Pronunciation of Carefully
/k_ˈeə_f_ə_l_ˌɪ/, /kˈe͡əfəlˌɪ/, /kˈe‍əfəlˌɪ/

Antonyms for carefully:

thoughtlessly, in considerately, indiscriminately, post haste, ignorantly, to the casual eye, in-discriminately, in-cautiously, in continently, inconsiderately, once over lightly, precipitiously, to casual eye, casual eye, without rhyme or reason, precariously, extraneously, incautiously, heedlessly, pell mell, headlong, un securely, in cautiously, un mindfully, randomly, willfully, flimsily, un-safely, ill-advisedly, alarmingly, purposelessly, aimlessly, shortsightedly, head-long, topsyturvy, carelessly, ill advisedly, the casual eye, inadequately, dangerously, in-considerately, in discriminately, un-securely, dis-orderly, at first glance, head long, pell-mell, harmfully, full tilt, hastily, short sightedly, un-wisely, helter-skelter, un-mindfully, partially, in directions, post-haste, without rhyme reason, dis orderly, injudiciously, higgledypiggledy, un wisely, Incontinently, uncarefully, in all directions, critically, incompletely, at random, topsy turvy, perilously, un-reasonably, un reasoningly, higgledy piggledy, helter skelter, Purblindly, unreasoningly, tumultous tumultuous, unmindfully, in-discreetly, blindly, in confusion, not profoundly, unsafely, helterskelter, hurriedly, hazardously, senselessly, not thoroughly, tumultous-tumultuous, un safely, illadvisedly, foolishly, Pellmell, gravely, in-judiciously, in-continently, tumultoustumultuous, un-reasoningly, absurdly, riskily, in discreetly, daringly, frivolously, short-sightedly, in judiciously, unsecurely, on surface, tumultuously, on the surface, regardlessly, superficially.

Usage examples for carefully:

  • There we sat, he putting his gun carefully beside him. - "The White Peacock", D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence.
  • I will read it carefully. - "The Spinners", Eden Phillpotts.
  • He sought too carefully. - "James B. Eads", Louis How.

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