un-wariest, unthorough, more unself-conscious, more uncareful, un stablest, un-concealed, most unreasoning, un-measurable, not busy, in continent, reckless, unconcerned, un couth, in-saner, un-fortunate, shaky, hot shot, un-aware, in-decorous, un predictable, un-alert, more overbold, one dimensional, loose, un-developed, birdbrained, more overearly, un-instructed, un suppressed, inaccurate, touch and go, un-expected, in-ordinate, un-fairer, in sanest, fast, un-excited, most liberated, barefaced, most fouled-up, more fast and loose, un-reasoning, more causeless, un-reliable, un-caring, more unmethodical, off the top head, trans-parent, most thick headed, un healthiest, most throwaway, un reliable, un tactful, most overpriced, most daydreaming, nonchalant, trans parent, more half cocked, un concerned, brutish, de relict, more offending, most screwed-up, sur plussest, low down, sticking one's neck out, low-down, un-ashamed, un concealed, pro-fuse, most messed-up, tactless, over much, in-curious, over generous, un curbed, self indulgent, un-heeding, most ill-conceived, most unheedful, selfassertive, off top one head, gone halfcocked, in trepid, un-timelier, most spendthrift, irrational, pre-sumptuous, un abashed, un devised, un-acquainted, un-safest, herolike, most ill judged, super abundant, un-juster, in sane, unwise, super-abundant, moronic, squirrelly, pre mature, uncritical, in-securest, un-abashed, halfassed, high handed, Halfcocked, skindeep, more overindulgent, most overventuresome, over due, more insuppressible, un-due, most half cocked, unhampered, non essential, un-troubled, ill-advised, un-foreseen, most designless, most low-down-and-dirty, un-wisest, more herolike, more uncurbed, un-lovelier, heading for fall, sur plusser, most chopchop, unscrupulous, un meant, most insuppressible, more throwaway, lamebrained, un-governable, un prepared, selfindulgent, more lamebrained, more easy going, un impressible, more slambang, lazy, more botched, most imprecise, more hubristic, un steadiest, Imperceptive, imprudent, in opportune, most half-cocked, gone half-cocked, more unexcited, un discerning, out-line, over kill, un foreseen, un chaste, in-sensible, un-kempter, un healthier, most self asserting, un fairer, dummiest, flukest, un-godliest, more unsagacious, un-steadier, in securest, more fluctuating, un familiar, more undiscerning, more astigmatic, un stabler, not cognizant, un-kinder, un-checked, not purpose, more lowbrow, un-predictable, most overgenerous, un subtle, caught napping, un-stablest, most botched, most unthought, self-willed, most unsuppressed, in-complete, in definite, dis honorable, flipper, most unmeticulous, overmuch, most screwed up, more inconversant, zany, more flustered, un-godly, over done, most unadvisable, more quickened, un wisest, most quickened, fouledup, mis understanding, over soon, un repressed, giddy, un-couth, un constrained, Half-hearted, most thick-headed, un systematic, un controlled, foolish, inexact, un juster, un loveliest, without preparation, un lawful, shoaler, loud, in different, pay no mind, most bubbleheaded, more overboard, more predeveloped, more screwedup, un-energetic, dis solute, willynilly, extravagant, most low down and dirty, un thrifty, more easy-going, Depthless, dis impassioned, un tidier, over sexed, more unthorough, most ill conceived, prodigal, impetuous, pre maturest, extemporary, dis regardful, unenergetic, un-bounded, most unenergetic, more illconceived, foot in mouth, undiscerning, un steady, more unpersevering, un-dependable, out line, overgenerous, unintentional, de signless, more designless, dis interested, un-self-conscious, un refined, un godliest, unmeasurable, more dynamite, un advisable, un safer, un critical, obvious, most oversoon, un sightlier, un-riper, most quick fix, overkill, un ethical, most obvious, most undismayed, most bovine, un-wise, most quick-fix, ill advised, un lovely, plethoric, most vitiated, more chopchop, in elegant, unfledged, more behind, messedup, nonspecific, more ownerless, undismayed, more unhampered, un dismayed, snoozy, more gadabout, pound foolish, more self willed, half-cocked, deaf to, most unrighteous, un thriftiest, un lovelier, un afraid, un-needed, in-accurate, co pious, indifferent, going through motions, over-weening, illconsidered, un-perturbed, un bridled, self asserting, laid back, un due, oblivious, most fast-and-loose, shoalest, overconfident, more uncircumspect, in curious, off the top one head, more unblenching, un essential, in suppressible, careless, un-fledged, un-lovely, un alert, half assed, low down and dirty, more quickie, more chop-chop, unsuppressed, un-healthy, un considered, more pound foolish, unmindful, uncurbed, unaware, in advisable, un fairest, thickwitted, unselfconscious, un tidiest, unself-conscious, unvigilant, sticking one neck out, nervy, un provoked, ex posed, dis-solute, head strong, stereo typed, un thriftier, most napping, most uneconomical, un measurable, most overboard, not on purpose, out of all reason, un stinting, most saturnalian, un-principled, smart ass, ditzier, more discinct, lax, un-restrained, audacious, most self willed, overventuresome, un-prepared, venturesome, noncompulsory, ex cess, in-attentive, un fettered, un-blushing, dis-carded, un ceremonious, sky high, most unindustrious, more unconsiderate, de generate, lowdown, slow moving, un ripest, off top one's head, un timeliest, unmeticulous, more pococurante, uninhibited, re solute, in sensate, un-sightliest, un dependable, most slowmoving, in discreet, most double crossing, un ready, wanton, more foot in mouth, walking through it, overboard, more excess, un-repressed, most fouledup, ex-cess, ex-temporary, in advertent, most fouled up, un-meticulous, un-conscionable, most unalert, un-subtlest, off the top one's head, un reasonable, brave, more squandering, un-chaster, all over map, playing with fire, chopchop, un-rehearsed, un paid, in saner, pre-carious, un-scrupulous, gone off half-cocked, asleep on job, dangerous, un holy, un sounder, more fouled-up, half baked, most unmeasurable, over-confident, un-seemlier, un wise, most squandering, more half-assed, mis-understanding, un-impressible, most gadabout, in sensitive, more poundfoolish, more unprovoked, regardless, nerdy, most intrepid, Oversoon, more unheedful, un-trustworthy, half hearted, more unwatchful, un-tactful, un civil, un-lawful, un-daunted, more half assed, more unrighteous, most precipitate, in comprehensible, off top of one head, dangersome, un intentional, phoning in, ill conceived, beyond reason, in corrigible, un-steadiest, paying no mind, most ill-judged, most uncurbed, more overventuresome, most messed up, un mindful, un thinking, most pushover, un-mindful, non specific, un planned, asleep at switch, un duest, most self gratifying, more disimpassioned, in-continent, more brutish, tip of the iceberg, most disimpassioned, most unrepressed, most unprovoked, most unself conscious, more vitiated, most quickie, on double, Dissipative, thriftless, most offending, un kempt, more double-crossing, more lowdown, un kemptest, more selfgratifying, profligate, pre developed, ex-posed, un conscious, out all reason, most unsagacious, un fair, going through the motions, most astigmatic, un-informed, more procrastinating, un tidy, be draggled, superficial, remiss, most easy going, mis guided, more mooning, most unreflective, x rated, un wariest, more unreflective, un-reflective, sur-plusser, gone half cocked, of easy virtue, un fledged, un-godlier, more squirrelly, pre-mature, more unimpressible, ditziest, dis organized, negligent, most undiscriminating, on collision course, more screwed up, un-blenching, off color, un-soundest, in delicate, most self-asserting, more uneconomical, co-pious, dis carded, most double-crossing, un needed, more quick-fix, un circumspect, un manageable, slack, off guard, most excess, perfunctory, undemanding, more unfledged, most derisory, self willed, un-considerate, more napping, un disciplined, most noncompulsory, most amoral, un-fairest, feather brained, most chin-up, un-witting, most uncareful, un-knowing, in secure, more pushover, shortsighted, ditzy, most overhasty, more illjudged, devil may care, more oversoon, un kinder, un-healthiest, dis-courteous, tip iceberg, out it, Unimpressible, brash, hot and cold, un safe, un conscionable, off the hip, un ruffled, in-elegant, most unimpressible, over venturesome, un reasoning, un witting, quickfix, most messedup, jumping conclusions, most behind, un-conscious, un warier, most nonspecific, un seemly, un industrious, un-methodical, fouled-up, halfbaked, hurried, big hearted, most pound-foolish, more daydreaming, more overkill, slipshod, out a limb, in-opportune, most illjudged, most fast and loose, more fouledup, un excited, most unvigilant, unself conscious, off the deep end, un-intended, un reflective, flirtatious, more chin up, un hampered, un ripe, fancy free, un justifiable, derisory, in-cautious, self gratifying, in-sufficient, un watchful, not all there, over-priced, pre maturer, un-controlled, in attentive, un-holier, jumping to conclusions, un polished, hit miss, over bold, un-reasonable, head long, un daunted, un-wiser, un-balanced, un-duer, most irreflective, aweless, more messed-up, crazy, more bubbleheaded, without warning, un anticipated, phoning it in, un fortunate, un asked, Irreflective, in decorous, un-inhibited, on surface, un-advisable, super-natural, highhanded, more self gratifying, sticking ones neck out, super natural, un-accountable, un-sightly, asleep at the switch, most herolike, out of it, dis-proportionate, un chaster, over hasty, be-draggled, more castoff, un-stable, un ashamed, un-industrious, questionable, unmethodical, thick witted, sur-plussest, more slow-moving, headstrong, overearly, over abundant, un-enthusiastic, in-secure, un kindest, most changeful, most misunderstanding, un-timeliest, in cognizant, un heeding, overpriced, un accountable, un-chaste, most predeveloped, out cold, woolgathering, un heedful, more energyless, un-ready, most dynamite, energyless, over-sexed, haphazard, more unindustrious, un-justest, un selfconscious, un caring, most selfwilled, in-cognizant, all over the map, most recrementitious, un observant, be-mused, un economical, most hubristic, un-answerable, un-anticipated, most plethoric, un kind, Uncircumspect, illconceived, most unwatchful, most unthorough, most unblenching, unconscious, un self-conscious, impolitic, un careful, in-appropriate, junky, un acquainted, un healthy, un-studied, un-justified, un suspecting, more liberated, Thick-headed, un-just, un-ethical, un justest, un-curbed, more low-down, most imperceptive, unready, un-discerning, go for broke, un premeditated, over-bold, un-manageable, half cocked, un-finished, un-premeditated, un inhibited, off the top ones head, most woolgathering, more harefooted, leaving self wide open, un-wary, un-subtler, in discriminate, guttier, most foot in mouth, unexcited, un-ceremonious, un-circumspect, most unselfconscious, in-definite, unsteadiest, in-essential, most motiveless, more halfcocked, un-thriftiest, noaccount, most smattery, unrestrained, in-voluntary, headlong, risky, mindless, in complete, dis proportionate, more defaultant, un-guarded, thoughtless, more derisory, most overbold, mis-guided, most brutish, most chop-chop, chinup, chop-chop, most warped, more dissipative, asleep, unheeding, un-selfconscious, incautious, thick headed, un-restricted, harum scarum, un interested, un-paid, un-ripe, un feeling, over indulgent, pre-maturest, more smattery, in decent, in securer, un-enlightened, most overearly, in-advisable, most defaultant, un-observant, more messed up, un-asked, junkier, un-seemliest, more quickfix, un scrupulous, helterskelter, un-kempt, most discinct, more subitaneous, chin-up, adventurous, more feather brained, more warped, un aware, tip the iceberg, off top of one's head, un wiser, more chop chop, changeful, flashest, offcolor, most unanticipated, un kempter, most chinup, un stable, most outline, un-sounder, un steadier, more daredevil, un-sagacious, unadvisable, more messedup, dis passionate, too many, offhand, foot-in-mouth, un-reserved, emptyheaded, irresponsible, uncalledfor, un seemlier, Discinct, overbold, Inconversant, indolent, un justified, slow-moving, un-diplomatic, un-systematic, most halfcocked, chop chop, most aweless, Designless, un principled, more dangersome, more outline, un blenching, un timelier, injudicious, in formal, de solate, pre-developed, self-asserting, un-suspecting, neglectful, dis-regardful, causeless, un desirable, more fast-and-loose, ill-conceived, in temperate, more cockamamy, dull, un troubled, in-corrigible, more noncompulsory, un-fair, over priced, un methodical, un intended, most thriftless, most apparent, in essential, castoff, in-considerate, more quick fix, in sensible, un-concerned, un trustworthy, more unself conscious, indiscreet, un enthusiastic, un-bridled, un-governed, un safest, dis-orderly, un-safe, un-tidy, wrong, un chastest, in cautious, un-watchful, skin deep, motiveless, un-kind, slowmoving, stocker, dis-interested, un-steady, more misunderstanding, most energyless, beside point, brassy, halfhearted, nerdiest, smartalecky, un fearful, un seemliest, most pococurante, Undauntable, un-discriminating, unplanned, un-timely, unrepressed, over confident, un-fettered, promiscuous, un workable, more unmeticulous, a bit previous, dis-honorable, most unashamed, re probate, easy-going, Willy nilly, un-justifiable, un-hampered, in voluntary, most unready, un-heedful, more depthless, more unanswerable, un flappable, more unenergetic, asleep job, chin up, more thriftless, un-planned, more recrementitious, un settled, smart alecky, out of reason, Gutty, more spendthrift, un-familiar, pro-fane, fluker, more unselfconscious, over-early, screwed-up, in-temperate, un-vigilant, in-advertent, most unhampered, more amoral, un-organized, un-warier, in considerate, in-constant, in-solent, most cockamamy, fly by night, hasty, un-thinking, out to lunch, up pity, un sympathetic, most blundering, un-ruffled, inadvertent, fancyfree, un-sound, undiscriminating, snoozier, un sound, more feather-brained, un-considered, unprovoked, most loser, inessential, off top of head, unheedful, un sagacious, more slow moving, un guarded, in appropriate, off top of ones head, off hip, re-prehensible, munificent, in a daze, unalert, most lamebrained, pro fuse, xrated, more dallying, more unsuppressed, un-subtle, cursory, un-tidiest, head-long, most oversexed, more unashamed, dis-impassioned, most half assed, un holiest, un restricted, un-stabler, ownerless, more unalert, un persevering, tasteless, guttiest, dis-passionate, most slow-moving, shameless, behindhand, easy going, un-provoked, un-holy, more overhasty, too soon, un-careful, out limb, un-tidier, off top head, de-signless, un-healthier, in-expedient, out lunch, flippest, selfasserting, in-adequate, un-civil, more undauntable, most doublecrossing, most daredevil, in solent, snooziest, stupid, more aweless, un perturbed, spring fever, most flustered, most unpersevering, astigmatic, un sightliest, more low down, in-securer, in-suppressible, amoral, on the surface, un considerate, de-relict, more blundering, un-devised, derelict, up-pity, halfwitted, over board, tip of iceberg, more unadvisable, idiotic, dis courteous, un-refined, more oversexed, in adequate, in-formal, in conversant, most dissipative, most self-willed, more changeful, un-thriftier, Insuppressible, un-duest, over-venturesome, wild, un-kindest, more unreasoning, apathetic, in-delicate, off deep end, in-active, rash.